Volume 3, Issue 1
January 2006

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In a move that makes a lot more sense to most of us than cross country skiing with a 5.6 mm small bore rifle on your back, five 'moguls' of our Teaching/Service Mission, Susan Deines, Erica Suchman, Pat Schultheis, Terry Spraker and RoxAnn Karkhoff-Schweizer, have been switched to tenure-track faculty positions in the Department. All five faculty members previously held special appointment faculty positions that were supported by state funds. These appointments confirm the strong commitment that the department and college have for our service and teaching missions, as well as reward five extremely deserving, hard working individuals. Congratulations to all and a big thanks to the CVMBS Dean's Office for working with us to make this happen.

Go U.S.A. in Turin!

Fumihiko Sagawa was recognized as the Outstanding Graduating Senior at the December 2005 Commencement Ceremony. MIP faculty nominate students for this award based on academic excellence and/or service to the department or the community.

Fumi, who is from Japan, came to study in the United States right out of high-school. He earned his microbiology degree in just three and one half years, and graduated magna cum laude. In addition to being a full-time student, Fumi also worked in the Belisle laboratory and was an active member of the Japanese and Taiwanese Student Associations. Don't get on his bad side (if he has one) - He also holds a black belt in judo! Fumi hopes to continue his education in graduate school and pursue a career in research.

Congratulations Fumi!

Click here to read this story in Japanese.

Dr. Ted Kramer, Emeritus Professor from Iowa State, has accepted a Special Appointment Professor position with MIP effective February 1, 2006. Dr. Kramer's research focus is on developing new Salmonella vaccines and his experience in vaccinology will surely be an asset to the department.

Mary Sanders worked at the Instituto Dermatologico y Cirugia de Piel (Institute of Dermatology and Skin Surgery; IDCP) in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic (DR), with clinicians and laboratory personnel specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of leprosy. More > >

Mary in the Mycobacteria lab at IDCP with Lic. Margarita Rosaldo de Quinones, Director of the laboratory and Mary's generous host and teacher.

Mary playing the universally understood "up high - down low" game with some children at Batey Algodon, a community of economically displaced individuals that she visited with representatives from the Foundation for Peace in May 2005


Claudia Schneekloth recently spent six weeks in Antananarivo, Madagascar working with plague patients for a clinical-trial project with the CDC. More > >

Claudia playing with the village children.

Claudia with her new friend the Brown Lemur.

Where is Claudia?


Thanks to Mary and Claudia for sharing their interesting stories and photographs!

The soon-to-be-realized rapid growth of our Foothills BSL3 facilities and research into Select Agents has put a strain on the existing resources allocated by CSU to Biosafety. We are very pleased to report that added people-power to assist in the biosafety enterprise is on the way. Plans to hire a Regulatory Compliance Coordinator, a Database Administrator and an increase in the effort of both Bob Ellis and Claudia Gentry-Weeks as Biosafety Officers are underway. Thanks to the VPRIT and EHS Offices for their efforts in this key 'Biosafety Initiative'.

Check out the Latest D-Lab Publication

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MIP Publications Late December 2005/early January 2006

All Aboard the
Promega Express!

(Freezer Program, that is)

You can now pick up select Promega Enzymes and Kits from the Promega Express freezer in the box room in Microbiology (B119). All you need to do is register for a passkey that allows you access ( .

The freezer is connected directly to the Internet so it can automatically detect when products are removed and charge your account. The inventory of the freezer can be customized - so if there's something you need regularly that is not on our current list - we can get it in the freezer. Perhaps most importantly, there are NO shipping charges, NO annoying 15% mark up, and items are available 24/7. If that's not enough incentive for you, Taq polymerase is available at a 42.5% discount off the list price!!!

Click Here for a copy of the Promega Freezer Inventory / Map.

Keys for the box room are available at the Micro front desk. There is a similar freezer installed in the Tobet lab in Biology that will work with the same passkey.

For additional information, contact the on-site administrator Lesley Jones , or your Fisher representative Bryon Robke, or Promega Representative Norma Palma .

One other little tidbit that might interest you: Click Here to find out how to qualify for a drawing to win an iPod nano!

The College Research Council (CRC) 2006 Call for Proposals information is now available on the web at:

At this website, you will find the Call for Proposals information letter, as well as the CRC Face Sheet and signature page.

Proposal deadline is 5:00pm on Monday, March 27, 2006.

CSU Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni joined the MIP Department in the Glover Gallery on Thursday, December 15, to wish Jim DeMartini well in his retirement and thank him for his 31 years of service.
Photo Gallery

Groundwork grading of the RBL project.
The remnants of the 100+ dog kennels at the Foothills site were removed and crushed (the big gray pile between the dump trucks and construction cranes towards the top of the photo). This material will be used for construction of the parking lot and a road around the RBL complex for maintenance and security patrols.

Interior of SARA

Interior Ductwork, SARA

Rooftop Ductwork, SARA

Sara Entry

Discovery Suite Rooftop

Many thanks to Jerry Tews for the pictures and details!

Clinical Parasitologist candidate interviews;

  • Andrea Varela-Stokes, Jan 23 & 24
  • Lora Ballweber, Jan 26 & 27

Jared Bodecker, RA in Carlson Lab
Ann Hunt, RA in Blair Lab
Bruce Pulford, RA in Zabel Lab
Katrina Quinn, RA in Schweizer Lab

MIP has three graduate students beginning their Masters and PhD programs this Spring; Charmaine Mathiason, Christina Kampa, and Arielle Pechette

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Susan Rogers, Jan 15
  • Keri Sellmer, Jan 15
  • Caryl Beaty, Jan 16
  • Alan Schenkel, Jan 19
  • Julie Terwee, Jan 19
  • Brian Geiss, Jan 20
  • Janice Gonzalez, Jan 20
  • Preston Hill, Jan 20
  • Anne Avery, Jan 23
  • Esta Saffer, Jan 24
  • Kelsey Schmidt, Jan 24
  • Heather Sparks, Jan 24
  • Shayna Warner, Jan 24
  • Sherry Colton, Jan 25
  • Donald Hoff, Jan 25
  • Lisa Clements, Jan 27
  • Nancy DuTeau, Jan 27
  • Bridgette Greene, Jan 28
  • Kyoung Choi, Jan 30
  • Carol Blair, Jan 31
  • Scott Bernhardt, Feb 2
  • Dean Crick, Feb 3
  • Micah Mohler, Feb 7
  • Tricia Solomon, Feb 7
  • Lorene Martinez, Feb 8
  • Barb Powers, Feb 10
  • Katherine Engelsma, Feb 11
  • Colleen Duncan, Feb 12
  • Karen Martinez de Moraes, Feb 14

" The groundhog is like most other prophets; it delivers its prediction and then disappears" ~Bill Vaughn

Click here for the questions to MIPuzzle #6.
Click here for Answers to MIPuzzle #6

MIPuzzle #6

Vote which caption it best for this photo, or submit your own!
  1. "Grrr....Did you finish your FAS yet?...Grrr"
  2. "How can you run a Regional Center of Excellence in zoonotic diseases and not work in monkeypox? This rash is killing me!"
  3. "We need a new large animal BSL3 facility--quick!"
  4. "The new spokesman for the Drunken Monkey Cantina on College Avenue checks out the menu"

Additional Captions We received and just had to share...
  • "I knew him before those pesky, routine seizures!" ~Submitted by an old friend from grad school.
  • "John Spencer proves he's no 'Rockette' Scientist" ~MIP Prof.
  • "When in Bangkok, do what Bangkokers Do!" ~MIP Staff Member
  • "Jet Li Spencer takes on Crouching Tiger" ~Prof at UCSF.
  • "Who let the Dog's Out!" ~MIP Staff Member

Keep 'em coming! Submit your caption.

And you thought your office was busy...

On Thursday, January 5 the Dlab Office received a one day record of 156 packages from Fed Ex. Perhaps not totally a coincidence, shares of FedEx closed at a five year high of ~$105 that day as well...

New Grant Awards

Barry Beaty; "Innovative Vector Control Consortium", subcontract with The Univ of Liverpool.
Patrick Brennan; "IDEAL - Initiative for Diagnostic and Epidemiological Assays for Leprosy", subcontract with the University of London.
Charles Calisher, "Production of Isolates of Dengue Viruses and Hantaviruses for BEI Resources", American Type Culture Collection.


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