Volume 4, Issue 3
March 2007

Hi, I am Ryan Abbott the new Office Manager for the Pathology Facility. I am a Scorpio who likes walks on the beach and bubble baths.! I come by way of a short stint as a semi-professional beach bum in the coastal enclaves of Southern California and wound up at CSU doing work on different majors before settling on History. I began as a work study student in Financial Aid and took a year off after graduating to find myself and drive a milk truck around Northern Colorado before returning to Financial Aid to be a counselor and then the Coordinator of Verification and Compliance. In my spare time, which I seem to have little of since starting this job, I like to hang out with my wife Kelly and my two sons Travis (3 ) and Blake (1 ). We enjoy playing in the park, flying kites and wreaking havoc in our neighborhood. When not doing that I find time to fly fish the great streams and rivers of our beautiful state.

Hi, I'm Linda Pundt, the new Foothills Office Manager. My start date at CSU was August 1, 1982, but since it was Colorado day, I didn't have to work the first day. I knew then I was going to like it here. I started out in the mail room/central receiving and worked there for five months. I worked in Contracts and Grants Accounting which is now Sponsored Programs from January 1983 to March 1993. I transferred to CVMBS Dean's Office in April 1993 and worked in the Anatomy building until September 1995. I came to the Foothills campus in October 1995 as a Dean's office employee and managed accounts for three facilities with the departments of MIP, BMS and ERHS. The foothills campus is constantly growing and I currently work at the Infectious Disease Annex (IDA). I was born in Fort Collins and my parents and six siblings live in Colorado. This year my husband and I celebrate our 20th anniversary. We have three daughters ages 14, 16, and 18 and enjoy spending time with them. They keep us on our toes. We enjoy traveling and go every chance we get. Our last family trip was to Mexico and our children have the advantage of being bilingual and had a wonderful time being able to communicate in Spanish. I look forward to this new challenge as Office Manager. There are many exciting and upcoming projects at foothills campus. I would encourage everyone to take a tour of the new state-of-the-art facilities. Please stop by and say hi if you're visiting the foothills campus.

Greg Suniga, the new Microbiology Office Manager, has been an employee of Colorado State University for 24+ years, first starting out as a temporary hourly employee while attending Rocky Mountain High School, where he worked with the Academic Advancement Program for one year. Greg then began classified employment in Human Resource Services as the receptionist for the Employment Office for one year, then as Secretary to the Director for seven years. After taking a 6-month hiatus from the university, he returned to the Mathematics Department as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, where he worked for nine years. He returned to Human Resource Services in November of 2000 as the Records Manager, where he has worked until his transfer to MIP.
Not only is Greg a native of Fort Collins, but both of his parents were born and raised here as well. He is the youngest of seven children, has three nieces, three nephews, a great- niece and a great-nephew. He is also "dad" to his Miniature Pinscher, Tyberius. When Greg is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, taking drives in the mountains, working in the yard, fixing puzzles and gambling in Black Hawk.

Despite the current extremely competitive federal funding environment, MIP faculty scored quite a coup this month by landing TWO NIH Small Instrumentation grants. The NIH/NCRR S10 grant program solicits applications from groups of NIH-supported investigators to purchase single instruments that cost between $100-500K. Mercedes Gonzalez-Juarrero spearheaded a proposal that will receive $437,403 to obtain a Zeiss LSM 510 Laser Scanning Microscope to augment our imaging capacity at the Foothills campus. Carol Wilusz was PI on another proposal that will receive $100,563 to purchase a state-of-the-art Typhoon Trio Imager instrument that will be located in the Microbiology Facility. Congratulations Mercedes and Carol for putting together these successful applications and obtaining two instruments that will benefit our collective research endeavors for years to come!

MIP had a strong showing at the annual CVMBS research day this past February. First, with nearly 50% of the submitted abstracts from our department, MIP successfully retained the coveted "bronze pipetman" award that was hoisted this year by Dr. Hoover. Second, congratulations to the MIP members who received the following awards:

  • Davis Seelig, First Place - PVM/Graduate Student/Post-doc Basic Science Poster, mentor Ed Hoover.
  • Lindsey Habermann, Second Place - PVM/Graduate Student/Post-doc Basic Science Poster, mentor Paul Avery.
  • Brittney Fierro, Third Place - PVM/Graduate Student/Post-doc Basic Science Poster, mentor Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann.
  • Barb Biller, First Place - Graduate Student/Post-doc Basic Science Oral Session 1, mentor Steve Dow.
  • Nicole Garneau, Second Place - Graduate Student/Post-doc Basic Science Oral Session 1, mentor Jeff and Carol Wilusz.
Finally, check out the photos of various MIP presenters in action.

Congratulations to all participants on a very impressive performance.

Undergraduates Mike Frazier and Emily Chaskey, senior Microbiology majors, were co-authors on a poster presented by Mike at the ASM Biowarfare Meeting in Washington DC in February. Mike and Emily - Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholars and members of our Honors Program, are working in the lab of Dr. Herbert Schweizer, under the mentorship of Dr. RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer. Their research involves the development of non-antibiotic selectable markers for use in a number of bacterial 'select' agents that could be weaponized.

"crème de la crème"

Congratulations to undergraduate, Petra Gest, for being awarded the Paul W. Zuccaire Internship from the Pasteur Foundation. Petra will spend 10 weeks this summer in a research laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France.

Un jour sans vin est comme un jour sans soleil.

MIP also had a strong showing at the annual Cell and Molecular Biology Program Research Poster Day. Congratulations to the following graduate students with MIP connections whose posters received 'Honors' awards in the competition:
  • Scott McCorvey - Dow Laboratory
  • Nicole Garneau - Wilusz2 Laboratory
  • Luke Wittenburg - Dow and Thamm Laboratories
  • Jes Kuruvilla - Akkina Laboratory

MIP Publications Late February-early March 2007

We are pleased to announce that additional, badly needed administrative office space has opened up for MIP in the Pathology facility in Room 109 (across the hall from the current office). Sandy Trippel and her Path ACARD reallocation magic have moved into this new space. Don't forget to stop in and say hi to Sandy in her new ‘hood’ - and keep those ACARD receipts comin' in a complete and timely manner.

Anatomic Pathologist, Tawfik Aboellail, begins his work with MIP on April 1 (no fooling!). His office will be in Pathology Room 311. Be sure to stop by and welcome him to the department!

yeah, yeah - we know this is the third time we've run this story, but there are some among us who CRC [Can't Remember Cr_p]

The College Research Council (CRC) 2007 Call for Proposals deadline is Monday, March 26th. Information on proposal submission can be found on the web at:

As part of MIP's continued efforts to keep its academic offerings at the cutting-edge of the discipline, MIP will offer two new courses this coming Fall:

Brian Foy has developed "Disease Vectors in the Field and Lab" (MIP580). This 3 credit course , to be held on Thursdays 2-4:50 PM and Fridays 9-11:50 AM, is designed to provide training on current field and laboratory methodologies to study arthropod vectors (e.g. collection techniques, molecular analyses and RS/GIS mapping). Click here for more information on this course offering.

Jeff Wilusz will offer "RNA Biology" (MB581), a 3 credit expedition on Mondays and Wednesdays (4-5:15 PM) into the fundamentals of RNA molecular biology, the post-transcriptional control of gene expression, and practical applications of RNA-based technologies. Click here for more information on this course.

The Anatomic Pathologist Search Committee will be inviting 5 candidates to interview for the two open faculty positions. Interviews will be scheduled to occur in April and/or May--- so keep your calendars open to meet with and help recruit these candidates!

The CURC poster session is scheduled for Tuesday, April 17th, 10:00am to 2:30pm and will feature poster presentations by undergraduate science students from all over campus.

If you are interested in being a judge go to to sign up.

The CURC showcase ceremony will be on Wednesday, April 18th at 4:10pm in A104 Yates. Dr. Mary Cleave, Science Chief from NASA will be the symposium speaker.

Congratulations to the following Micro Majors who made the Fall 2006 Dean's List:

Tyler Abbey
Megan Cassidy
Alyssa Cohen
Huntington Davis
Erika Dehmel
Merideth Early
Megan Emerick
Jamie Everman
Michael Frazier
Sarah Garcia
Petra Gest
John Gilchrist
Jonathan Higgins
April Hohnbaum
Theodore Johnson
Samantha Kantrowitz
Jason Kasvin-Felton
Natalie Kirk
Jeffrey Krause
Kara Leach
Jacob Miller
Gwynnevere Milner
Katherine Mladinich
Marilyn Moulton
Kristen Pauken
Ha Pham
Melissa Po
John Prucha
David Riesberg
Andrew Scott
Robert Sons
Kristin Spencer
Beth Stallman
Laura Thorson
Karen Trott
Matthew Whitney
Abigail Williamson
Ulla Winkler
Janna Yoshimoto
Adam Zandman-Zeman

Judges Wanted!

The 52nd Colorado Science and Engineering Fair is looking for judges for the events being held on April 5 - 7 in the LSC Ballrooms. Students who won the regional junior high and high school science fairs compete in this fair where the winners will attend the national science fair. This is a great recruiting opportunity! Judges can be faculty, post docs, grad students or undergraduates.
Sign-up at the CSEF Website.

Prospecting for Students

"Recruitment" Fridays in February continued on the 23rd when nine more prospective graduate students visited the department. The pictures below capture some of their day spent learning about opportunities within the department, followed by an evening of socializing with current graduate students and faculty.

Wendy Seay, Account Manager, Micro Facility

"May the roof above us never fall in.
And may the friends gathered below it never fall out. "

~Irish Toast

The movie "300", a story about the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, opened this past weekend in theaters
    Alternate Captions:
  1. Randy Basaraba's projected reaction if he receives a score of 300 on his R01 application
  2. Another Micro Major goes berserk after spending a 4th consectutive Spring Break studying in Fort Collins rather than partying in Cancun
  3. The above scene is actually from the new training video for MIP Office Managers
  4. What's in your wallet (besides your CSU ID Card with that 9 digit number you're still trying to memorize)?
  5. Submit your own!

Click Here for the questions to MIPuzzle #16
Click Here for the answers to MIPuzzle #16 Tips:
As most of you know, the submission of standard R01 grant applications went 'electronic' for the first time this past month. Here are some lessons learned from this first round:
  • Start Early!
  • Use caution when using reference management programs such as End Note. If the footnote links aren't turned off in Endnote, then when files are converted to pdf it inserts information for the footnotes which can then cause the research plan to be over the page limit and it can shift the text and any tables included.
  • Start Early!
  • Start Early!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Be on the lookout for a new Proposal Submission Deadline Policy/SOP that will be distributed to PI's in the next few weeks.

Check out these sites that list the most common errors encountered, etc in applications;
Frequently Asked Questions website
Submisstion Tip Sheet

Sandy's not the only one who's been on the move this month. CSU's Business and Financial Services is moving to a new Administrative Building on Howes Street this month. For a complete schedule of the move check out their newsletter at:

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