Stallion Frozen Semen - Virtual Course

This in-depth virtual course will utilize current research developed to efficiently freeze equine sperm. The course will emphasize a quality end product and simplify the management of the straws for future use. Participants will have a better understanding of the entire freezing process, quality control, storage, mare management, and artificial insemination of mares using frozen sperm. Previous experience with semen collection and processing is desirable.

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Course Description: 

Previous experience in semen collection, evaluation, and insemination procedures or attendance at a CSU Equine Reproductive Management equine continuing education short course is desiriable as a prerequisite for this course. Course is suitable for veterinarians, laboratory technicians, owners and breeding managers.


Course Materials will cover:

  • Introduction to frozen semen in the stallion
  • Principles of freezing semen
  • The test freeze
  • Laboratory setup, equipment and supplies
  • Semen collection and evaluation
  • Semen freezing technique – Part 1
  • Semen freezing technique – Part 2
  • Evaluation of post-thaw sperm motility
  • Shipment, storage and handling of frozen semen
  • Mare management for breeding with frozen semen
  • Artificial insemination of mares with frozen semen


CE: RACE Approval Pending