September 20-21, 2022 - Equine Reproduction "Boot Camp"

The goal of this 2-day course is to provide a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions covering the basic aspects of equine reproduction for veterinarians in clinical practice. Day 1 will be dedicated to Stallion Reproduction, while Day 2 will be focused on Broodmare Reproduction. Lectures will be held in the morning and laboratory sessions in the afternoon each day. This course is limited to 16 participants. **Registration opens July 2022**

Day 1. Stallion Reproduction. Morning lecture topics will include reproductive evaluation of the stallion, semen collection and evaluation procedures, preparation of fresh and cooled breeding doses, storage, handling and proper thawing of frozen semen and a review of reproductive problems in the stallion.  Afternoon laboratory sessions will provide an opportunity for  participants to collect stallions, evaluate semen, prepare fresh and cooled semen doses, and review proper procedures for storage, handling and thawing of frozen semen. 

Day 2. Broodmare Reproduction. Morning lectures will cover reproductive evaluation of the mare, artificial photoperiod, hormone therapy, mare reproductive management, pregnancy evaluation, management of twins, and common reproductive problems of the mare. Afternoon laboratory sessions will provide an opportunity for attendees to collect uterine culture swabs and cytology brush samples, perform a low volume lavage, review techniques to culture uterine swabs in a practical in-clinic microbiology laboratory, perform traditional and deep-horn insemination, and review a variety of systemic, uterine and oviductal treatments to improve fertility in problem mares.

Continuing education programs for veterinarians provided by Colorado State University are renowned for being practical and thorough with an innovative hands-on approach.

-Course Flyer

Courses are held at the Equine Reproduction Laboratory
Colorado State University, 3101 Rampart Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80521

CSU ERL reserves the right to cancel course at any time. CSU ERL follows all University, State and CDC guidelines in regards to the prevention of COVD-19.