Volume 4, Issue 5
May 2007

Hola, I'm Diana (DEE AH NA) Vasquez, the new Departmental Administrator for MIP. I am a native of Texas, although I have lived in Greeley, Colorado since 1968. I have two sons, Valentino and John Paul, a grandson, Sam and a granddaughter, Shoshanna. I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting and a Master's degree in Management. I have previously worked as the Finance Director for the Town of Milliken, Financial Advisor for AIG VALIC, Assistant Director of Sponsored Programs for UNC and Director of Finance and Administration for North Range Behavioral Health.

I have many loves, one of which is Dance! I teach and perform Salsa Dance and also teach Zumba, a dance fitness class. I love to write poetry, when I'm inspired to do so, I like to hike, read and spend as much time as I can with Sam 9, and Shoshanna 6. I am amazed at the things they teach me! I very much enjoy and look forward to our family gatherings.

I just got back from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta and Chapala, Mexico and am very excited about starting my new position at MIP. Please stop by and say hello.

On April 17th, 22 students with MIP connections mentored by 12 MIP faculty presented research posters at this annual CSU-wide undergraduate event. These presentations made up a whopping 19% of the total presentations at the symposium


John Prucha
Advisor: RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer
"Creation of pir+ Escherichia coli Strains with the Tn7 Vector pGRG36"


Emily Chaskey
Advisor: RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer
"Evaluation of Phosphinothricin Resistance as a Non-Antibiotic Selectable Marker in Yersinia pestis A1122"

Merideth Early
Advisor: Alan Schenkel
"The Role of PECAM on T Lymphocyte Trafficking"

Adam Zandman-Zeman
Advisor: Karen Dobos-Elder
"The Antibody Response of Individuals With and Without Buruli Ulcer Disease to Mycobacterium ulcerans"


Adam Beal
Advisor: Carol Wilusz
"Characterizing the Interaction Between the CUG-BP RNA-binding Protein and the PARN Deadenylase"

Petra Gest
Advisor: Erica Suchman
"Methods for Age-Grading Individual Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes in the Field"

Kristen Pauken
Advisor: Richard Titus
"Effects of the Sand Fly Lutzomia longipalpos Salivary Component Maxadilan on Murine-Derived Dendritic Cell Phenotype and Function"

Cori Probasco
Advisor: Sandra Quackenbush
"Characterization of the Orf a6 Transcript in Walleye Dermal Sarcoma Virus"

Robert Sons
Advisor: Brian Geiss
"Biochemical Analysis of Flavivirus NS5 Methyltransferase GTP Binding"


Danielle Cogswell
Advisor: Julie Inamine
"Structural and Serological Characterization of a Cell Wall Lipopeptide of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis"


Niccole Carner
Advisor: Torsten Eckstein and Julia Inamine
"Cloning M. paratuberculosis-specific Genes Involved in Lipopeptide Biosynthesis"

Cassie Cotton
Advisor: Karen Dobos-Elder
"Collection, Purification, and Analysis of Anti-guinea Pig TNF-alpha Monocolonal Antibodies from BALB/c Mice"

Jamie Everman
Advisor: Julia Inamine
"Cloning of Two Putative Genes Involved in the Biosynthesis of a M. paratuberculosis-specific Lipopeptide"

Samantha Fallon
Advisor: Anne Avery
"Thrombocytosis in Canine Hepatocellular Carcinomas"

Sarah Garcia
Advisor: Karen Dobos-Elder
"The Recognition of acr2 by HLA-E Restricted CD8+ T-cells"

Samantha Krantrowitz
Advisor: Mark Zabel
"Determining the Presence or Absence of CWD on Soil Particles of Concern"

Craig Miller & Forrest Ackart
Advisor: Randy Basaraba
"Perceived Hypoxia in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection and the Role of Mycobactin"

Lenden Neeper
Advisor: Erica Suchman
"Screening of Densonucleosis Viral DNA in Aedes aegypti Mosquito Populations in Chiapas, Mexico"

Preston Neff
Advisor: Jeff and Carol Wilusz
"Sindbis virus RNAs Decay by a Deadenylation-Independent Pathway in Mammalian Cells"

Andrea Rush
Advisor: Erica Suchman
"Storage Capabilities of AeDNV Viroden at Varied Temperatures for Mosquito Infection"

Jeffrey Teeter
Advisor: Alan Schenkel
"Molecular Pathways Involved in the Development of Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia in Platelet Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule Deficient Mice"

Agatha Wieczorek
Advisor: Erica Suchman
"Does Passaging AeDNV Over Time Effect the Pathogenicity of the Virus?"

109 judges helped with the event, with 18 volunteers from MIP. MIP judges were:
Andrea Bohn
Jon Carlson
Mary Ann De Groote
Claudia Gentry-Weeks
Hend Ibrahim
RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer
Jim Linden
Santiago Mejia
Sandra Quackenbush
Alan Schenkel
John Spencer
Erica Suchman
Hana Van Campen
Vara Vissa
Tian Wang
Cicely Washington
William Wheat
Mark Zabel

CURC Photo Gallery

Ms. Merideth Early was recognized as the Outstanding Graduating Senior during the spring commencement ceremony of May 11, 2007.

Merideth is certainly an exceptional student! She graduated at the very top of her class, which is no small feat. Not only is the curriculum for a microbiology degree very rigorous, but this was an especially strong graduating class. We are fortunate to have so many fine students in our program.

Merideth's academic performance is only part of the story. She is not the type of student who earned her excellent grades by spending all of her time holed up in the corner of the library with her nose in a book. In fact, Merideth was involved in a number of extracurricular activities.

In addition to being a full-time student, who often carried 17-18 credits per semester, Merideth also worked in the research lab of Dr. Alan Schenkel. She was an active member of both the CVMBS College Council and the Microbiology Student Association, and she was one of our premier departmental peer tutors. There did not ever seem to be a course that Merideth was unwilling or unable to effectively tutor. In addition, Merideth worked two days a week at a local vet clinic. Not surprisingly, Merideth was accepted for admission into the professional veterinary program here at CSU in the fall of 2007.

Obviously, Merideth is a very busy and accomplished young woman, but her most important job has not yet been mentioned. Merideth is also the mother of two small children!

I don't know how Merideth does it all, and does it all so well, but she is truly outstanding and very deserving of this award, and she is a fine representative of the Department, the College and the University.

Congratulations, Merideth!

Congratulations to all the MIP Undergraduates who received Scholarships or Awards at the 2007 CVMBS Awards Reception:

  • Ines Marques Da Silva, "Jofrid L. Torgersen Memorial Scholarship"
  • Jamie Everman, "Microbiology Student Association Scholarship - Officer"
  • Jamie Everman, "Pamela Hill Griffith Memorial Scholarship"
  • Amanda Gilson, "Jofrid L. Torgersen Memorial Scholarship"
  • Theodore Johnson, "Barbara Joyce Microbiology Scholarship"
  • Anna Kellund, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Kristyn Kelly, "Microbiology Student Association Scholarship - Member"
  • Christopher Lehmann, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Stephanie Lehman, "Microbiology Undergraduate Scholarship"
  • Ryan Oliver, "Delano F. Scott Scholarship"
  • Melissa Po, "Sumner M. Morrison Memorial Scholarship"
  • Lauren Ruiz, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Andrzej Stadnik , "Microbiology Undergraduate Scholarship"
  • Erika Toyoda, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Agatha Wieczorek, "Beulah and Doyle Blair memorial Scholarship"

Stephanie Lehman and Carol Blair

Theodore Johnson and Barbara Joyce

Amanda Gilson, Ms. Kathy Marren, Mr. Jerald Hinde and Inez Marques da Silva

Patrick Brennan, Agatha Wieczorek, and Carol Blair

Kristyn Kelly, Beth Stallman and Jamie Everman

Melissa Po and Carol Blair

  • Eric Beck presented his final seminar on April 17 entitled, "Alternative splicing of the Aedes triseriatus inhibitor of apoptosis 1 gene and transovarial transmission of La Crosse virus". His advisor is Dr. Barry Beaty.
  • Dennis Pierro presented his final seminar on April 24 entitled, "Application of genetic tools to identify the determinants of arbovirus infection of the Aedes aegypti midgut". His advisor is Dr. Kenneth Olson
  • Ian Sutherland presented his final seminar on May 1 entitled, "Vector and virus interactions: La Crosse encephalitis virus and the mosquito vector Aedes albopictus". His advisor is Dr. Barry Beaty

MIP Publications Late April-early May 2007

Meet Mary Jackson
new Assistant Professor of Molecular Bacterial Pathogenesis
Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson received a bioindustrial engineering degree and a MSc degree in Biology and Agronomy from the National School of Agronomy, Rennes, France. She earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology from the National School of Agronomy and the Pasteur Institute. She worked as an Assistant Professor at the Pasteur Institute before joining CSU. Dr. Jackson's research has focused on the development of genetic tools for studying virulence factors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and on the characterization of essential enzymes of this bacterium as therapeutic targets for novel antituberculosis drugs.

The search committee met the end of April to begin the process of finding a new MIP Department Head. Advertisements are being published with a closing date of September 20.

Nathan Kuehl, long time Network Support Technician to the Microbiology and Pathology Facilities, has announced his plans to retire from CSU on June 30. Fearing that MIP computer reliability will never be quite the same come July, rumor has it that the Dept administration is stocking up on abaci, typewriters, and is even considering hiring an MIP department crier to broadcast messages should email go down.

In the News...

May 1, Jamie Bush was quoted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, "Yearly vaccines could have lethal consequences for your pet". Read the Article.

Congrats to Todd Harding, Jenny's better half, on his K99 Morning Show's recent nomination to the Academy of Country Music's Medium Market Radio Station of the Year and Medium Market On-Air Personality of the Year. Read the Article.

The 2nd annual Art and Science exhibition of science-inspired art took place on April 10-11, 2007, in the Lory Student Center. MIP graduate student Nicole Garneau entered the painting below. It was inspired by James Lovelock's experience as a chemist on one of the Viking Missions, as told by Dr. Lynn Margulis when she visited CSU. The title of the piece is loosely based on what Lovelock said as he looked back at the earth.

"Everything I know is behind my Thumb"
Nicole Garneau
Acrylic Watercolor

Whether you are seeking the sunshine and fresh air on the balcony...

Or needing the comfort and quiet of the lounge...

The Micro Study Lounge has it all! Even a sunny stairwell for some free-time exercising...

Just Remember...Keep your building keys with you after 5:00pm on weekdays and all the time on weekends as the doors will lock behind you and you will only be able to enter back into the Microbiology Building through the C-wing entrance!

The Microbiology Student Association held their annual MIP Spring Picnic on May 4th on the Anat/Zoo lawn. Attendees enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and beverages which were provided by MSA. Volleyball of course ensued (when it wasn't raining) and everyone had the opportunity to purchase the always popular MSA T-shirts. Check out the Picnic Photo Gallery.

If we experience any prolonged periods of drought this summer, the Colorado Farmers Association, by the way, is considering sponsoring an MIP Picnic to guarantee rain.

The Rocky Mountain Branch of the American Society for Microbiology held its annual spring meeting at Mesa State University in Grand Junction, CO on Saturday, April 21st. As always, Colorado State University was well represented. The following MIP students made presentations at the meeting: Nicole Garneau (graduate oral presentation award), Kevin Sokoloski (graduate poster presentation award), Preston Neff (undergraduate poster presentation award), Emily Chaskey (undergraduate poster presentation award), and John Prucha. Congratulations to all!

Faculty and students from Colorado State attending the spring 2007 Rocky Mountain Branch meeting.

Doreene Hyatt recently returned from a trip to Armenia where she conducted a training workshop on diagnostic microbiology methods at the Central Veterinary Laboratory

(a federal laboratory analogous to our National Veterinary Services Laboratory). Armenia is a country rich in traditions, they even have their own "Stonehenge"

that is hypothesized to be 2000 years older than England's. Unfortunately, the laboratory is severely lacking in funding and proper resources. How would you like to work in a laboratory that has no heat (even when there is 2 feet of snow) and only has running water in the afternoons while being paid a minimum salary (<$100 per month for technicians)! Still, they manage to perform their duties, diagnosing anthrax in beef "all the time" and testing for rabies by intracerebral inoculation of mice (there is no fluorescent microscope in the laboratory).

The technicians and students enjoyed seeing an API 20E test strip for the FIRST time, and receiving books that are newer than 1968 Russian textbooks!! They can go to the central market on the weekend and buy some chemicals (the soda bottle with blue lid is formalin, after that I quit asking what they were), autoclaves, incubators, glassware, or maybe some new teeth!

Jeff and Carol Wilusz visited the Rio Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico to deliver several lectures and a laboratory workshop on RNA-related science in a "Topics in Modern Biology" course.

Barb Powers will be traveling with USDA APHIS administator Ron DeHaven and other USDA officials as part of the United States Delegation to the OIE meeting in Paris, France May 20-25.

Congratulations Graduates!

Here's a sampling of what some of our Micro majors will be doing after they graduate:

  • Michelle Bowes - MS Anesthesiologist Assistant program at Nova University
  • Stephanie Chase - PhD Program in Neurosciences at the University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center
  • Emily Chaskey - PhD Program in Microbiology at Colorado State
  • Lorelei Clarke - PVM Program at Texas A&M
  • Cassie Cotton - Employed in the Molecular Interface Biology Department at the Ohio State University
  • Merideth Early - PVM Program at Colorado State
  • Michele Falzone - Peace Corps volunteer in public health education in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Michael Frazier - PhD Program in Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Zachary Freeman - PVM Program at Colorado State
  • Scott Gregorich - MS Program in Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State
  • Tamara Hess - PhD Program in Microbiology at Colorado State
  • Lenden Neeper - PhD Program in Microbiology at Colorado State
  • Amber Ordal - MS Program in Clinical Laboratory Science at Rosalind Franklin University
  • Laurence Respicio - Employed as a food microbiologist at Warren Analytical Laboratories, Greeley CO
  • David Riesberg - Ranger School at Fort Benning, GA and then stationed with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina
  • Season Rohlman - Employed as a food microbiologist at Leprino Foods, Denver, CO
  • Lindsay Samuels - Employed as a group manager at Anheuser-Busch Brewery
  • Andrew Scott - PVM Program at Colorado State
  • Robert Sons - PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Jeffrey Teeter - Plan B MS Program in Microbiology at Colorado State
  • Laura Thorson - MS Program Genetic Counseling at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Meghan Tumlinson - MS in BMS Program at Colorado State
  • Christophe Venot - MS Program in Environmental Science and Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines
  • Shanna Williams - MS Program in Meat Sciences and Food Safety at Colorado State
  • Stephanie York - Employed in the microbiology laboratory at Poudre Valley Hospital

Congratulations to Kristen Pauken from the Titus Lab, and Agatha Wieczorek from the Suchman Lab! Both received ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowships this spring.

Ralph Smith is giving tours of the Regional Biocontainment Laboratory (RBL) every Friday at 1pm through the month of June. If interested, please contact Linda Pundt to be placed on the schedule. The tour provides an appreciation of the security, safety, and containment issues involved in building such a facility. Highlights of the tour include the Manufacturing Area, Product Development labs, Aerosolization Room and the ever popular "Dirty Corridor".

Congratulations to Erica Suchman for receiving the Innovative Instructional Methodology Award in Undergraduate Education. Erica has also been named college coordinator for the Master Teacher Initiative.

Congratulations to Randy Basaraba for receiving the SCAVMA Advisor Appreciation Award.

Courtney Guillory
Administrative Assistant
Path Facility

"The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. "

~Newton D. Baker

On Saturday morning, May 12th, a balloonist lands his craft precariously close to homes in the south Fort Collins Huntington Hills neighborhood.
    Alternative captions:
  1. "Last time I'm buying my mom flowers for Mother's Day and telling the shop to send along the biggest mylar balloon they have"
  2. Stimulated by an analysis of balloon-based transportation, an MIP entrepreneur realizes that if ‘hot air’ prices go as high as gasoline, we're sitting on a gold mine.
  3. "Honey, is this what the bank meant by the balloon mortgage we took out on the house?"
  4. "Oh the humanity.."
  5. Submit your own.

What's wrong with both of these pictures? .

Congrats to Victoria Jones, th frst one to rply with th corrct answr!

Click Here for the questions to MIPuzzle #18
Click Here for the answers to MIPuzzle #18

The Advisory Committee will be adopting a new Space Request Form for PI's to use when interested in acquiring additional office and/or laboratory space.

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