Volume 2, Issue 9
September 2005

On Friday morning, August 26, the projector mounted in the ceiling of Pathology 103 was discovered missing. The last time someone from the Department had used the room was on Wednesday, August 24 at 5:00pm, so the projector was stolen sometime between Wednesday night and Friday morning. In order to steal the projector, either a very tall, tool-wielding thief (or someone smart enough to stand on a chair) took the time to unscrew the projector's 6 mounting bolts. CSU police are currently investigating the crime.

Since the projector is located in the Department's primary seminar room, Departmental seminars, meetings, classes, and defenses have been adversely affected. The Department is currently reviewing replacement projectors and plans to have one installed by the end of October. Let's take this opportunity to remind ourselves how we can help prevent this type of activity in the future: Remember to keep rooms/labs locked, keep personal belongings secure, and report ALL suspicious persons and/or activities.

Ever type 'bioinformatics' in the search engine on the CSU home page and been frustrated by the paucity of useful hits? Well all that is about to change. A $1 million AEP award has been made by the university to establish three faculty lines and begin to develop a center for bioinformatics here at CSU. The goal of these funds is to provide a bioinformatics consulting service, enhance interdisciplinary efforts, provide needed hardware and software, enhance undergraduate and graduate education in bioinformatics, and establish a mechanism for sustainable management and funding of bioinformatics resources. The original proposal was developed by representatives from three colleges (CVMBS, CNS and CAS) and spearheaded by Tom Holtzer. Drs. Tom Holtzer (chair), Richard Davis, Edward Redente, and Jeff Wilusz have been selected to serve on the Bioinformatics Executive Committee. The search to fill the three lines should commence shortly.

Good Luck Residents!

The Annual American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) certification exam was given September 14 & 15 in Ames, Iowa. Best of luck to this years participating MIP residents:

  • Jon Arzt
  • Michelle Dennis
  • Keith Nelson

TB BacteriumHow Sweet it is...

In the August edition of Science magazine, the Mycobacterial Research Laboratories revealed how the bacteria that cause tuberculosis are able to add sugars to proteins. The biochemical activity, called protein glycosylation, is linked to important biological functions including how bacteria launch diseases in living organisms. The research, conducted by Drs. John Belisle, Brian VanderVen, Jeffery Harder and Dean Crick, showed that tuberculosis-causing bacteria add sugar to proteins using enzymes similar to those found in man and that this process occurs as the proteins are being exported to the outside of a bacterial cell. More > >


MIP Publications Late August/Early September 2005

Date: September 27
Time: 8:30am to 1:00pm
Place: Hilton - Fort Collins
Agenda: FY '06 Dept Budget and Drafting of the Dept Strategic Plan.

Mark your calendars and dust off your dancin' shoes!

The 2005 MIP Holiday Party has been scheduled for Friday, December 2nd at the Hilton-Fort Collins.

• The Clinical Parasitologist position is currently being advertised with a closing date of October 31.

• The Prion Pathobiologist search committee is currently reviewing applications.

The 2005 MIP Picnic was held on August 19 in the grassy area between the Anatomy/Zoology Building and the Painter Center. MIP'ers and their families enjoyed great BBQ and cold drinks while socializing with their coworkers. Children had their faces painted and romped in the inflatable space ship while adults donned elaborate balloon hats. Check out the Picnic Photo Gallery. A special thanks to Marisabel Salazar-Sanchez and Marcia Boggs for sharing their pictures!

Rocky Mountain Microbiology Club Meeting
October 7-9, 2005
Pinegree Park Campus

This will be the first combined meeting of the Rocky Mountain Virology Club and the Rocky Mountain Branch of the ASM. It will be an excellent opportunity for faculty, students, postdocs, and other microbiologists to interact with their local colleagues and discuss their work in a relaxed atmosphere in a spectacular mountain setting.

Register at the Web site
Or register by mail or FAX using the registration form.

8/15/05 Beginning ground work on the Discovery Suite and SARA construction sites...
9/9/05 Pouring the pan deck on the Discovery project. SARA outer walls, and most of the inner walls, complete. The attic mechanical space will begin shortly...
Thanks to Jerry Tews for the photos!
Do you know who your Reps are?

MIP has faculty representatives serving on the following College and University Committees:

Biomedical Curriculum Committee
• Julia Inamine
• Sandra Quackenbush
Commencement Committee
• Ralph Smith
Research Council
• Brian Foy
• Doreene Hyatt
Scholarship and Award Committee
• Susan Deines
• Gary Mason
Scholastic Standards Committee
• Gerald Callahan
• Karamjeet Pandher
Veterinary Admissions Committee
• Patricia Schultheiss
• EJ Ehrhart
Veterinary Curriculum Committee
• Paul Avery
• Christine Olver
• Duane Lassen
Conflict of Commitment/Conflict of Interest Review Committee
• Jon Carlson
• Randall Basaraba
Foothills Research Advisory Committee
• Ken Olson
DVM/PhD Committee
• Anne Avery
• Jeffrey Wilusz
CVMBS Biosecurity Committee
• Robert Ellis
• Claudia Gentry-Weeks
• Doreene Hyatt
• Gary Mason
• Hana Van Campen

Some of the new students starting this fall...
Marcia Hart graduated from Kansas State University with an MS in Immunology. At KSU Marcia determined the protective role of a TLR4 positive macrophage cell line, adoptively transferred to a TLR4 deficient mouse strain. She was then given the opportunity to work at the National Animal Disease Center in Ames, Iowa, to develop new diagnostic tests to detect the presence of the Johne's disease causing agent M. paratuberculosis in cattle and sheep. More > >
Emily Kampf graduated in May from Mesa State College with a B.S. in Biology. At Mesa State she performed research under the tutelage of Dr. Tony Schountz on the Sin Nombre virus. She also had the opportunity to aid Dr. Charlie Calisher on his trapping adventures. Emily is a former professional ballet and modern dancer who toured nationally. She is beginning her pursuit for a PhD as a GTA this Fall.
Amy Ullman is a Colorado native whose unwillingness to move outside of Colorado is apparent. She graduated from CSU in 1996 with a BS in Microbiology and later graduated from CSU in 2000 with a MS in Microbiology under the tutelage of Dr. Bill Black. After graduation she accepted a permanent position with the Lyme disease research group at Centers for Disease Control in Fort Collins, under the supervision of Nord Zeidner.
More > >
Carolina Vergel was born and raised in a small rural town on the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, where she was surrounded by wildlife and open fields. She began her undergraduate studies in microbiology at the Los Andes University in Bogota, where she continued to feed her curiosity for animal life. There, she became involved in various projects studying the molecular biology of Chagas Disease.
More > >

  • Kathy Benedict
  • Abby Gregg
  • Ashley Linton
  • Jack Muth

Jamie Bush, Anatomic Pathology
Colleen Duncan, Anatomic Pathology

Jennifer Mahaffey, RA in Belisle Lab
Robin Morris, RA in Titus Lab

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Susan Deines, Sept 17
  • Langston Hull, Sept 19
  • Christopher Cirimotich, Sept 20
  • Christine Olver, Sept 20
  • Claudia Gentry-Weeks, Sept 21
  • Eric Mossel, Sept 22
  • Diane Ordway-Pereira, Sept 24
  • Bethany Bolling, Sept 25
  • Emily Kampf, Sept 25
  • Elena Oserow, Sept 25
  • Leonard Pearson, Sept 29
  • Mary Hile, Oct 2
  • Robert Norrdin, Oct 2
  • Christine Johnson, Oct 4
  • Lynnette Munroe, Oct 4
  • Erik Powers, Oct 4
  • Karen Dobos-Elder, Oct 8
  • Guy Patrick McKee, Oct 10
  • Rakesh Kumar Dhiman, Oct 13

Quote of the Month:

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka! (I found it!) but rather, "hmm.... that's funny...."

~ Isaac Asimov

This picture is of the Pathology Hallway Directory. For several months, we've posted the name of a fictitious Faculty Member in Room 412 of the three story building. Aren’t scientists supposed to be naturally observant?
Click Here for closer picture.

If you enjoyed the first MIP Crossword Puzzle, take a look at the second!
Click here for MIPuzzle #2.

MIPuzzle #1 Answers

New Grant Awards

Chris Bosio, "Population Genetics and Vector Competence for Dengue-2 Virus of Aedes aegypti in Senegal."; WHO.
Nancy DuTeau, "Biology of Disease Vectors 2006 Course"; WHO.
Christine Olver, "Idiosyncratic Iron Deficiency in Golden Retriever Patients"; American Kennel Club.


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