Ashley Neff

Ashley Neff

CMB Graduate Student

Room: B325 Microbiology
Phone: 970-491-4881
Fax: 970-491-1815


  • B.S., Integrated Science & Technology, James Madison University
  • M.S., Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech
  • Ph.D. Candidate, Cell & Molecular Biology, Colorado State University

Research Interests

Ashley is using global analyses to investigate how mRNA stability influences pluripotency.

Recent Publications

Neff, AT, Lee, JY, Wilusz, J, Tian, B and Wilusz CJ (2012) Global analysis reveals multiple pathways for unique regulation of mRNA decay in induced pluripotent stem cells Genome Res. 22(8):1457-67

Wawrzynski A, Ashfield T, Chen NW, Mammadov J, Nguyen A et al. (2008) Replication of nonautonomous retroelements in soybean appears to be both recent and common. Plant Physiol. 148:1760-71

Innes RW, Ameline-Torregrosa C, Ashfield T, Cannon E, Cannon SB, Chacko B, Chen NW, Couloux A, Dalwani A, Denny R, Deshpande S, Egan AN, Glover N, Hans CS, Howell S, Ilut D, Jackson S, Lai H, Mammadov J, Del Campo SM, Metcalf M, Nguyen A et al. (2008) Differential accumulation of retroelements and diversification of NB-LRR disease resistance genes in duplicated regions following polyploidy in the ancestor of soybean. Plant Physiol. 148:1740-59.