Foaling And Foal Care Virtual Course

This course is designed to provide horse owners, broodmare managers and foaling attendants an overview of normal foaling, dystocia, routine care of the newborn foal and other important topics. The overall goal is to provide personnel that will be responsible for attending pregnant mares through the birth process with guidelines for normal events, when to call for additional on-farm help and when to call for veterinary assistance.

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Course Description: This Foaling and Foal Care course provides practical information on prediction of foaling, normal folaing, recognition and management of a dystocia, newborn foal care and much more.

Our goal is to provide mare owners, managers and foaling attendants with critical information needed to make appropriate decisions in difficult sitsuations tht will lead o a positive outcome regarding the heal anbd well-being of the mare and her newborn foal.

Colorado State University has a long history as a referral center for problem mares. The continuing education programs in equine reproduction at CSU are renowned for being practical and thorough with an innovative hands-on approach.