Who We Were

Lab Alumni

Jerome LeeJerome Lee: Former CMB PhD Student, PhD 2011 Thesis title: "Global analysis of mRNA decay rates and RNA-binding specificity reveals novel roles for CUGBP1 and PARN deadenylase in muscle cells". Now a post-doctoral fellow in the Yi Lab at UC Boulder

Saiprasad PalusaDr Saiprasad Palusa: Post-doctoral Fellow 2009-2011
Now a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at CSU.


Fumihiko SagawaFumihiko Sagawa: Former CMB Graduate Student. MS 2011
Thesis Title: "Nucleophosmin deposition as a result of mRNA 3' end processing influences poly(A) tail and mRNA export"
Fumi has returned to Japan.

Kevin SokoloskiDr Kevin Sokoloski PhD: Former MIP Graduate Student, PhD 2010
Thesis title: "Sindbis Virus usurps the cellular HuR protein to stabilize its transcripts and promote infection of mammalian and mosquito cells"
Now a post-doc in the Hardy Lab at Indiana University


Natalia Reim BS: Former Undergraduate Trainee
Now in a PhD Program at Harvard University

Jessica Alldredge BS: Former Undergraduate Trainee
Now a research associate at Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc in California.

Dr. Libin Zhang PhD: Former Post-Doctoral Fellow 2006-09
Now an Associate Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China

Christopher Johnson: Former Undergraduate Trainee 2009
Now in a PhD Program at Brigham Young University, Utah

Nicole GarneauDr Nicole Garneau PhD: Former MIP Graduate Student, PhD 2009
Thesis Title:”The Role of Cellular RNA Decay Pathways in Sindbis virus infection” Now Department Head and Curator of Human Health at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Hend IbrahimDr. Hend Ibrahim MD PhD: Former Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2006-08
Now a Research Associate in the Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility here at CSU.


Jarrett Trembly:  Former undergraduate trainee
Now a research assistant in the Spencer Lab at CSU

Aaron Pride: Former Undergraduate trainee
Now a PhD Student in the the Trent Lab at UT-Austin

Lesley JonesLesley Jones: Former Lab Coordinator, 2003-07
Now the Program Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Regional Center of Excellence


Angela MorrisonAngela Morrison MS: Former CMB Graduate student, MS 2007
Thesis title "The Role of a Unique Polyadenylation Element and Novel RNA-binding Proteins in the Post-Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression"
Recently completed a Law degree at University of Colorado in Boulder.

Preston Neff: Former Undergraduate Student Hourly, 2005-2007
Currently a CMB graduate student in the Akkina Lab at Colorado State University

Karen deMoraes Dr Karen Martinez de Moraes PhD: Former Research Scientist, 2003-06
Currently an Assistant Professor at Universidade do Vale do Paraíba, Sao Paolo, Brazil


Visu Palaniswamy Dr Visu Palaniswamy PhD: Former Postdoctoral Research Scientist, 2004-06. Currently an Assistant Professor at Medical University of South Carolina


Mateusz OpyrchalDr Mateusz Opyrchal MD PhD: Former Graduate Student, PhD 2005
Thesis title "Sindbis Virus 3' UTR Inhibits mRNA Decay in Mosquito cell extracts"
Currently a resident at the Mayo Clinic

Megan Hensley BS: Former Undergraduate Student Hourly, 2003-05
Currently enrolled in a Physicians Assistant program in Shenandoah, Virginia

Karthika MuthukumaraswamyKarthika Muthukumaraswamy MS: Former CMB Graduate Student, MS 2005. Thesis title "Identification of a novel AU-rich element-specific RNA-Binding Domain in an Exosome Subunit"
Currently Lab Manager at the University of Pennsylvania.

Naomi BergmanDr Naomi Bergman PhD: Former Graduate Student, PhD 2004
Thesis title "The Role of the Cap and a Novel 5' UTR Sequence Element in Regulating mRNA decay"
Currently an Assistant Professor at Pace University, NY

Dr Devi Mukherjee PhD: Former Graduate Student, PhD 2003
Thesis title "Exosome-Mediated Turnover of RNAs containing A+U-Rich Elements"

Dr Min Gao PhD: Former Graduate Student, PhD 2001
Thesis title "Mechanisms and Factors Involved in Regulated mRNA Turnover in Mammalian Cells"
Now Staff Scientist at Regeneron (www. regeneron.com)

Lance FordDr Lance Ford PhD: Former Graduate Student, PhD 1998
Thesis title "Regulated mRNA Deadenylation and Degradation in a novel in vitro system derived from Mammalian Cells"
Currently a VP for Research at Bioo Scientific

Dr Fan Chen MD PhD: Former Graduate Student, PhD 1997
Thesis title "Characterization of the Core and Auxiliary Downstream Elements of Mammalian Polyadenylation Signals"
Currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology at NYU

Dr Zuwei Qian PhD: Former Graduate Student, PhD 1994
Thesis title "DSEF-1 and GRSF-1: G-Rich RNA Element Binding Proteins"
Currently working as Associate Director of Scientific Affairs and Collaborations at Affymetrix (www.affymetrix.com)

Dr Liz Bates MD PhD: Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently a GP in the UK

Dr George Arhin PhD: Former Graduate Student
Thesis title "The Role of Auxiliary Factors in Efficient Processing of Mammalian Polyadenylation Signals"
Now works for the US Food & Drug Administration in Maryland.

Dr Paramjeet Bagga PhD: Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Currently Professor of Biology and Convener of Bioinformatics at Ramapo College, NJ

Michael Chou MS: Former Graduate Student
Currently employed by Merck