Virtual Canine Anatomy

The photographs in Virtual Canine Anatomy are interactive. An example of the program is below. You will need Adobe® Flash® Player 10 or higher to view the example.

Highlight Structures
Click directly on a structure to highlight it or use the structure list. Descriptive text about the structure appears in the panel at the bottom of the screen. This text often contains links to more information and other views.

The structures can be enlarged using the zoom slider under the thumbnail in the lower left of the page. Click and hold on the arrowhead and slide to the right to magnify the image. You will see a white box appear in the thumbnail that represents the area now seen in the magnified image. If you drag this box you can adjust the field to the desired view. If you have a structure selected and click on the "Focus" button to the right of the slider, the image will zoom to full resolution and center the selected structure. To return to the full view, click on the "Reset" button.

Rotate Specimens
Click on the "Rotate" button below the image to rotate the specimen to view all aspects of it and to help clarify structural boundaries and spatial positioning. Zoom in and out using the buttons in the rotatable specimen. Change the center of focus when zoomed in by holding the shift key and dragging the mouse.

You can search for specific anatomical structures using the search area in the top right corner of the screen. As you begin typing, the program will suggest structure names for your search. Click on the magnifying glass to search for the structure. Use the radio button option in the search pane to search both structures and definition text.

Use the navigational links in the top left corner to jump to different pages. In the full program, there are more links to navigational maps and different dissections. Use the back, forward, and history buttons below these links to navigate to pages you have visited.

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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