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TB Vaccine Testing and Research Materials Contract

Vaccine TestingFor over ten years, the Mycobacteria Research Laboratories (MRL) at Colorado State University has been funded through the National Institutes of Health Contracts to provide the research community with materials and reagents to facilitate basic, translational and applied research focused at the control and eradication of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Combined with these reagent provision activities has been the development of animal models and testing of candidate vaccines against tuberculosis. In 2004, this NIH, NIAID funded program was continued under HHSN266200400091c "TB Vaccine Testing and Research Materials" Contract. The objectives of the contract are:

Research Materials
  1. Systematically characterize virulent clinical strains/isolates and commonly used virulent reference strains of M. tuberculosis as well as of M. bovis BCG.
  2. Produce, provide and distribute well-characterized strains/isolates of M. tuberculosis.
  3. Produce and distribute purified genomic DNA from well-characterized strains/isolates of M. tuberculosis.
  4. Develop protocols for the purification and quality control of recombinant and native mycobacterial antigens, proteins, lipids and lipoglycans, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, as well as mycobacterial cellular fractions.
  5. Using methods validated above, prepare and distribute relevant antigens, proteins, lipids, lipoglycans and cellular fractions, as well as monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies potentially useful for, but not limited to, a) the development of diagnostic tools, b) the identification of surrogate markers of disease progression, and correlates of protective immunity; c) the detection of host immune response to infection; and d) immunological assays to support research in TB.
  6. Develop customized post-genomic resources for distribution and use.
  7. Initiate research collaborations.
  8. Validate and/or optimize existing small animal models of M. tuberculosis infection and TB disease for the purpose of estimating the efficacy of experimental agents.
  9. Implement standardized animal models validated above at the relevant contract site(s) to test experimental agents as a service to the research community.
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