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All For Students Kick Off Event

Join us for some drinks and appetizers catered by Fiona's to learn about all the exciting events SCAVMA has in store for you!

When:January 30, 2015; 7PM-9PM
Where:Northside Aztlan Community Center (112 Willow Street)

Conferences, Meetings, Gatherings, and Travel

Missed out on some of our recent SCAVMA lectures?! Here are updates on our first two of the Fall 2013 semester!

1) Dr. Howard Krum, the author of "An Animal Life" and an established aquatic veterinarian. Dr. Krum is a past head veterinarian at the New England Aquarium in Boston. Subsequently, Dr. Krum signed on to help launch both the Georgia Aquarium and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. He has been featured on the PBS TV series Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda and his work with stranded sea turtles, large whales and dolphins has been recognized on the NBC Nightly News, various regional news stations and in dozens of newspaper outlets including the Boston Globe. Also, Howard's contributions to help create the world's largest aquarium were chonicled in the award-winning documentary, "Window to Wow/The Opening of the Georgia Aquarium" (produced by WXIA-TV Atlanta).

Check out his powerpoint from this lecture here! Dr. Krum's Presentation

2) Dr. Hall, the student advisor for SAVMA (Student American Veterinary Medical Association). Dr. Hall discussed the AVMA's objectives in promoting the veterinary field, how they operate, and what they can do for our veterinary students. There are important links and contact information for scholarships, grants, externships, and more!

Check out his powerpoint from this lecture here! Dr. Hall's Presentation

SCAVMA members are provided with many opportunities to travel to conferences of the AVMA, SAVMA symposium, and other activities. We got that SAVMA Symposium pledge we put in the bid for. 2014 hosted here at Colorado State University...get excited folks! Planning is already underaway and lots of help will be needed, so keep your eyes open for those emails!

Check it out at and after you get excited register NOW at


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