Volume 3, Issue 6
June 2006

After 37 years of dedicated service, Dr. Robert W. Norrdin will retire on June 30th. Bob began his career at CSU on July 1, 1969, 19 days before the crew of Apollo 11 set foot on the moon. An ACVP Board certified pathologist, Bob has made significant contributions in the areas of orthopaedic pathology, bone remodeling, metabolic bone diseases and nutritional pathology. He worked extensively with the Orthopaedic Research Center in support of its mission to diagnosis, treat and prevent musculoskeletal disease. Bob published over 85 papers during his CSU career which have received nearly 1200 citations. He is clearly considered an international expert in his field. In the service arena, Bob was the go-to guy in the Dlab for the diagnosis of nutritional / metabolic and bone / joint pathologies. Bob has also played an important role in the teaching mission of the department as well, particularly in the training of veterinary students and residents. His scientific prowess, diagnostic expertise, sharp sense of humor and camaraderie will be missed by all. A retirement reception to celebrate Dr. Norrdin's CSU career and wish him well in his retirement will be held Friday, June 16th at 3PM in the Glover Gallery.

Herbert Schweizer has been elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology. He was one of 54 new Fellows that were elected to the Academy and received this award at the Academy Fellows Meeting during the 106th American Society for Microbiology General Meeting in Orlando, Fla this May. Congratulations Herbert on this significant professional achievement.
Suki Chandrasekaran and Stefanie Manzer, two undergraduates in our Microbiology Program, recently presented posters on their research at the 106th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Orlando, Florida. Their posters were entitled:

Chandrasekaran, S., T.M. Eckstein, D. Chatterjee, J.T. Belisle, and J.M. Inamine. Structural and serological characterization of two polar lipids specific to Mycobacterium paratuberculosis.

Manzer, S., D.R. Cogswell, T.M. Eckstein, D. Chatterjee, J.T. Belisle, and J.M. Inamine. Structural and serological characterization of lipoarabinomannan from different isolates of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis.

Suki and Stephanie each received $500 Honors Enrichment Awards from the University Honors Program as well as $300 Travel Awards from MIP to support their attendance at this meeting. Suki will be starting the Ph.D. graduate program in Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis at Washington University, St. Louis, MO. Stefanie is entering the Ph.D. graduate program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR.
Congratulations to Barb Powers on her 10th anniversary as Director of the CSU Diagnostic Laboratory. Barb took the Dlab reigns on July 1, 1996 and the photo to the left appeared in the first issue of Lablines that same year.
Congratulations to Dr. Ramesh Akkina on his election to Faculty Council for a three year term starting July 1. In addition, Julia Inamine and Gerry Callahan will be completing their terms this summer. Thanks to all of these MIPers who make valuable contributions to the shared governance of our institution.
MIP Publications Late May/early June 2006

The 17th Annual Biology of Disease Vectors Course will be delivered at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, England U.K. from July 16 to 28, 2006. Approximately 30 students and 25 faculty participate in the course - including numerous MIPers. Students in the course come from many different countries - in a typical year 16 or more countries are represented. The course is sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases. Additional information on the course can be found at
Annual CSU July Payroll Shenanigans

Salaried Employees: June paychecks will be deposited on July 3
Hourly employees: Paychecks for the pay period ending June 9th will be deposited on July 3rd - NOT June 23rd. Paychecks for the period ending June 23 will deposit as usual, on July 7.

If you have questions please contact Esta in Path (1-6239), Mark at CETT (1-8526) or Paula in Micro (1-3510).

We're pleased to announce the winners of this year's MIP faculty committee elections:
  • Advisory Committee: Randall Basaraba
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee: Ramesh Akkina
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee: Ken Olson
  • Graduate Education Committee: Jon Carlson
  • Undergraduate Education Committee: Erica Suchman
Details on the full make-up of these committees can be found at the MIP Committee Webpage.
This photo of our own recently retired Jim DeMartini vacationing in South Africa was featured in the June 4 version of the Coloradoan. Note from the MIP Newsletter Editorial Staff: Send us a photo from your vacation this summer holding up the front page of the MIP Newsletter and we'll be happy to e-publish it.
College Research Council Grants to 13 MIP Researchers

Congratulations to the following MIP researchers who were awarded grants by the CVMBS College Research Council for 2006/2007. A special acknowledgement goes out to Lars Eisen whose 27 word, 204 character grant title was the longest in recorded history of the program.

  • Julia Inamine - Development of a mycobacteriophage-based test for Johne's Disease
  • Hana Van Campen - The potential for wildlife reservoirs of bovine diarrhea virus and their risk to domestic cattle
  • Mark Zabel - Novel detection tools to study cellular and molecular mechanisms of chronic wasting disease transmission.
  • Catharine Bosio - Identification of the molecular mechanism of cytokine suppression in dendritic cells by Francisella tularensis.
  • Dean Crick - A novel peptidoglycan amidotransferase in mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Tian Wang - Gamma delta T cell regulation of dendritic cell activation and maturation.
  • Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann - Effect of a bovine pestivirus (BVDV) on bovine blastocyst differentiation, chronology of apoptosis and receptor expression
  • Charles Calisher - Long term indirect effects of 6-methoxy-2,3-benzoxazolinone on deer mouse population density.
  • Carol Wilusz - Targeting the mRNA decay machinery to Sindbis virus RNA: A novel antiviral approach.
  • Lars Eisen - Development and evaluation of environmental data-bases for use in prediction of spatial patterns of arthropod pathogen vectors and vector-borne and non-vector-borne diseases of humans and domestic animals.
  • Sue VandeWoude - Identification of a unique lentivirus infecting lemur catta.
  • Paul Avery - Dysfunctional toll-like receptor-mediated signaling in dendritic cells during FIV infection
  • Anne Avery - Study of regulatory T cells during malaria infection

Despite the very rare wet weather, the May 5th MSA Picnic was a great time...lots of good food and a chance to catch-up on everyone's plans for the summer.

Check out the Photo Gallery

Significant progress was made on the RBL steel erectors in May. Also note the concrete pads are almost complete (just one small section to fill in). Thanks again to Jerry Tews for sharing the pictures!

Kallolmay Biswas, Postdoc in Kurosu Lab
Nicole Iverson, RA in Brennan Lab
Christopher Logue, Postdoc in Olson Lab

Upcoming Birthdays
  • Ramesh Akkina, June 15
  • Adrienne Harris, June 19
  • Mark Romero, June 19
  • Crystal Shanley, June 19
  • Michael Del Tonto, June 20
  • John Spencer, June 20
  • Rodman Tompkins, June 20
  • Kathleen Schultz, June 22
  • Keith Nelson, June 24
  • Matthew Williams, June 27
  • Robert Ellis, June 28
  • William Schroeder, June 28
  • Erik Arthun, June 30
  • Suresh Bhamidi, July 2
  • Deryl Keney, July 2
  • Rosita Montoya, July 2
  • Kevin O'Halloran, July 3
  • Mary Anna Thrall, July 4
  • Liangfen Zhang, July 4
  • Jamie Bush, July 5
  • Lisa McCann, July 5
  • Wenli Zhang, July 5
  • Libin Shi, July 6
  • Erin Smith, July 6
  • Candelaria Daniels, July 7
  • Lars Eisen, July 9
  • Robin Morris, July 9
  • Corey Campbell, July 10
  • Richard Casey, July 10
  • Christopher Gorham, July 10
  • Cynthia Meredith, July 12
  • Ajay Grover, July 13
  • Marcia Hart, July 13
  • Charles Calisher, July 14

"Biologically speaking, if something bites you, it is more likely to be female "

~Desmond Morris, Zoologist

The May MIP Jumble Sale was a Huge Success!
    Alternative Captions:
  1. The MIP definition of "Stylin".
  2. Rent these cardboard cutouts of Pete and Greg for your next party!
  3. Did the Larimer County Jail run out of orange jumpsuits?
  4. Submit your own!

Click here for the questions to MIPuzzle #11
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MIPuzzle #11

New Grants
Michael McNeil, "Glucosamine-1-Phosphate and Serine Acetylases: HTS Assays and Configurations", NIH-Neurological Disorders & Stroke.
Kristy Pabilonia, "NPIP - Monitored Program for Commercial Table-Egg Layers, Broilers, a...", APHIS.
Kristy Pabilonia, "NPIP - Supplement Surveillance Program for Upland Game Birds", APHIS.
Kristy Pabilonia, "NPIP - Supplement Surveillance Program for Commercial and Subpart E Poultry", APHIS.
Tian Wang, "MyD88-mediated Innate Immunity against West Nile Virus", NIAID.

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