SCAVMA Government


The SCAVMA Constitution and Bylaws are available as Adobe PDF files. Download them here:


Name Position Email Address
Sarah Therio President Emeritus
Haven Leavitt President
Jacquelyn Hunter President-Elect
Adrienne Pinceti Vice President
Maria Massey Treasurer
Carolyn Houser Rogers Treasurer-Elect
Kelsey Jung Secretary
Merrill Simpson Freshman Rep
Johanna Josephson Sophomore Rep
Brianne Taylor Junior Rep
Ednee Yoshioka Senior Rep
Olivia Love Senior Rep
Whitney McGee Club Rep
Kyle Martin Corporate Sponsor Liaison
Stacey Hunvald Corporate Sponsor Liaison-Elect
Anneke Johnson IVSA Rep
Callie Kuntz SAVMA Senior Delegate
Kaitlyn McNamara SAVMA Junior Delegate
Olivia Love SCAVMA Store Manager
Christi Leong WVLDI Liaison
Steven Lakin Webmaster
Colleen Duncan Faculty Advisor
Stacey Byers Faculty Advisor