Volume 3, Issue 11
November 2006

In October, the Rocky Mountain ASM Branch combined with the Rocky Mountain Virology Club to host the second Rocky Mountain Microbiology Club meeting at Pinegree Park.

MIP's students did very well in the competitions:

Undergraduate Student Posters
  • First Place: Preston Neff, Wilusz Lab
  • Third Place: Kirsten Kulcsar, Quackenbush Lab
Graduate Student Posters
  • First Place: Kevin Sokoloski, Wilusz Lab
  • Second Place: Emily Kampf, Bosio Lab
Graduate Student Oral Presentations
  • First Place: Dan Konet, Carlson Lab
  • Third Place: Nicole Garneau, Wilusz Lab

Congratulations to the MIP Students for winning half of the available prizes!

The CVMBS Research Team led by Biomedical Sciences Professor, Richard Bowen, was awarded $2.6 million from the Centers for Disease Control to study how interactions between humans and birds may lead to more widespread transmission of avian influenza. MIP researchers participating in the research are Drs. Kristy L. Pabilonia, Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, and Hana Van Campen.

Read the CSU News Release.

CVMBS Celebrating 100 Years!

2007 will mark the 100th anniversary of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. MIP is a key contributer to the scientific advances, student education, and diagnostic services of the college. Several events and celebrations will be happening during 2007, be sure to check out the schedule at the Development Website.

Diagnostic Medicical Center
Architectural Firm Chosen!

Circled area shows location of new Diagnostic Medical Center

The new center will house Diagnostic Laboratory personnel, the Clinical Pathology Laboratory, the Office of the State Veterinarian, and other programs based at the Veterinary Medical Center on the South Campus.

New diagnostic facilities are desperately needed to keep pace with the changing needs of Colorado’s and the nation’s animal agriculture and advances in diagnostic technologies. Diagnostic testing with biosecurity concerns also requires the creation of additional specialized laboratory space. This type of testing is on the increase because of new animal diseases as well as national security and concerns over bioweapons and zoonotic diseases. Additionally, diagnostic medicine is becoming more specialized, and requires more technical equipment and space to provide better diagnostics for veterinary clients.

The new facility will provide approximately 60,000 gross square feet for diagnostic laboratories and 31,000 square feet for office and support spaces.

MIP Publications Late October-early November 2006

Please join the Department in recognizing the following individuals for their dedicated service to CSU:

    10 Years of Service
  • Torsten Eckstein
  • Vara Vissa
    15 Years of Service
  • Bill Black
  • Susan Deines
  • Nancy DuTeau
  • Preston Hill
  • Peter Justice
  • Mark Romero
  • Michael Scherman
    20 Years of Service
  • John Belisle
  • Ian Orme
  • Barb Powers
  • Janice Riegel
    25 Years of Service
  • Barry Beaty
  • Ed Hoover
  • Linda Jones
  • Robert Jones
    30 Years of Service
  • Esta Saffer

Abstracts are now being accepted for the 8th Annual CVMBS Research Day. The submission deadline is December 4, 2006 at 5:00PM. Abstracts can be submitted at the following web site:

The Symposium will be at the Hilton in Fort Collins at 1PM, with poster and oral presentations in basic and clinical sciences by graduate students, veterinary students, veterinary residents and interns. A keynote speaker will be featured, and libations and an awards ceremony at ~6 PM will conclude the afternoon.

Check out how well MIP did at the 2006 Research Day in the Febuary Newsletter.

The facilities at foothills are really starting to take shape and the scenery has definitely changed!...

Thanks for the photos Jerry!

Mary Ann Degroote,
Faculty, Mycobacteriology
Hend Ibrahim,
Research Scientist in Wilusz Lab

Colorado Combined Campaign donation packets were recently distributed to everyone in MIP. Please take a moment to review this important program and consider contributing.

"Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence. "

~Erma Bombeck

New Grants
Barry Beaty and Carol Blair, "Fellowship Training Program in Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases" Centers for Disease Control.
Patrick Brennan, "Leprosy Bacillus: From Genotype to Phenotype to Tools", NIAID.

This year CSU Cans Around the Oval collected 139,972 pounds of food! Thanks to everyone in MIP who contributed to this cause. Seems like there is something funny we could say here pointing out the major difference between the donations (I know John Wydallis is to thank for the "4 pounds from Pathology").


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