Students Doing Lab Work With an Instructor

Our CVMBS graduate students have the advantage of working with leading investigators who study infectious disease, cancer therapy, neurological sciences, reproductive physiology, toxicology, and many more fields of global importance.

The College offers graduate degrees in Microbiology, Environmental Health, Clinical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Radiological Health Sciences, Pathology, and several interdisciplinary programs.

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Graduate Programs

Our graduate degree programs prepare students for careers in veterinary medicine, academia, public health, industry, and biomedical research.
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs
Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences Graduate Programs
Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology Graduate Programs

Residents Doing Lab Work


Residencies offer post-graduate veterinarians an opportunity to pursue advanced skills training, mentored instruction, and case management in specialty areas.

Student Completing Research


CVMBS has numerous research centers that study topics ranging from animal cancer to mycobacteria.