Stephen Coleman

Stephen J. Coleman

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Room: B429 Microbiology
Phone: 970-491-0788
Fax: 970-491-1812


  • B.S., Agricultural Biotechnology, Minor in Biology, University of Kentucky
  • M.S., Veterinary Science, University of Kentucky
  • Ph.D., Veterinary Science, University of Kentucky

Research Interests

Stephen is interested in understanding the relationship between genotype and phenotype, particularly at the level of RNA biology. He wants to perform global analyses of mRNA decay, splicing and polyadenylation to evaluate the changes that occur as a direct result of expression of toxic repeat-containing DMPK mRNA in myotonic dystrophy. He hopes that these analyses can help illuminate the mechanisms which regulate gene expression before, during, and after transcription, and how alterations to the transcriptome impact cell biology in both health and disease.

Recent Publications

YY Go, E Bailey, DG Cook, SJ Coleman, JN MacLeod, PJ Timoney, KC Chen, and UBR Balasuriya. (2011) Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies a Common Haplotype in Horses Associated with CD3+ T Cell Susceptibility to Equine Arteritis Virus Infection. Journal of Virology 85(24):13174-13184 (PMID: 21994447).

KS Vanderman, M Tremblay, W Zhu, M Shimojo, MJ Mienaltowski, SJ Coleman, and JN MacLeod. (2011) Brother of CDO (BOC) Expression in Equine Articular Cartilage. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 19(4): 435-438 (PMID: 21262369).

SJ Coleman, Z Zeng, K Wang, S Luo, I Khrebtukova, MJ Mienaltowski, GP Shroth, J Liu, and JN Macleod. (2010) Structural Annotation of Equine Protein-Coding Genes Determined by mRNA Sequencing. Animal Genetics 41(Suppl 2): 121-130 (PMID: 21070285).

K Wang, D Singh, Z Zeng, SJ Coleman, Y Huang, G Savich, X He, P Mieckzkowski, S Grimm, C Perou, JN MacLeod, D Chiang, J Prins, and J Liu. (2010) MapSplice: Accurate Mapping of RNA-seq Reads for Splice Junction Discovery. Nucleic Acids Research 38(18): e178 (PMID: 20802226).

CM Wade, E Guilotto, S Sigurdsson, F Imsland, TL Lear, DL Adelson, E Bailey, RR Bellone, H Blocker, O Distl, RC Edgar, M Garber, T Leeb, E Mauceli, JN MacLeod, MCT Penedo, JM Raison, T Sharpe, J Vogel, L Andersson, DF Antczak, T Biagi, MM Binns, BP Chowdhary, SJ Coleman, G Della Valle, S Frye, G Guerin, T Hasegawa, EW Hill, J Jurka, A Kiialainen, G Lindgren, J Liu, E Magnani, JR Mickelson, J Murray, SG Nergadze, R Onofrio, S Pedroni, MF Piras, T Raudsepp, M Rocchi, KH Roed, OA Ryder, S Searle, L Skow, JE Swinburne, AC Syvanen, T Tozaki, SJ Valberg, M Vaudin, JR White, MC Zody, Broad Institute Genome Sequencing Platform, Broad Institute Whole Genome Assembly Team, ES Lander, K Lindblad-Toh. (2009) Genome Sequence, Comparative Analysis, and Population Genetics of the Domestic Horse (Equus caballus). Science 326(5954): 865-867 (PMID: 19892987).

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SJ Coleman, G Gong, L Liu, D Gaile, BP Chowdhary, E Bailey, and JN MacLeod. (2007) Evaluation of COMPASS as a Comparative Mapping Tool for ESTs using Horse Radiation Hybrid Maps. Animal Genetics 38(3): 294-302 (PMID: 17539974).