Volume 4, Issue 4
April 2007

On March 20th, MIP lost a great teacher, mentor, diagnostician, colleague and friend. Duane Lassen passed away after a courageous and inspirational 7-year battle with multiple myeloma. A true master of making difficult concepts appear simple, Duane won the Carl J. Norden Teaching Award at all three universities at which he worked during his professional career. He published over 70 articles/book chapters throughout his career, including 9 chapters in the Veterinary Hematology and Clinical Chemistry textbook which will surely continue to positively impact the training of veterinarians for many years to come. Those of us who had the honor and privilege to work with Duane will always treasure his professionalism, approachability, wry sense of humor and fun-loving spirit. The MIP community shed a collective tear at the loss of this great teacher and extends our sincere condolences to his wife Kathy and family.

Lend an Ear: Professor, Associate Department Head for Professional Veterinary Medicine & Clinical Service and Grandmaster of Necropsy, Dan Gould has announced that he will be retiring from CSU sometime the Summer/Fall of 2007. Be sure to stay tuned as MIP recognizes Dan's many accomplishments and contributions.

Congratulations Graduates!

On May 11th the following Micro majors will be strutting in the Lory Student Center to Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance:
  • David Ackart
  • Brittny Acres
  • Michelle Bowes
  • Stephanie Chase
  • Emily Chaskey
  • Jennifer Cheney
  • Lorelei Clarke
  • Cassie Cotton
  • Shana Cummings
  • Ryan Dregalla
  • Jennifer Drew
  • Merideth Early
  • Amy Eash
  • Alex Eichman
  • Michele Falzone
  • Michael Frazier
  • Zachary Freeman
  • Scott Gregorich
  • Kate Hansberger
  • Heather Hau
  • Joseph Hazuka
  • Tamara Hess
  • Natasha Hintz
  • Megan Hokanson
  • Nicholas Jimenez
  • Kimberly Lacroix
  • Rachel Lauria
  • Jill Lindaman
  • Craig Miller
  • Marilyn Moulton
  • Lenden Neeper
  • Cari O'Driscoll
  • Amber Ordal
  • Andreas Pannke
  • Caroline Pederson
  • Justin Pemberton
  • John Prucha
  • Tiffany Quantz
  • James Reagan
  • Laurence Respicio
  • David Riesberg
  • Season Rohlman
  • Megan Royer
  • Cherilyn Sackal
  • Lindsay Samuels
  • Kristy Sanchez
  • Andrew Scott
  • Shannon Sinner
  • Jeffrey Slagle
  • Robert Sons
  • Beth Stallman
  • Emily Stump
  • Kathryn Thompson
  • Laura Thorson
  • Airn-Elizabeth Tolnay
  • Rachael Tucker
  • Meghan Tumlinson
  • Benjamin Ubl
  • Christopher Venot
  • MacAndrew Verser
  • Shanna Williams
  • Adam Zandman-Zeman

Niccole Carner and Jamie Everman hard working undergraduates from the Inamine/Eckstein Laboratory, received scholarships provided by the "German Academic Exchange Service" under the Research Internship in Science and Engineering Program (RISE) to support them for 8 weeks of intensive research this summer in Hannover, Germany. Niccole will be working at the Medical School while Jamie will join a research team at the School for Veterinary Medicine. Congratulations Ladies and Gute Fahrt!

Congratulations to all the MIP'ers who received Scholarships or Awards at the 2007 CVMBS Awards Reception:

  • Erica Suchman, "Innovative Instructional Methodology Award in Undergraduate Education"
  • Randall Basaraba, "SCAVMA Advisor Appreciation Award"
  • Greg Wilkerson,"Floyd Cross Memorial Scholarship"
  • Theodore Johnson, "Barbara Joyce Microbiology Scholarship"
  • Anna Kellund, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Christopher Lehmann, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Lauren Ruiz, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Erika Toyoda, "Microbiology Scholars Award"
  • Megan Cassidy, "Microbiology Undergraduate Scholarship"
  • Stephanie Lehman, "Microbiology Undergraduate Scholarship"
  • Andrzej Stadnik, "Microbiology Undergraduate Scholarship"
  • James Perry, "Don B. Olsen D.V.M.-Ph.D. Fellowship"

  • Barb Biller presented her final seminar on April 13 entitled, "The Immunomodulatory Effects of Doxorubicin on Dendritic Cells". Her advisor is Dr. Steven Dow.
  • Steve Aspen presented his final seminar on April 3 entitled, "Phylogeny of Culex (Culex) mosquitoes from North and Central America and the Caribbean based on nucleotide sequences of three genes". His advisor is Dr. Harry Savage
  • Erin Robinson presented her final seminar on March 27 entitled, "The spatial and temporal expression of AeDNV encoded nonstructional proteins in synchronized mosquito cells". Her advisor is Dr. Jon Carlson
  • Heather Blair presented her final seminar on March 27 entitled, "Characterization of Burkhoderia Pseudomallei RND Efflux Pump BpeAB-OprB". Her advisor is Dr. Herbert Schweizer
  • Michelle Dennis presented her final seminar on March 20 entitled, "Evaluation of prion protein immunohistocemistry applied to recto-anal mucosa-associated lympoind tissue for scrapie diagnosis". Her advisor is Mo Salman

Thank You!

To the following MIP'ers who participated as Judges in the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair

  • Elizabeth Brooks
  • Brad Charles
  • Nicole Garneau
  • Kandy Mathiason
  • Prabagaran Narayanasamy
  • Lila Ramaiah
  • Kevin Sokoloski
  • John Spencer
  • Erica Suchman
  • Hana Van Campen
  • Amy Vestal
  • Karen Zaks

In the News...
March 27, Ken Olson was referenced in the UK Telegraph's article, "Why we need the male mozzie". Read the Article.
March 30, Gerald Callahan spoke with the PBS "People's Pharmacy" radio show in North Carolina regarding his new book, and on April 3 he spoke with the Minnesota Public Radio.
Ian Orme's article entitled "Support lacking for medical research" was printed in the April 5 edition of the Coloradoan. Read the Article

Internship turns student into incidental military officer, ship inspector and explorer

Adam Zandman-Zeman is pictured above working in the lab with the U.S. Public Health Service. Adam was highlighted in CSU's e-pub "Today" regarding his internship. Read the article.

MIP Publications Late March-early April 2007

Meet Tawfik Aboellail
new Assistant Professor of Anatomic Pathology
Tawfik Aboellail

Dr. Aboellail earned his Bachelor and Master degrees in Veterinary Medical Sciences from Cairo University, Egypt, and finished his PhD at South Dakota State University in a joint program between the two universities. Following a three year residency at Kansas State University, in 2004 he passed his board certification examination in anatomic pathology. Tawfik worked as a clinical instructor at Washington State University and as head of diagnostic pathology at the Texas Veterinary Medical Laboratory before joining CSU. Dr. Aboellail's research has focused on the pathology of food animals - with special emphasis on bovine and camelid perinatal mortalities. (By the way - what do you call a camel with no humps? Humphrey) Tawfik was a member of a team of Egyptian and US researchers who isolated, typed, and described the pathologic picture of BVDV infection in dromedary camels. He also brings with him 15 years of experience teaching veterinary pathology to both undergraduate and graduate veterinary students.

The CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab has been playing an active role in investigating the consequences of the extensive pet food recall that was announced in March. While the toxic agent that contaminated the food is still somewhat uncertain, melamine (1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine) which is used in the manufacturing of plastics, appears to be at least a marker of the contaminated ChemNutra wheat gluten. The main lesion being observed in affected animals is renal tubular nephrosis with very characteristic crystals. On April 6 the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (Barb Powers, President), in close collaboration with the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (Mary Anna Thrall, President) and the FDA, launched a nationwide survey to collate cases of animals who recently died of renal failure and better define criteria of diagnosis. To date, the CSU VDL has already received 6 cases, with more being submitted every day. We hope that we can learn some useful information from this truly tragic event that will aid in preventing a repeat of this type of calamity in the future.

The Rocky Mountain Branch will hold its 2007 Spring Meeting on Saturday April 21st at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado. Denise McKenney will be hosting the event. Directions to Grand Junction and the Mesa State College campus are posted on the Rocky Mountain Branch webpage.

The Waksman Foundation speaker will be Dr. Andrea Cooper of the Trudeau Institute. Dr. Cooper's talk will be "How Are Immune Responses Initiated in the Lung?"

The planning for the new DMC (Diagnostic Medical Center) is moving at a very fast pace. The square footage, basic layout and electrical needs have been agreed upon. Designers are striving to create as open a lab space as possible without compromising biosecurity and preventing contamination issues. There will be a large central atrium, with offices, individual lab spaces and a large necropsy area on sides. Currently Dlab personnel are deciding on casework (i.e. lab bench) selection, using the premise to keep things as flexible as possible to accommodate the ever changing work flow in the VDL. Stay tuned to MIPnews for upcoming design images of building's appearance. After spending 20 years cramped in an inadequate facility, all members of the Dlab are truly excited about the new building. Let's all hope we don't get ourselves lost in all the new space!

The Anatomic Pathologist Search Committee has invited 4 candidates to interview as follows:

  • Bradley Njaa, April 16 & 17
  • Manu Sebastian, April 30 & May 1
  • Kristin Patton, May 10 & 11
  • Debra Kamstock, May 17 & 18

A new 80,000 square foot, four story building to help ease the space crunch being experienced by the basic science departments of CVMBS is currently in the early planning stages by OZ Architecture. As you can see from the site plan, the building is envisioned to be located where the Stock Judging Pavilion currently resides. The ground floor of the facility will be devoted to lecture and seminar rooms, while the upper 3 floors are earmarked for research labs to accommodate as many as 40 research groups. MIPnews staff were unable to confirm rumor that the firm also plans to turn Pitkin into a yellow brick road.

"Dr. Smith, I appreciate all of the effort that you've put in towards the design of the RBL, but can you please stop calling me with design questions/concerns every 5 minutes so that I can get my work done?"

"What's wrong with paint from the good old US of A?"

On March 3, Connie Brewster of the Quackenbush Lab gave birth to a baby girl; Miranda Beth Inghram, 7pounds 1 ounce, 19.5 inches. Pictured above are brother Ross, Connie, baby Miranda, and husband Tim.

On April 7 at 2:29pm, Miyako and Mike Kimura welcomed their new baby girl,
Miki Ellen Kimura, to the family.

On April 11, Carol Blair and Patrick Brennan welcomed their first granchild, Rafael, home to Minneapolis.

The CURC poster session is scheduled for Tuesday, April 17th, 10:00am to 2:30pm and will feature poster presentations by undergraduate science students from all over campus.

The CURC showcase ceremony will be on Wednesday, April 18th at 4:10pm in A104 Yates. Dr. Mary Cleave, Science Chief from NASA will be the symposium speaker.

Sofia Arthur, Anatomic Pathology Vet Resident, Path Facility
Kelly Belden, Account Manager, Micro Facility

"Why does everybody stand up and sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when they're already there? "

~Larry Anderson. Baseball player & commentator

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"Broken window in the Pathology Facility gets a temporary fix thanks to CSU Facilities"
    Alternate Captions:
  • CSU's newly patented Office Window Signpost quickly points the way to 16 of our campus' most popular buildings
  • A faculty member (rather ineffectively) tries to hide the claw marks made by numerous escape attempts through her office window
  • Overly enthusiastic faculty member writes 'Go Rams' in Mandarin on her office window
  • The latest patch for Windows
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