Sept. 24-25 2019- The Problem Mare (for veterinarians only)

The goal of this two-day course is to provide veterinarians with an opportunity to learn about common and less common reproductive abnormalities of the mare as well as current diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that can be incorporated into their clinical practice.

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Laboratory sessions will provide hands-on opportunities for collection of uterine culture, cytology and biopsy samples, vaginal speculum examinations, and endoscopic evaluation of uterine lumen. Additional laboratory sessions will be devoted to practical techniques for microbial culture and identification of bacterial organisms as well as how to set up a basic microbiology laboratoty in private practice.

In addition, interpretation of endometrial cytology and uterine biopsy samples will be reviewed. Other laboratory sessions will include uterine lavage and intrauterine infusion for the management of endometritis. Colorado State University has a long history as a referral center for problem mares. The continuing education programs in equine reproduction at CSU are renowned for being practical and thorough with an innovative hands-on approach. 

Courses held at the Equine Reproduction Laboratory
Colorado State University, 3101 Rampart Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80521