Colorado State University

Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society

Welcome to the Homepage of the Colorado State University chapter of SVECCS !

The purpose of SVECCS is to promote interest and participation in the field of veterinary emergency medicine and critical care. We are one of the largest student organizations in the veterinary school.

SVECCS offers a wide range of labs to veterinary students throughout the year. The labs allow students to practice skills needed in the emergency and critical care environment. We also have a volunteer program where veterinary students can work in the Critical Care Unit at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, one of the only programs of its kind. In addition, SVECCS sponsors rounds where clinicians present emergency cases that have presented to the Critical Care Unit. We have meetings throughout the school year where guest speakers describe various areas of emergency and critical care medicine.

Please see the Activities page for a list of labs, rounds, lectures and a description of the CCU volunteer program.

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