Volume 3, Issue 3
March 2006

Pfoy Wins Pfizer

MIP Assistant Professor Brian Foy was selected to receive the 2006 Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence. This is an award given annually to young investigators who have had significant impact in their field. Brian was recognized for his work on mosquito immunity to alphaviruses which has been profiled in Science.

Respicio wins AP Star Award!

For her outstanding overall contributions, work ethic and leadership, Laurel Respicio has been recognized by CSU as one of the Administrative Professional Stars for 2006. Way to go Laurel!

Kevin Sokoloski won highest honors for his poster entitled, "Repeat sequence elements in the 3'UTR of alphaviruses stabilize RNAs against decay in mosquito cell extracts" at the Annual Cell and Molecular Biology Poster Symposium held in February. Kevin is a first year graduate student in the Wilusz2 lab. Congratulations Kevin!

Dr. Tian Wang received the American Association of Immunologists Junior Faculty Award. This award recognizes outstanding young investigators in the field of immunology and financially assists with their participation in the AAI Annual Meeting, IMMUNOLOGY 2006, May 12-16 in Boston, MA.

Forty Seven (yes 47!) micro majors
made the Fall 2005 Dean's List:
  • Angela Bosco-Lauth
  • Sukantha Chandrasekaran
  • Alyssa Cohen
  • Ashley Denney
  • Merideth Early
  • Jamie Everman
  • Jennifer Fletcher
  • Michael Frazier
  • Petra Gest
  • Megan Halstead
  • Theodore Johnson
  • Jason Kasvin-Felton
  • Sara Kennedy
  • Natalie Kirk
  • Kara Leach
  • Tyler Ley
  • Fernando Leyva
  • Ryan LeBaron
  • Jessica Mcphaul
  • Brady Michel
  • Jacob Miller
  • Gwynnevere Milner
  • Marilyn Moulton
  • Sean Paschall
  • Kristen Pauken
  • Arielle Pechette
  • Emily Plake
  • John Prucha
  • Jennifer Quick
  • James Reagan
  • Jason Reedy
  • David Riesberg
  • Fumihiko Sagawa
  • Andrew Scott
  • Ashley Sohn
  • Kristin Spencer
  • Andrew Sprowell
  • Beth Stallman
  • Stephanie Sunshine
  • Jesse Terry
  • Lori Testa
  • Laura Thorson
  • Meghan Tumlinson
  • Sherrie Vander Vliet
  • Marga Verdeal
  • Joanna Virgin
  • Kennda Zoffka-Zimmerman

In case you weren't counting, that's 52 MIP'ers who received awards of some sort in this issue. Not too shabby!
Micro Student Addition gets the Green Light...

We are very pleased to announce that the Student Study Area Addition to the Microbiology Building (that was described in the November 2005 edition of this newsletter) has been approved. It is anticipated that bidding on the project will be finished by May and that construction will be completed in August, 2006.

Recruiting visits for the incoming graduate student class of 2006
a huge success!

Seven students from all across the US visited CSU for our first recruiting weekend. Current MIP graduate students played a very large role in these visits. Following a day of interviews, the MSO sponsored a meet-and-greet at Tailgate Tommy's. Despite freezing cold weather, there was an excellent student turnout as well as Drs. Belisle and Brennan. The weekend ended with an all-inclusive tour of Old Town (including a tour of New Belgium).

For our second recruiting weekend, on campus interview sessions were followed with a night in Old Town at Coopersmiths. Once again there was a great graduate student turnout as well as many faculty guests (including the Bosio Gang, Dr. Blair and Dr. Brennan (fresh off a flight from Amsterdam), and a very special guest appearance from Dr. Klein!). The following day Scott Irwin was kind enough to take our recruits for a winter hike. They were exhausted to say the least, but after their Colorado adventure they made it out to O'Dell's for a little tour / sampling and then off to the Hilton for some much needed rest.

Thanks to Nicole Garneau and all the volunteers who helped make these recruiting weekends a big success. As of press time, we've already had 4 of the recruits accept offers of admissions! Be sure to check out the pictures from the events at Coops and Tommy's.

In the News...

Massive Outbreak Cripples French Island,
"It's unclear why the outbreak is so ferocious. One factor ", says virologist Charles Calisher of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, "may be that the virus is hitting Reunion for the first time, so almost no one has resistance."

MIP Publications Late February/early March 2006

An informal symposium will be held in the afternoon of Wed, March 15th in Pathology Bldg Rm 103 in conjunction with the visit of several members of USAMRIID to the department. The symposium will be followed at 5:00 PM with a wine and cheese reception in the Glover Gallery. The objective of this event is to bring together our USAMRIID visitors and members of the CSU ID community to discuss ongoing research programs involving viral and bacterial pathogens and vector biology, and to promote inter-institutional collaboration and multidisciplinary research.

And I bet you thought that our acronyms were unwieldy..

MIP graduate student trip to see the first-place Colorado Eagles hockey team on Wednesday March 22. Seats are limited, so please RSVP to Nikki if you have not done so already.

The implementation of the CSU Strategic Plan is off and running and plans are afoot to make Infectious Disease the first Research Supercluster at CSU. The rationale for this decision is that (1) a great deal of highly productive & synergistic ID expertise is already in place, (2) additional outstanding researchers have recently been brought on as part of the Infectious Disease Initiative, and (3) new ID-related facility construction and planning is well underway.

A key step in the process of creating a successful ID Supercluster is the development of an effective organizational structure and plan. Therefore, all MIP faculty are invited to attend a meeting on Weds, March 22, 1-3pm, in Path 103 to provide input.

Mark Romero will be assuming the office and facilities management responsibilities (aka office manager) for the Foothills/MIP campus. Mark moved west on a part-time basis on Monday, March 6. He continues to manage the Micro facility office part time until a new office manager is identified.

Jeanette Fritzler also moved to the CETT facility in February. Jeanette will be providing administrative support for the RCE, travel arrangement/authorization/reimbursement processing, ACard reallocation, building reception, mail distribution, package receiving, telecommunication requests, facility maintenance requests, CETT building key orders, and the infamous 'other duties as assigned'.

Poster Session is Tues, April 18, 10am to 2pm, Main Ballroom of the LSC.

Awards Ceremony is Weds, April 19, 4:10pm in A101 Chemistry

Participants must submit an abstract at the CURC web page by 11:59 pm April 1st.

Judges needed on April 18th from 9:30-noon. Please sign up to be a judge at by March 31st.

The Keynote Address, "Aging through the eyes of Monet" will be given by Dr. John S. Werner from the University of California, Davis.

For more information, visit the CURC Website.

The MIP Foothills Facility currently named "The CETT Building" is in need of a new name that more appropriately identifies the practical use of the facility. Jeff Wilusz is looking for name suggestions to be submitted to him by Friday, March 24.

The College Research Council (CRC) 2006 Call for Proposals information is now available on the web.

At this website, you will find the Call for Proposals information letter, as well as the CRC Face Sheet and signature page.

Proposal deadline is 5:00pm on Monday, March 27, 2006.

Discovery Suite - stucco application

Discovery Suite - floor and light installation

Media Prep Space
Install Casework and Ceiling Grids

RBL - Slab on Grade Section that will support the BSL2 and Office Spaces

Hee Jin Kim, RA in Brennan Lab
Summer Stec, RA in Wang Lab
Shuhui Wang, Postdoc in Wang Lab

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Zhentong Liu, Mar 15
  • Carlos Machain-Williams, Mar 15
  • Patrick Brennan, Mar 16
  • Nika Reininger, Mar 17
  • Craig Burnett, Mar 18
  • Kandi Mathiason, Mar 18
  • Angelo Izzo, Mar 23
  • Andrew Goodyear, Mar 24
  • Barb Biller, Mar 26
  • Mackenzie Ostmeyer, Mar 26
  • Veronica Gruppo, Mar 27
  • Renato Silva Filho, Mar 30
  • Gerry Tews, Apr 1
  • Jared Bodecker, Apr 2
  • Randy Basaraba, Apr 3
  • Sheila Hays, Apr 4
  • Herbert Schweizer, Apr 4
  • Darragh Heaslip, Apr 5
  • Av Liav, Apr 6
  • Tiffany Richens, Apr 7
  • Sandy Trippel, Apr 7
  • Marcela Henao Tamayo, Apr 11
  • Jenny Taylor, Apr 13

"Football incorporates the two worst elements of American society: violence punctuated by committee meetings "
~George F. Will, journalist, political commentator

Discovery Project Construction Trailer was Flipped by Strong Winds
in Late February
    Vote which alternative caption you like the best:

  • "The reason that MIP is switching to PorT-O-Lets rather than trailers for temporary office space in the Foothills"
  • "Exhibit #1 for CSU's patent for the ‘Double-Tall‘ Mobile Home"
  • "Barry, I told you it wasn't a good idea to hang all of your awards on one wall of your office trailer"
  • "To the delight of cattle ranchers in Northern Colorado, CSU students find something more fun than Cow Tipping on Friday nights"

  • Submit your own

Click here for the questions to MIPuzzle #8.
Click here for Answers to MIPuzzle #8

MIPuzzle #8

The deficit reduction bill which was recently signed by President Bush includes several provisions that will affect student borrowers. One will prohibit lenders from offering "in-school" consolidation after June 30. After that, college students will have to wait at least six months after graduation to consolidate. Current students with college loans are advised to contact their loan representative to find out more about their loan consolidation options.

New Grant Awards
Richard Titus, "Arthropod Vector-based Vaccines for Leishmaniasis", NIAID.
Jeffrey Wilusz, "Virus-Mosquito mRNA Stability", NIAID

MARCH 2006

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