Join us for the first annual ZMS Symposium on March 27-28! See our schedule below!

Lectures Schedule
Event Times Room 1 - Pathology 103
(Featuring Dr. Krista Keller)
Room 2 - Pathology 101
(Featuring Dr. Jeff Zuba and Sponsored by Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
8:00 AM Rabbit and rodent dental anatomy and
clinical presentations of dental disease
Emergency medicine in zoological collections
9:00 AM Diagnostics and treatment for dental disease
in rabbit and rodent patients
Zoo and wildlife anaesthesia
10:00 AM It's all about the poo - pathology in avian
and reptilian droppings
Principles and concepts of anaesthesia in captive and free-ranging elephants
11:00 AM Lizard physical examination techniques The role of the veterinarian in conservation medicine:
The California condor recovery program
12:00 PM Dr. Micah Kohles "It's a Gut Thing"
Sponsored by Oxbow Animal Health
1:00 PM -------- Lunch 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Wetlabs Schedule
Location Activity Instructors
Wetlab 1 VTH JSL Rabbit dentistry procedures Dr. Higgins, Dr. Johnston, and Dr. Keller
Wetlab 2 PATH 112 Avian and reptile hematology Dr. Campbell and Dr. Vap
Wetlab 3 DMC Lawn Animal Immobilization Dr. Zuba