Veterinary Neurologic Exam

Veterinary Neurologic Exam not only educates students on how to perform a neurologic exam with illustrative movies, but it has the potential to change the way veterinarians practice medicine. With computers widely available in exam rooms, a clinician could use Veterinary Neurologic Exam directly to complete a neurologic exam, tracking each test result to reach the correct neuroanatomic diagnosis. Students are currently testing and reviewing our Veterinary Neurologic Exam prototype.

Interactive Movies
Veterinary Neurologic Exam allows the student to compare videos of abnormal and normal findings side-by side. There are three tabs at the top left for each step: "How to Perform", "Pathway Explanation", and "Abnormal Findings." Click on the "Abnormal Findings" tab in the program demonstration below. You can click, hold and drag the any of the video thumbnails into either of the two movie positions for comparison.

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