Volume 2, Issue 7
July 2005

If you're currently in MIP, please stop reading this article and give yourself a pat on the back. The total amount of 5-3 Awards (aka actual research grant dollars) received by MIP researchers in FY '05 (July 1, 2004 to June 30, 2005) was a whopping $38,667,284.00!!!! This represents an ~1.9 fold increase over our FY '04 total of $20.3 million. The total amount of overall active 5-3 Projects (185 in total), which represents the total amount of dollars generated in overall active research projects, is currently $100,612,166.90!!!! Ah what the heck, give yourself another pat. Congratulations to all!

Don't Forget the Popcorn!
In order to improve our teaching facilities for the Biology of Disease series of PVM courses, postmortem investigation senior practicum and graduate courses in surgical and ophthalmic pathology, funds were obtained through the CVMBS Capital Equipment Program by a proposal spearheaded by Dan Gould to upgrade the F100 VTH Necropsy Laboratory Conference Room into a 'Smart Classroom'. Improvements will include a flat screen TV, data projector/control panel, digital camcorder, video player, computers for video editing and software support. $26,099 was awarded for this project.
In addition, Pat Schultheiss wrote a successfully funded proposal for a dual-head microscope for Path 112 to assist with PVM teaching. This $4,584 purchase will insure that all students have an assigned microscope.

Definitely up to the Challenge.
A consortium of 9 universities and 1 biotech company headed by Tony James (UC Irvine) recently was awarded a $19.7 million Gates Grand Challenge 7 grant entitled "Genetic strategies for control of dengue virus transmission". MIP researchers Bill Black, Jon Carlson and Ken Olson will receive ~$5,000,000 over a 5 year span for their subprojects.

The RBL Supplement has been awarded!
What do you do when $16,624,325 isn't enough? Ask for more of course! We are pleased to announce that a Federal Supplement of $4,331,000 has been awarded to assist in the completion of the RBL facility.

Dr. Andrea Bohn has accepted our open Clinical Pathology position and will join us as an Assistant Professor on January 1, 2006. Andrea did her residency, PhD and postdoctoral training at CSU. Her research interests currently lie in the areas of toxicology and cancer.

IDI Hire #5 is in the bag!

Dr. Tian Wang has accepted our open Arbovirologist position created as part of the Infectious Disease Initiative and will join us as an Assistant Professor on October 1st. Tian did her PhD training in cellular immunology at UTMB at Galveston and postdoctoral studies in immune reactions to invading pathogens at Yale.

Ashley Linton received one of four student travel awards this year which provided funds for her to attend the 36th Annual International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine Conference and Workshop May 14-19 in Seward, Alaska. At the conference Ashley was awarded 1st place for Best Student Presentation in the Undergraduate, Veterinary, Graduate Student category. Great Job --and Congratulations on your acceptance into the DVM/PhD Program!

Aimee Janusz, defended her Master's thesis entitled, "Studies on the repressors of the fabAB operon of Pseudomonas aeruginosa" on Thursday, May 12.
Mateusz Opyrchal, an MD/PhD student in the Wilusz Lab, defended his thesis entitled, "The 3'UTR of Sindbis virus contains multiple RNA stability elements that inhibit deadenylation in C6/36 mosquito cells " on June 15 at the New Jersey Medical School.
Jason Richardson defended his PhD dissertation entitled, "Quantitative, Time Course Analyses of Dengue-2 Virus Replication and Dissemination in Aedes aegypti" on Monday, July 11.

Renovations to Room 308 of the Pathology Facility to create ten new desk spaces for students and postdoctoral fellows was completed in early July. This project will help address the office space crunch in the facility.

MIP Publications Late June/Early July 2005

The 2nd Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Course, organized by Bob Ellis and colleagues, was held July 8-15 at the Hilton Fort Collins. Seven of the 13 instructors were from CSU. Attendees were from the USA and several other countries including Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica and Taiwan, and represented government, industry and universities. The 3rd Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Course will be held July 7-14, at the Hilton.
Group Photos

College Research Council Awards Announced
14 MIP Investigators received awards this year for their research proposals;
  • Robert Norrdin, "Colorado Racehourse Postmortem Evaluation Project"
  • Christine Olver, "Erythrocyte Age and Malaria Susceptibility: of Mice and Men"
  • Sue VandeWoude, "A Primate Model to Evaluate Host MHCII Contribution to HIV Pathogenicity (Yr 2)"
  • Anne Avery, "Recognition of Malaria Parasites by Toll Like Receptors"
  • Joel Rovnak, "Walleye Dermal Sarcoma Virus Retroviral Cyclin Proteomics"
  • Roxann Karkhoff-Schweizer, "Evaluation of Counter-selection Markers for Burkholderia bacteria"
  • Alan Schenkel, "Role of PECAM in Leukocyte Population Trafficking and Homeostasis"
  • Julie Inamine, "Gene Expression Profiling of Macrophages in Response to Mycobacterium paratuberculosis"
  • Patricia Schultheiss, "Influence of Iron Levels on Inflammation in Liver"
  • Catherine Bosio, "Role of C-type Lectins in Phagocytosis of Francisella tularaensis"
  • Patrick Brennan, "New Anti-Tuberculosis Agents Among Pyridazino [4,3-b] Indoles and 2-Aryl-3-Cyano-4-Quinolones"
  • Claudia Gentry-Weeks, "Iron Acquisition and Gene Regulation by Francisella tularensis"
  • James DeMartini, "Does Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 of Domestic Pigs, Cattle and Sheep Serve as a Receptor for Human SARS Coronavirus Infection"
  • Ian Orme, "A New Designer Vaccine for Tuberculosis"

Upcoming Faculty Candidate Interviews;

Molecular Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • Dr. Kee Jun Kim, August 4 & 5
  • Dr. Jeff Leid, August 8 & 9
  • Dr. Micah Worley, August 11 & 12

Movin' Out

The CETT Building was vacated in early July to allow for renovations to start to convert the facility into a modern ID research laboratory and adminstration suite. Many thanks to the ERHS toxicology faculty, students and staff for their efforts. Demolition and reconstruction will include renovation of 2-3 labs, installation of CAT-6 wiring, renovation of an administration office suite, autoclave/dishwasher installations, and several improvements required by current building codes. We are hoping for an early Fall completion of this phase. Full renovations to the building will be completed in Phase II which is anticipated to commence next summer.

In an ongoing effort to use resources wisely at the University, Facilities Managment worked with Steris to install water saving kits on autoclave units across campus. Nine autoclaves in the Microbiology building were retrofitted with these kits. The kits monitor the temperature of the discharge from the autoclaves and only inject cooling water when it is needed, they do not affect the operation of the autoclave. As a result, the Microbiology building water use has been cut in half! Before the retrofits, average water use was approx 600,000 gallons/month. After the retrofit, average water use has dropped to almost 300,000 gallons/month.

Fiscal Year-end "Thanks!"
Don't be alarmed. That slightly off key rendition of Auld Lang Syne you may have heard last month was merely the MIP Office Staff celebrating the end of Fiscal Year 2005 on June 30. MIP Staff put in many long hours over the last couple of weeks closing the books on FY '05 and getting them ready to be opened for FY'06. A very big Thank You to all for a job well done!

July Birthdays

  • Suresh Bhamidi, July 2
  • Deryl Keney, July 2
  • Kevin O'Halloran, July 3
  • Karen Marietta, July 4
  • Mary Anna Thrall, July 4
  • Lisa McCann, July 5
  • Libin Shi, July 6
  • Erin Smith, July 6
  • Candelaria Daniels, July 7
  • Lars Eisen, July 9
  • Janae Raetz, July 9
  • Christopher Gorham, July 10
  • Rungtip Chuanchuen, July 11
  • Cynthia Meredith, July 12
  • Charles Calisher, July 14
  • Doreene Hyatt, July 15
  • Glade Weiser, July 16
  • Mayur Tamhane, July 19
  • Brian VanderVen, July 19
  • Michael McNeil, July 22
  • Lisa Woolhiser, July 23
  • Michelle Dennis, July 24
  • Daniel Gould, July 25
  • Allison Fredenburg, July 26
  • Jeanette Fritzler, July 27
  • Michael Salasek, July 28

Congratulations John Cheney on your recent marriage!

MS/PhD Program

Some of these students are already on campus and the rest will be here the week of August 15 for orientation activities. We are planning an open house to introduce the new students on Monday, August 15, probably around 4:00 in the afternoon. Watch for more information!
Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Erik Arthun
  • Kathleen Brostrom
  • Steven Erb
  • Marcia Hart
  • Emily Kampf
  • Kelsey Schmidt
  • Lily Trunck
Graduate Research Assistants
  • Preston Hill
  • Angela Morrison
  • Becky Rivoire
  • Kevin Sokoloski
  • Jesse Thompson
  • Amy Ullman
  • Carolina Vergel

Michio Kurosu
Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry
Lorene Martinez
RA in Vissa and Jones Labs
Kristy Pabilonia
Assistant Professor, D-Lab Avian Influenza Specialist
Mike Salasek
RA in Black Lab
Brandon Sonn
RA in Izzo Lab
Mark Zabel
Assistant Professor, Prion Molecular Biology

Quote of the Month:

"Today we hold this truth to be self-evident: We are all in this together"

~ Will Smith
Live 8 Concert

Vote which caption you think is best with this photo!
  1. "Gee - this is almost as much fun as riding my graduate students!"
  2. "What the hell do you mean, 'You don't. You get down from a duck'"?
  3. Barry debuts the new shuttle service between the Foothills and Main Campuses
  4. $2.30 a gallon - heck this new SUV runs on peanuts!

In The News...
Apparently unwilling to divulge their true department affiliations, Drs. Suchman and Calisher were recently quoted in the news.
Suchman Quote
Calisher Quote

Beat the Heat!

Folks from Brennan, Crick, McNeil, and Chatterjee labs, along with a few family members and friends, recently took a rafting trip down the Poudre River. View the all the Photos!

Check out the new book that's hitting stores today!

New Grant Awards

Ramesh Akkina, "Dengue Pathogenesis & Immune Enhancement in SCID-hu Mouse"; International Vaccine Institute.
William Black, "Population Genomics of the Mosquito Anopheles gambiae in Africa"; University of California at Davis.
Patrick Brennan, "M. Tuberculosis Cell Wall BioGenesis: New Drugs"; TB-HIV; HHS-DRR-Fogarty International Center.
Patrick Brennan, "Research in Leprosy and Tuberculosis of the new York Community Trust"; The New York Community Trust.
Barbara Powers, "NAHLN: CO Animal Diagnostic Laboratory"; USDA-CSREES-Coop State Research Edu & Ext.
Terry Spraker, "PrP-CWD Profiles in White Tailed Deer and Elk with Naturally Occuring Chronic Wasting Disease"; USDA-ARS-Agricultural Research Service.
Jeffrey Wilusz, "Mechanism of Regulation of mRNA Stability"; HHS-NIH-Nat Inst of General Medical Sci.

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