Volume 3, Issue 8
August 2006

After successfully completing a three-week operational test, researchers are moving into newly constructed BSL-3 space in the Discovery Suites, part of the expanding facility at the Foothills Campus. This new space will provide over 3000 square feet of sophisticated research capacity including three laboratories for work with infectious agents. Thanks to Ralph Smith, Jerry Tews and all of the other MIP faculty and staff who played a large role in making this important aspect of our Foothills ID research facilities vision a reality.

MIP making significant progress getting our classrooms as 'smart' as our students...

The effective delivery of our education mission to our students can be greatly influenced by our facilities. We are very pleased to announce not one but two major improvements that are underway in our teaching facilities:

The CVMBS Capital Equipment Program has awarded over $9,000 to make several badly needed improvements to the Teaching Laboratory in Rm 112 of the Pathology Bldg. First, we will install state-of-the art smart classroom presentation technology Second, we will enlarge the inadequately sized sink that is creating a possible safety hazard. Funding these upgrades will enhance numerous PVM year 1 and 2 curricular offerings, as well as third year electives and CE courses - not to mention keeping the shoes dry of folks who use the sink. Many thanks to Pat Schultheiss for spearheading these efforts.

The University Technology Fee Advisory Board is providing $6,000 in matching funds to upgrade Micro B120 into a smart classroom. Improvements to be implemented include a data projector, document camera, touch panel controller, speaker system and wireless microphone. Thanks to Susan Deines for piloting this project. Rumors that the technology upgrades will include a mirrored disco ball to enhance MIP parties that are held in the room appear to be unfounded.

New CVMBS Career Counselor!
Kelley Rees is available to work with students at all levels in their education to help with any career needs. To contact Kelley or for more information on how she can assist you with various aspects of the career exploration process check out her website at .

In the News...

"Anatomy of a Bloodsucker"...The title of the August 7th Tampa Tribune news article where Chet Moore describes – no, not the inner workings of the department head – but rather mosquitoes as masterpieces of natural engineering.
Read the article.

Harmony at the Foothills!

In August, Tom Harmon, CVMBS IT Support Wizard, officially moved his office to the Foothills Campus into Room 112 of the IDA facility. You can still contact Tom at his same phone number. Everyone (but those nasty computer bugs and viruses) is thrilled to have Tom on location at the Foothills to help make their IT world a better place.

MIP Publications Late July/early August 2006

August 25th A/Z Lawn Area 4-8pm

Kick-off the start of another school year with the annual MIP Department Picnic. There will be Volleyball, Face Painting, a Balloon Artist and Jump Castle---so be sure to bring the family! The BBQ will include beef and veggie burgers, hotdogs and all the trimmings, plus a variety of beverages. Prizes will be awarded to the faculty member with the best painted face.

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association's annual conference is scheduled for Sept. 9-13 in beautiful Keystone. For more information on the conference, please visit the CVMA’s Web site at

The Annual MIP Faculty Retreat is tentatively scheduled for September 20th at the Fort Collins Hilton, in the State Room. The retreat will begin at 7:30am with a continental breakfast and will conclude around 3:30pm. Lunch will be provided. Please mark your calendars!

The 2nd Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Regional Center of Excellence is scheduled for October 2-3rd, 2006. This year's extravaganza will be held on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Rocky Mountain Microbiology Club Meeting
October 6-8, 2006
Pingree Park Campus

The sixth annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Virology Club will once again team up with the Rocky Mountain ASM chapter to host a weekend retreat this Fall. This is an excellent opportunity for faculty, students, postdocs to interact with their local colleagues and discuss their work in a relaxed atmosphere in a spectacular mountain setting.

Ray Zilinskas, Director, Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Program, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, has accepted our invitation to attend the meeting and provide a keynote lecture on Friday evening.

The Zoonotic Disease Research Colloquim
October 30 & 31, 2006
Hilton, Fort Collins

The Colloqium is designed to benefit investigators with research activities that could be applied to Zoonotic disease but have not received Zoonotic disease funding in the past, as well as researchers with established Zoonotic disease programs.
For updates check the Vice President for Research website.

Rootles Logo
Congratulations to Kim White from the Belisle Laboratory for solving the Sample Clue and winning the $25 Gift Certificate to Avos!

  • Prion Biologist Interviews
    Christina Sigurdson, Sept 25 & 26
    Jean Jewell, Sept 28 & 29

Congratulations Marcia!
Marcia Boggs became a Grandmother on July 17th when her grandson, Sullivan, decided to arrive a few weeks early!

* Money magazine named Fort Collins 'Best Place to Live' in America for 2006.

Graduate Students starting this Fall include:
Graduate Teaching Assistants
 Angela Duffy
 Brady Michel
Christina Renken Ndaluka graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a BA in Biochemistry in 2000. From there she joined the United States Peace Corps where she served as a Science Teacher in the "bush" of Namibia, Africa. More > >
 Robyn Raban
Drew Rholl graduated from Chicago's North Park University in 2004 with a BS in Biology. Over the next year he tried his hand at many things, including summer camp directing, backpacking Europe, and finish carpentry. More > >
Branden Stauft completed his undergraduate education with a B.S. in Microbiology from Cal Poly: San Luis Obispo in December of 2005. His scientific interests involve the virus/host interactions of arboviruses.
More > >
Graduate Research Assistants
 Angela Bosco-Lauth, Dr. Richard Bowen Laboratory
 Jeffrey Chandler, Dr. John Belisle Laboratory
 Leah Colton
Krystle Reagan, graduated from Colorado State University in 2004 with a BS in Animal Science and a second major in Microbiology. After graduation she was hired as a research associate in the lab of Dr. Beaty in the AIDL.
More > >
Cell and Molecular Biology Students Joining MIP Labs
Jennifer Ciniquay, Dr. Jon Carlson Laboratory
Lisa Kellihan, Dr. Steven Dow Laboratory
Jess Kuruvilla, Dr. Ramesh Akkina Laboratory
Scott McCorvey, Dr. Steven Dow Laboratory


Veterinary Residents who started July 1 include:
Monali Bera
has a molecular biology background which she used in Thailand while working on Classical Swine fever. She helped to isolate the glycoprotein E2 which allowed for the creation of a subunit vaccine. Mona was awarded a Pfizer summer independent research stipend in which she investigated an animal model for diabetes research. As a result of Mona's enthusiasm and hard work ethic, she was able to continue her work with Pfizer.
David Gardiner is the recipient of many honors: Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and Phi Kappa Phi being just two. David has a passion for Pathology, demonstrated in his competition and awarding of a scholarship from the American College of Veterinary Pathologists. In addition, David also received a scholarship from the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, in which he spent two weeks at GlaxoSmithKline realizing the role of animal models in pharmaceutical research.
Christie Mayo's career goal is to gain a position in academia in order to teach and continue research. This goal was developed from an opportunity Christie was able to undertake at the Universidades de Federais, Santa Maria, through the United States Department of Education. Christie was able to seek answers to the pathogenesis of Bovine Babesiosis, Senecio toxicity, performing embryo transfers, as well as utilizing the Portuguese language.
Matt Rosenbaum's background, which led him to Laboratory Animal Medicine, began while he was a research technician in animal care at St Jude's Research Hospital. Matt conducted animal research at University of Tennessee through a Centers of Excellence grant. Matt also received an ASLAP veterinary student award. Matt is looking forward to becoming a Diplomate of ACLAM.
Marjorie Williams grew up in a family with her father as a veterinarian. This influenced her to pursue an animal science background which then prepared her for veterinary school. Working as a veterinarian for five years in combination with her interest in the how and why of the in-exact science of medicine has driven her to pursue her continued passion to become a Clinical Pathologist.


PhD/DVM Students starting this Fall include:
  • Patti Kiser
  • Liza Pfaff
  • KC McBroom

Lora Ballweber, Faculty, Clinical Parasitology
Amy Vestal, RA in Hoover Lab

This is an exterior view of the RBL that shows the majority of the outer sheetrock installed. Most of the roof parapets are also installed.

This is the first interior wall that has sheetrock installed on it. This is being installed on load-bearing walls ahead of the upper mechanical floor sheathing to provide extra rigidity to the structure.

This is an interior view of the upper mechanical floor joists.

This is a view of the roof that shows off the newly installed insulated membrane deck.
Once this installation is complete a large amount of mechanical equipment can be installed
(which couldn't be done before as the roof was not water tight).

Thanks for the photos Jerry!

Do you know who your Reps are?

MIP has faculty representatives serving on the following College and University Committees:

Biomedical Curriculum Committee
• Julia Inamine
• Sandra Quackenbush
Commencement Committee
• Ralph Smith
Research Council
• Brian Foy
• Doreene Hyatt
Scholarship and Award Committee
• Susan Deines
• Gary Mason
Scholastic Standards Committee
• Gerald Callahan
• Karamjeet Pandher
Veterinary Admissions Committee
• Patricia Schultheiss
• EJ Ehrhart
Veterinary Curriculum Committee
• Paul Avery
• Christine Olver
• Duane Lassen
• Randy Basaraba
Conflict of Commitment/Conflict of Interest Review Committee
• Jon Carlson
• Randy Basaraba
Foothills Research Advisory Committee
• Ken Olson
DVM/PhD Committee
• Anne Avery
• Jeffrey Wilusz
CVMBS Biosecurity Committee
• pending new list from VTH

Upcoming Birthdays
  • MIP News, 2 years old, Aug 15
  • Robert Jones, Aug 17
  • Erin Robinson, Aug 18
  • Nicholas Haley, Aug 19
  • Jon Carlson, Aug 20
  • Karen Krautscheid, Aug 20
  • Sarah Shropshire, Aug 20
  • Hyung Jin Eoh, Aug 22
  • Doug Brackney, Aug 23
  • Abigail Jones, Aug 23
  • Andrew Keyser, Aug 23
  • Andres Obregon, Aug 25
  • Kevin Sokoloski, Aug 27
  • Miyako Kimura, Aug 29
  • Roxann Karkhoff-Schweizer, Aug 30
  • Roe Lopez, Aug 30
  • Sara Reese, Aug 30
  • Tian Wang, Aug 30
  • Sarah Belisle, Aug 31
  • Carolina Lopez, Sept 1
  • Shilo Wilkinson, Sept 1
  • Sarah Akkina, Sept 2
  • Kristy Pabilonia, Sept 2
  • Linda Jones, Sept 4
  • Charmaine Matheson, Sept 4
  • Gary Mason, Sept 6
  • Santiago Mejia, Sept 7
  • Ken Olson, Sept 8
  • Beverly Williams, Sept 8
  • Maria Lorono-Pino, Sept 9
  • James Linden, Sept 12
  • Kim White, Sept 13
  • Ashley Linton, Sept 14

"If I have not seen as far as others, it is because giants were standing on my shoulders"

~Hal Abelson, Prof of Computer Sci and Engineering, MIT

In June, Jeff Wilusz sent a letter to MIP Alumni highlighting Department accomplishments and happenings and asking alumni to share their experiences. Read the Letter.

Click Here to read some of the replies we've received from MIP Alumni!

Despite airport delays and heightened security due to the recent transatlantic terror plot, the MIP Newsletter was posted right on schedule!

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  1. Rootles hunts are passe' - find the location of the above tattoo on Dr. Orme's body and win valuable prizes.
  2. Artist's rendition of the intersection of I–25 & HWY 392(exit 262) near Windsor.
  3. Discarded pattern design for the MIP crossword.
  4. Just wanted to put something in the Newsletter to remind Drs. Black and Duteau of their sabbatical that ended this month.
  5. Submit your own.

Click here for the questions to MIPuzzle #13
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MIPuzzle #13

New Grants
Steven Dow, "Role of Phosphatidylserine Expression in Regulatin MCP-1 and VEGF Production by Tumor Cells and Tumor...", Cancer League of Colorado, Inc.
Richard Titus, "Leishmaniasis Treatment: Macrophage Scavenger Receptor", Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Ins.


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