Volume 4, Issue 11
November 2007

Dr. Jim Linden will be retiring in December after 30 years of exemplary service to CSU and an overall outstanding career. Jim was Greeley born and raised and received his BS from Colorado State in 1964, the same year some kid named Cassius Clay knocked out Sonny Liston and Jack Corey set the CSU record for most punts (14) in a football game. He received his PhD in Biochemistry and Plant Physiology from Iowa State. Following postdoctoral training, Jim spent several years in industry - working at the Great Western Sugar Company and Coors - before returning to academia (and CSU) for good in 1977. Jim moved up through the ranks and was promoted to full Professor of Microbiology and Chemical Engineering in 1997. Through his interests in Industrial Microbiology, Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, Jim brought a unique perspective and expertise to the department. He published over 75 peer reviewed articles on topics ranging from the liquid chromatography of saccharides, taxol production and innumerous aspects of fermentation. In many regards, his expertise will be sorely missed, particularly as the department continues to stress aspects of translational research and product development. We will also truly miss his calm demeanor, clever conversation and camaraderie. The entire MIP and CE communities wish Jim a happy retirement and thanks for 30 years of hard work!

Befitting his outstanding contributions to CSU over his career, we are also pleased to announce that Jim Linden has been awarded Emeritus Faculty Status by the Colorado Board of Governors

A reception to honor, thank and wish Jim well in his retirement will be held on:

Monday, December 3
3:00 - 5:00pm
Pathology Glover Gallery

Put away your microscopes and turn off the light in the necropsy suite! The groundbreaking ceremony for the Diagnostic Medicine Center will be Friday, December 7 (the day that will live in infamy) at 9:00am in ACC Room 118-120 of the James L. Voss VTH.

Kudos to Jamie Bush for receiving the AAVLD/ACVP Pathology Graduate Student/Resident Travel Award for Best Presentation entitled "Equine Giant Cell Tumor of Soft Parts: A Case Series of 21 Horses."

Jessica McPhaul, a senior microbiology major, was one of four CSU students selected this year for a prestigious 2007 Legacy Scholarship by the Alumni Association. In addition to her studies, Jessica also finds time to volunteer at the No Co Medical Center and work with special needs children. She's also known to kick back once in a while with a box of Milk Duds and a glass of chocolate milk. Congratulations Jessica on an outstanding college career and your impressive achievements!

Dr. Michelle Dennis presented her final PhD defense on Wednesday, November 7 entitled, "Surveillance and diagnosis of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies in the United States". Her advisor is Mo Salman.

Mark Sartain presented his final PhD defense on Thursday, October 25 entitled, "Evaluation and Characterization of Tuberculosis Serodiagnostic Biomarkers". His advisor is John Belisle.

Mam Scherman presented her final PhD defense on Tuesday, October 30 entitled, "Novel mannysyltransferase involved in PIM and LAM biosynthesis in Mycobacterium tuberculosis". Her advisor is Patrick Brennan.

In the News...

  • Sue VandeWoude was highlighted in the October 12 issue of the Coloradoan in regards to a $2.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study how habitat fragmentation in parts of the United States influences the transmission of diseases among bobcats, pumas and domestic cats. Read the CSU Article.
  • Mary Ann DeGroote was quoted in the October 22 issue of the Washington Post in regards to the fears that TB will spread as TB-plagued contries like China and India become world economic centers. Read the Washington Post Article.
  • Science Daily printed the November 7 article, "Infections, Bacteria Critical For Healthy Life, According to Professor" which focused on Gerald Callahan's studies on how infectious diseases and bacteria shape the lives of all living things. Read the Science Daily Article.

Good Job Microbiology Facility People!
In a clear demonstration of that MIP "CAN" DO attitude, The Micro Facility collected 224 pounds of food, which combined with monetary donations totaled 331 pounds for this year's Cans around the Oval Food Drive!

MIP Publications Late October - early November 2007

  • Date: November 16
  • Place: B120 Micro
  • Time: Noon - 2pm

.cause microbiologists, immunologists and pathologists don't live by just science alone.

CSU Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni joined the MIP Department in the Glover Gallery on Friday, November 9, to wish Dan Gould well in his retirement and thank him for his 27 years of service. Check out the Photo Gallery.

In addition, Dan Gould has been given Emeritus Status by the Colorado Board of Governors. Congratulations Dan!

The MIP Department was joined by Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni from across Campus on Thursday, October 18, to recognize Linda Jones and her 25 years of service to CSU. Check out the Photo Gallery.

Cancer Supercluster Retreat

On November 9th, cancer researchers from CSU and around the state crammed into the Cherokee Park Ballroom for the 2007 NeoTREX/Cancer Supercluster Retreat. MIP was well-represented at the retreat, with oral presentations by Drs. Quackenbush, Dow, Avery and Wilusz. The goals of the event were to kick off the Supercluster, initiate discussions concerning new ideas and forge new collaborations for translational research endeavors into the detection, treatment and prevention of cancer. All indications are that the retreat was an unqualified success. Be sure to check out the Cancer Supercluster Website for more information on cancer research across our campus along with a recent call for grant proposals to be funded by the Supercluster.

If you are interested in mentoring a student in your lab for Spring 2008, please contact Susan Deines

Congratulations to the Jerry Tews Family for their newest addition, Sidney Rose. Sidney joined the family on November 2 as a healthy 7lbs 12oz, 21 inch long baby girl.

  • Diana Collins has accepted a position with Lab Animal Resources. Her last day with the department is Friday, November 16. Pathology Facility Researchers will miss the excellent service Diana gave over the past few years, but wish her well in this new endeavor!
  • Connie Heighes has accepted a position with the Diagnostic Laboratory. Her last day with the department is Friday, November 30. Connie will leave a huge void at the IDA Facility, however everyone at Foothills is wishing her the best in her new position!
  • Ann Killpack's last day with the department was November 2nd. Ann is now pursuing new challenges at the Morgan Library, we will miss her greatly!
  • After a brief hiatus, Sherry McElwain is back in MIP and will be working in the Pathology facility as a Department Accounting Tech. You may recognize her name and face from the Microbiology facility. In addition to a BS in Microbiology from the University of Wyoming she has several years of pre and post award grant management, and she recently completed her certification as a research administrator. Although she enjoyed working with the Clinical Sciences faculty and staff, Sherry says it's nice to be "home". With all the great experience, she is sure to be an asset to the MIP department.

Please note: FAS will close for ALL Data entry on JANUARY 4, 2008 at 5PM!! You will NOT be able to access FAS after this date as you have been able to in previous years!

Be sure to check your emails for upcoming abstract submission deadlines and the exact meeting date/times.

Colorado Combined Campaign packets will be distributed on October 15 and the drive will run through November 16. Please reflect on the impact your contribution makes and consider donating again this year.

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

~Thomas Alva Edison

The Microbiology Building was creepier than usual on October 31.
Photo Gallery

Click Here for the questions to MIPuzzle #24
Click Here for the answers to MIPuzzle #24

In October the Colorado Rockies brought the World Series to Denver, Colorado. Many MIP'ers were fortunate enough to attend one or both of the games played at Coors Field. Check out some photos from the history-making event!

Congratulations to Kevin and Erica who entered into wedded bliss on October 13th. Within only a few weeks, however, Kevin started to mutate.

    Alternate captions:
  1. "I know, I know. I said for better or worse. I was just hoping he didn't hear the last part".
  2. After hiding his Spelling Dyspraxia for over 20 years, Kevin finally comes out of the closet with his ‘Mississippi’ Halloween costume.
  3. I'd hate to see his Lasik bill
  4. Who's bright idea was it to put Kevin in charge of BOTH the radioactive waste and the hazardous waste in the lab?
  5. C'mon ladies - is he ‘eye candy’ or what?
  6. Submit your own.

New Grant Awards

Alexander Franz, "RNAi as a Modulator of Arbovirus Vector Competence in Aedes aegypti", NIAID
Steven Dow, "Development of Novel Vaccine Adjuvants", Juvaris BioTherapeutics, Inc.

Notice that it takes MIP to make a Pilgrim out of a mixed-up girl

(Get it??? Allright, it's not the wittiest thing to ever appear in the MIPnews, but with the Hollywood writer's strike, it's the best we could do). Have a great H5N1-free Fowl..


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