Volume 2, Issue 8
August 2005

After more than 42 years of service to CSU, Dr. John M. Cheney has announced his retirement.

While Dr. Cheney is probably best known to many in MIP for his extensive teaching of veterinary, graduate and undergraduate students, he was also deeply involved in research and service in Parasitology. His career at CSU has had many highlights, only a few of which we'll mention here. From 1967 to 1972, Dr. Cheney represented the University as Colorado Chief of Party in Kenya. In this post, he was instrumental in the development a DVM degree program, numerous improvements in the livestock sector in Senegal, and the development of the Central Livestock Company to improve local food sources. Upon returning to CSU in '72, Dr. Cheney assumed his current position as head of the Parasitology Section in the Diagnostic Laboratory. He's served as President of several important organizations - including the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association, Colorado Cattlemen's Association, Larimer County Stockgrowers Association and the Larimer County Fair Board. In 1988, he was voted Colorado Veterinarian of the Year and was elected to the CVMBS Contemporary Distinguished Faculty. 'Wow' is probably the best way to summarize his professional accomplishments. John, your experience, hard work and contacts with the Colorado and National Cattlemen's association have been invaluable assets to CSU. You will be missed. Good luck in your retirement!

Our very own 'Tax' Man

Charlie Calisher was elected as a Life Member of the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) at last month's meeting of the International Congress of Virology in San Francisco. Charlie joins an elite group of 11 virologists around the world who hold this distinction. Congratulations Charlie!
Please contact your local cable operator and ask them to add ICTV to their channel line up.

.and he listened! We are pleased to announce that Dr. Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann has accepted our open ID Pathologist position created as part of the Infectious Disease Initiative and will join us as an Assistant Professor on November 1st. Helle did her DVM and PhD training in Denmark and has a strong interest in a variety of animal models of human disease.

Brian VanderVen defended his PhD thesis entitled, "Export Medicated Assembly of Mycobacterial Glycoproteins Parallels Eukaryotic Pathways" on August 3. Brian is now working as a postdoc in David Russel's Laboratory at Cornell ....studying what else - Mycobacteria tuberculosis! .

USDA Training Grant Awarded
The MIP Department has been awarded a $138,000 grant to create an Animal Infectious Disease PhD Training Program from the USDA/CSREES. This award will support the training of two predoctoral students for three years. Congratulations to the many department staff and faculty who contributed to this successful effort.

We're continuing our efforts to turn poor excuses of scientific labs into profilin' works of customized discovery palaces. Check out the photos of our latest efforts on the Belisle hood in Rooms B204 and 205.

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MIP Publications Late July/Early August 2005

August 19, 4-8pm
A/Z Lawn Area

Bring your family and enjoy cold drinks, beer, and hamburgers/hotdogs grilled by our very own Department Head! A face painter, balloon artist and inflatable space ship will also be there to add to the fun!
Picnic Flyer

Rocky Mountain Microbiology Club Meeting
October 7-9, 2005
Pinegree Park Campus

This will be the first combined meeting of the Rocky Mountain Virology Club and the Rocky Mountain Branch of the ASM. It will be an excellent opportunity for faculty, students, postdocs, and other microbiologists to interact with their local colleagues and discuss their work in a relaxed atmosphere in a spectacular mountain setting.

Register at the Web site (available Aug. 22)
Or register by mail or FAX using the registration form.

A group is in the process of training for the Odell's Easy Street Wheat Half Marathon which will take place on September 18 in Fort Collins. The MIP participants are:
  • Steve Aspen
  • Barb Biller
  • Carol Blair
  • Patrick Brennan
  • Jamie Bush
  • EJ Ehrhart
  • Kim Keene
  • Tracy Lehman-Hackett
  • Karamjeet Pandher
  • Janae Raetz
  • Davis Seelig
  • D. Sollie
  • Svetlana Zakharova
  • Sue VandeWoude
  • Shayna Warner
  • Matt Williams
  • Jeffrey Wilusz
  • Karen Zaks

Comments on the University and CVMBS strategic plan are being solicited through November 1st. Don't forget to provide your valuable input on these documents. Links to CSU and CVMBS plans.

Some of the new students starting this fall...
Steve Erb graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Molecular Biology in 2003. He was then awarded an Emerging Infectious Disease Training Fellowship and worked in the Influenza Branch at the CDC in Atlanta for a year.
More > >
Preston Hill Preston graduated from CSU in 1995 with a degree in Microbiology. In 1997 he was hired by Dr. John Belisle to work as a member of the Tuberculosis Research Materials and Vaccine Testing contract.
More > >
Angela Morrison earned a dual degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and in Anthropology-Zoology from the University of Michigan in 2000. Since then she has worked in diverse environments on a broad range of topics utilizing distinct skill sets.
More > >
Becky Rivoire will pursue a Ph.D. program in Microbiology after working in academia and industry for 24 years. Surprisingly, she says that the timing is perfect! She graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. degree in Animal Science and a minor in Biochemistry in 1981 and was married in 1982.
More > >
Kevin Sokoloski is a Colorado native and graduated in 2005 with a BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University. He first developed an interest in RNA stability from working in the Wilusz Lab while an undergraduate and has decided to continue his education in the field.
More > >
Erik Arthun graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota with a B.A. in Biology Education in 2004. The summer following graduation, he earned a research fellowship with the Plant Sciences Department at North Dakota State University in Fargo and worked with Dr. Asunta Thompson as part of the Potato Breeding and Genetics Program.
More > >
Kathleen Brostrom is a MS graduate from the Universities of North Carolina in Chemistry (1989) and University of Hawaii in Microbiology (2005). She lived over 8 years in the Asia-Pacific region and spent most of her time as a Science Instructor at Northern Marianas College in Saipan.
More > >
...more student info to follow next month!

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Patricia Schultheiss, Aug 1
  • Ian Sutherland, Aug 2
  • Marisabel Harton, Aug 3
  • Anita Amin, Aug 5
  • Alexander Franz, Aug 5
  • Hairong Huang, Aug 5
  • Jenny Harding, Aug 6
  • Nicole Nemeth, Aug 6
  • Dirk Sollie, Aug 7
  • Jen Troyer, Aug 7
  • Ian Orme, Aug 9
  • Marjorie Williams, Aug 10
  • Jamie Nordin-Bustillos, Aug 12
  • Baolin Wang, Aug 12
  • Svetlana Zakharova, Aug 12
  • Shiva Angala, Aug 13
  • Connie Brewster, Aug 13
  • Richard Jewell, Aug 14
  • MIP News 1-year-old, Aug 15
  • Robert Jones, Aug 17
  • Erin Robinson, Aug 18
  • Premkumar Dinadayala, Aug 19
  • Nicholas Haley, Aug 19
  • Jonathan Carlson, Aug 20
  • Karen Krautscheid, Aug 20
  • John Cheney, Aug 22
  • Hyung Eoh, Aug 22
  • Doug Brackney, Aug 23
  • Andres Obregon, Aug 25
  • Manal Moustafa, Aug 26
  • Kevin Sokoloski, Aug 27
  • Kenneth Schnorr, Aug 28
  • Miyako Kimura, Aug 29
  • Robert Christensen, Aug 30
  • Roxann Karkhoff-Schweizer, Aug 30
  • Rose Lopez, Aug 30
  • Sara Reese, Aug 30
  • Sarah Belisle, Aug 31
  • Alex Basaraba, Sept 1
  • Carolina Lopez, Sept 1
  • Shilo Wilkinson, Sept 1
  • Sarah Akkina, Sept 2
  • Kristy Pabilonia, Sept 2
  • Linda Jones, Sept 4
  • Charmaine Matheson, Sept 4
  • Brad Blitvich, Sept 5
  • Gary Mason, Sept 6
  • Santiago Mejia, Sept 7
  • Kenneth Olson, Sept 8
  • Ronald Thompson, Sept 8
  • Beverly Williams, Sept 8
  • Maria Lorono-Pino, Sept 9
  • Toni Nagy, Sept 9
  • James Linden, Sept 12
  • Kim White, Sept 13
  • Ashley Linton, Sept 14

Quote of the Month:

"The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that is the way to bet"

~ Damon Runyon

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  1. "Head for the hills - Pancho Vian is in town!"
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  4. Speedy Gonzalez' lesser known brother

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New Grant Awards

Patrick Brennan, "Identification of Desaturase Targets"; HHS-NIH-NIAID-Allergy & Infect Diseases.
Eugene Ehrhart, "Hill's Canine Mammary Tumor Marker Study"; Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc.
Herbert Schweizer, "Non-antibiotic Resistance Markers for Select Agent Bacteria"; HHS-NIH-NIAID-Allergy & Infect Diseases.
Jeffrey Wilusz, "Animal Infectious Disease Training Program"; USDA-CSREES-Coop State Rsrch Edu & Ext.


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