Volume 4, Issue 10
October 2007

Dan Gould, Professor and Associate Department Head for Professional Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Service, has announced his retirement after a long an illustrious career. Dan received his BS and DVM (with high distinction) from CSU. He obtained his PhD from UC Davis in Comparative Pathology while studying brain lesions induced by Clostidium perfringens toxin. Board certified by the ACVP in 1974, Dan was an Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University before joining the CSU faculty in 1980. He was promoted to Professor in 1992. Dan has truly made major contributions to the Department throughout his career, easily earning his place in the Glover Gallery of Contemporary Distinguished Faculty to which he was named in 2004. Over the years, Dan has provided effective and indefatigable administrative service to the Department, serving as Chief/Section Head of Necropsy/Surgical Pathology since 1985 and Associate Department Head since 2002. To a person, everyone agrees that Dan's efforts in these capacities have been truly outstanding. In addition to his administrative duties, Dan also has been an outstanding pathologist, teacher and researcher throughout his career. Through his postmortem investigation practicum course, Dan has helped innumerable young veterinarians develop skills in this area (notwithstanding grossing out the occasional student). He has also been major advisor to 9 graduate students. Dan's research interests are extensive and varied, but primarily revolve around neuropathology, toxicology and metabolic/nutritional diseases. He has published over 70 refereed articles and book chapters, a body of work that has been cited well over 1200 times. His most cited work includes the effects of NPA toxin on the brain and the development of an improved micronuclei test for clastogenic chemicals. Throughout his 27 years of service, Dan has clearly made major contributions to the department and to the pathology profession. He's also made major contributions to life in Fort Collins as well. Next time that you are enjoying a pleasurable stroll or bike ride along the Mason Trail, think of Dan and his tireless efforts to make this wonderful link between South Fort Collins and the Spring Creek Trail a reality. Best wishes on a wonderful retirement. You've truly left a large pair of necropsy boots to fill.

A reception to honor, thank, and wish Dan well in his retirement will be held:

Friday, November 9
Glover Gallery
Pathology Building Foyer

After a professional career that involved almost 40 years at CSU, 32 of which were spent on the faculty, Dr. Len Pearson announced his retirement last month. Len received his BS in Biology as well as his DVM at CSU, received a PhD in Comparative Pathology from UC Davis, and was appointed an Assistant Professor in the Department in 1975 (the same year that Wheel of Fortune and Saturday Night Live premiered, Jimmy Hoffa was reported missing and the Watergate gang was found guilty). He rose through the ranks to Professor in 1985. Len has made numerous contributions to the department and profession over the years. An avid teacher of immunology, Len never met a course in the department that started with an 'I' that he didn't like. He served as major advisor for 15 graduate students and on 40 additional graduate committees. Len served as President of the Rocky Mountain Branch of the American Society of Microbiology from '92-93 and President of the American Assoc of Vet. Immunologists from 90-91. As a result of his research endeavors, he's published over 40 refereed works and book chapters that have received almost 600 citations and raised over $2.5 million in grant funds as PI or Co-PI. His most cited works have involved the elucidation of antigens expressed during bovine leukemia virus infection, the characterization of the pathogenesis of ovine lentiviruses, and the analysis of lymphocyte circulation in the developing fetal lamb. The entire MIP community wishes Len all the best in his retirement.

Information on Department festivities for Len were not available at the time this article was prepared.

Linda Jones, valued Administrative Asst III in the MRL, recently retired after 25 years of service at CSU. Linda's path to MIP was an interesting one, reminiscent of a free agent baseball player. She spent time in 9 other CSU departments - Hispanic Student Services, the Chancellor's Office, Student Media, the Graduate School, ERHS, CMB, the University Ombudsman, VP for Student Affairs, and Student Organizations before joining MIP in 2004. Her upbeat, can-do attitude will surely be missed.

A reception to honor, thank, and wish Linda well in her retirement will be held:

Thursday, October 18
Glover Gallery
Pathology Building Foyer

It seems like every Fall, our esteemed Mycobacteria Research Laboratories land a big honker grant. Well folks, this year was no exception. We are pleased to congratulate our tuberculosis research program for receiving not one but two grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to facilitate the development of tuberculosis drugs. The grants, with a combined amount of $3.7 million, will fund research that should lead down the road to better TB treatments. One grant will focus on identifying the optimal TB drug screening regimen out of the current plethora of tests available. The second award targets the development of a better drug discovery paradigm by testing compounds using mycobacteria growing in a manner more similar to how they behave in the body rather than on rich growth media.

Gotta believe with the infusion of dollars and the excellent researchers in the MRL, pretty soon the question will be "TB or not TB"

Jim Kennedy, of the CSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories in Rocky Ford, received the Veterinarian of the Year service award at the 101st annual CVMA convention. The Veterinarian of the Year service award recognizes a distinguished CVMA member who has contributed to the advancement of veterinary medicine in the state of Colorado in the areas of organization, education, research, practice or regulatory service.

Kristy Pabilonia, was honored with the CVMA Outstanding Faculty service award. CVMA's Outstanding Faculty service award recognizes a CSU faculty member who has provided unselfish assistance to practitioners as a clinician, is a proficient and capable teacher, and/or has made significant contributions to continuing education.

Doug Brackney presented his final PhD defense on Thursday, September 27 entitled, "The role of midgut serine proteases on Aedes aegypti vector competence.". His advisor is Ken Olson.

Andrea Torres presented her final PhD defense on Friday, October 12 entitled, "Feline Leukemia Virus Infection: A Model of Effective Retroviral Immunity". Her advisor is Ed Hoover.

Claudia Schneekloth presented her final PhD defense on Friday, October 12 entitled, "Phenotypic and molecular characteristics of Francisella tularensis leading to enhanced surveillance tools". Her advisor is John Belisle.

MIP Publications Late September-early October 2007

  • Date: November 16
  • Place: B120 Micro
  • Time: Noon - 2pm

Everyone interested in attending (and let's face it, who wouldn't be), please sign up at your local department office to bring a side dish to share with the group. We're trying to get a good variety of items - not all pumpkin pie! The department will provide the beverages, plates, utensils, tablecloths, etc. Faculty have historically provided the meat (which kind of (but isn't meant to) implies that they are turkeys..). Faculty who are interested in providing meat, and anyone interested in helping carve turkeys, setting-up tables and cleaning-up should contact Susan Deines.

The LSM 510 META 405 with AXIO Observer Z1 confocal microscope system from Zeiss has been installed in room #5 in the IDA building at the foothills campus. This instrument was purchase with funds from an NIH/NCRR Shared Instrumentation Grant that was obtained by a group spearheaded by Dr. Mercedes Gonzalez-Juarrero who will also serve as Director of the Confocal Facility.

Keep an eye on your email for LSM510 confocal training courses/seminars that are being planned for the end of this month.

What began as a gleam in MIP researcher's eyes in 2002 and a hole in the ground in March 2006 is now ready to set sail. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 38,000-square-foot regional biocontainment laboratory was held on October 2nd. Only time will tell whether this ceremonial event will go down in history with the likes of the Golden Spike at Promontory Point, Utah, but you can be sure it means the world to the cadre of microbiology researchers in the Rocky Mountain region whose work will benefit enormously from this state-of-the-art facility. Following the ceremony, the Infectious Disease Supercluster held a Symposium at the Hilton that featured presentation by nationally prominent infectious disease researchers.
Photo Gallery

On a beautiful Sunday morning last month, Valerie Barbosa, Carol Blair, Jeff Wilusz, Mary Jackson and Elizabeth Mai participated in the Crossroads Half Marathon through the streets and trails of Fort Collins. A good time and plenty of ibuprofen was had by all. To quote Dr. Blair, "Jeff Wilusz had a super time and finished way ahead of the rest of us. Mary Jackson and Valerie Barbosa each ran her first half-marathon and did very well. I was last of the pack, but I wore the singlet given to me by the administrative staff, so I was most stylish. Toby's wife also finished the race, and we'd be happy to make her an honorary MIPer."

Congratulations to the four MIP residents for a super performance on their Pathology Board Exams last month.

    Passed all 4 sections of exam:
  • Keith Nelson, Anatomic Pathology
  • Valerie Guilpin, Clinical Pathology
    Passed 3 out of 4 sections:
  • Matthew Williams
  • Randy Wilson

Several MIP'ers attended the joint meeting of the Rocky Mountain Virology Club and the Rocky Mountain Branch of the ASM at beautiful Pingree Park Campus earlier this month. The sessions and the recital of ‘mostly romantic music’ were superb. Congratulations to the following MIP students for winning the following awards at the meeting:

  • Poster Presentation- undergraduate student - Aaron Pride (Wilusz2 lab) - First Place
  • Poster Presentation- graduate student - Nicole Garneau (Wilusz2 Lab) - First Place
  • Poster Presentation- graduate student - Jaclyn Scott (AIDL Group) - Second Place

Photo Gallery

Lisa Wolfe of the Belisle Lab, gave birth to Ezekial Jabalera on September 21. Ezekial was a healthy 7lbs 10oz and 20 inches long.

Naomi Bergman, Alumnus from the Wilusz2 Lab, gave birth to identical twin boys on October 3rd.

Lesley Jones of the Wilusz2 Lab, gave birth to Jake Jones at 2:42am on October 10. Mom and baby are both well.

The Ryan Express

Ryan Abbott, Pathology Office Manager, left the Department on September 28 to pursue new opportunities with the Agriculture Experiment Station. Best wishes to him and his future endeavors!

William "Bill" Boyd, retired CSU microbiology professor, 81, of Fort Collins passed away earlier this month at his home after a long illness. He taught microbiology at CSU from 1964 until his retirement in 1990. He is survived by his wife, Josephine; three children, Vicky of Modesto, Calif., Sam of Dallas and Larry Boyd of McKinney, Texas; and three grandchildren. His brother and sister preceded Bill in death. No services are planned, but for those who wish, memorial donations may be made to Hospice of Larimer County.

Colorado Combined Campaign packets will be distributed on October 15 and the drive will run through November 16. Please reflect on the impact your contribution makes and consider donating again this year.

"The illiterate of the [Twenty-First Century] will not be the individual who cannot read and write, but the one who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

~Alvin Toffler, Power Shift, Bantam, 1991

Click Here for the questions to MIPuzzle #23
Click Here for the answers to MIPuzzle #23

Since Pat Brennan travels more than 100,000 miles per year by air, you might imagine that he has his share of lost luggage, broken/delayed planes, cancelled flights, etc. But his recent experience was unique, and unfortunately, he didn't think to take a photo. He left home at 5:30 am on a Sunday to catch an 8:30 flight for Seattle, with his ultimate destination Kathmandu, Nepal. (He was going to the 50th anniversary celebration/symposium of the Anandaban Hospital where his leprosy skin test clinical trials are being conducted.) About 10:30 am, he called Carol Blair saying he was in Rock Springs, Wyoming! The Boeing 757 on which he was flying had broken a windshield and had to make an emergency landing there. The landing was pretty exciting-it was probably the biggest plane ever seen on the ground at that airport. Then the airport discovered they had no stairs that would reach high enough to get the passengers out of the plane. While waiting on the plane, the local Pizza Hut took pity on the passengers and brought everyone a slice (how did they get the pizza up??-maybe with ropes?). Finally, an ancient cherry-picker had been summoned, and the passengers deplaned in it, 4 at-a-time. Then it was onto busses to get a replacement plane in Salt Lake City.

One added point: the captain was a garrulous type and told the passengers at the outset that if they listened in on Channel 9 he would describe the route. Since the route to Seattle goes over Fort Collins and across the Snowy Mountain Range Pat was listening in on his periodic descriptions and looking out when suddenly he was listening to an interview with Joan Baez, the singer, and he got worried, and then really worried when the plane was skimming the trees. It reminded Pat of 9/11 when he was half way over the Atlantic and heard what had happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. He ended up in Halifax that time for 5 days. Carol says Pat should learn a lesson from all of these episodes and stay home.

Dr. Ian Orme makes his point at a recent international TB meeting in China
    Alternative Captions
  1. Capitalist running dog paper tiger bourgeois reactionary criminal western gangster Orme tells Chinese how he lost 140 pounds in weight.
  2. Ian demonstrates the proper technique for picking up wise-cracking news writers with your right hand and getting your point across
  3. "Where did he go???? I just had my arm around Randy a second ago!"
  4. Since Google's China search engine bans booze and jokes, the company has hired spokespeople to provide the information at meetings
  5. "Why didn't my lunch taste like it does at Panda Express?"
  6. Submit your own

The Rockies make the playoffs for the first time since 1995 and sweep the Phillies in the NLDS.


New Grant Awards

John Belisle, "Proteomic & Lipdomic Evaluation of M.tb Major Activity", Gates Foundation
Dean Crick, "Menaquinone Biosynthes: A Drug Target in Gram-Positive Bacteria", NIAID
Robert Jones, "Robust Multiple-Locus VNTR Analysis Methods for Genotyping Mycobacterium bovis strains", APHIS
Anne Lenaerts, "TB Drug Accelerator: Assay Standardization", Gates Foundation
Michael McNeil, "HTS Screen of TB RmlC and RmlD dTDP-Rhamnose Formation Enzymes", NIH-National Institute on Drug Abuse
Sue VandeWoude, "Mechanisms of Feline Lentivirus Control and Interference", NIAID


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