Volume 2, Issue 6
June 2005

"Cha-Ching!" - NIH has awarded 40 Million to CSU to establish a Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases research and training. Check out the CSU Online News Story. Here are some additional details...

Numerous major news outlets carried the Associated Press story which focused specifically on CSU and how the grant recognizes the University as having world-class expertise in infectious disease and biosecurity research. View the list of Major News Outlets.

The Award brings with it several new Job Opportunities.

Congratulations and Thank You to the Folks Who Made the RCE Happen!

RCE Project Awards.

On May 13, Nancy DuTeau received recognition from the University Honors Program at this year's Honors Luncheon. She received the Jack and June Richardson Scholar Honors Thesis Mentor Award.

Julie Inamine was nominated for the 2005 Outstanding Honors Academic Advisor Award. The award is a student-nominated, student-selected award given to an academic advisor who demonstrates excellent advising and a commitment to mentoring students in ways that have made a significant impact on their lives. Julie was among 10 CSU faculty nominated.

Doreene Hyatt received an International Professorship Award from the Amercian Society for Microbiology.

Monday, June 6, the Larmier County Courthouse office building was shut down for several hours for fear a white powder found on the clothing of a Dept of Motor Vehicle employee was Anthrax. Initial field tests of the powder were inconclusive, however further tests done by the CSU VTH Diagnostic Laboratory definitively showed no anthrax spores were found. Read more about the situation.

MIP Publications Late May/Early June 2005

The 16th Annual Biology of Disease Vectors Course is being held at the Center for Vectors and Vector-Borne Diseases at Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, from June 12-25, 2005. Students and faculty from different countries around the world participate, including Carol Blair, Bill Black, Barry Beaty, Nancy DuTeau, and Kim Keene from MIP. The majority of the PhD students are from 3rd World countries. The course is sponsored by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR).

Faculty, Staff and Students from MIP, CVMBS, and CSU gathered in the Glover Gallery on Friday, June 10, to wish Steve well in his retirement and thank him for his 28 years of service.
Photo Gallery

Come on MRL...Get Over it!

On May 31, members of the MRL took part in a Ropes/Challenge Course at CSU. The experience was designed to build team skills by requiring participation from all attendants, as well as building leadership skills and allowing colleagues to participate in a challenging, off-site experience. Over 30 members of the MRL actively participated in the course, with many additional members present to cheer on their peers. The day was concluded with a potluck BBQ at Edora Park. Photo Gallery

The RCE Celebration Party was held on June 3 in Microbiology Room B120. Despite having to move the party inside because of thunderstorms, everyone who attended the party enjoyed the good food, drink, and time to socialize with coworkers. Check out the Party Pictures.

MIP took the Department lead again during the spring season with the most number of participants at 47!
    The top MIP finalists who succeeded in exercising more than 8,000 steps/minutes were:
  • Victoria Jones; 649,145 steps
  • Bob Ellis; 494,570 steps
  • Jennifer Troyer; 494,101 steps
  • Esta Saffer; 445,257 steps
  • Christine Olver; 442,346 steps
  • Lance U'Ren; 305,098 steps
  • Gary Mason; 208,219 steps
  • Debra Kamstock; 103,772 steps
  • James DeMartini; 8,105 minutes

  • Ayush Kumar, June 1
  • John Wydallis, June 1
  • Daniel Konet, June 4
  • Joseph Piper, June 6
  • Kim Keene, June 7
  • Thomas Keene, June 7
  • Richard Titus, June 8
  • Mary Sanders, June 9
  • Atisaya Vimuktanon, June 9
  • Michael Scherman, June 10
  • Heather Blair, June 11
  • Jennifer Mahaffey, June 11
  • Brian Foy, June 12
  • Paul Kaufmann, June 12
  • Katy Bosio, June 13
  • Hataichanok Scherman, June 13
  • Ramesh Akkina, June 15
  • Sriram Bandi, June 15
  • Mark Romero, June 19
  • Crystal Shanley, June 19
  • John Spencer, June 20
  • Rodman Tompkins, June 20
  • Keith Nelson, June 24
  • Matthew Williams, June 27
  • Bob Ellis, June 28
  • William Schroeder, June 28

Brooke Taylor
Admin Assistant,
Path Facility

Quote of the Month:

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing"

~ Andrew Carnegie

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  1. Jim Linden's lawyer didn't think he got a fair deal in this police line-up.
  2. Capping off another great academic year!
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New Grant Awards

Anne Avery, "Measurement of Acute Phase Reactants as a Diagnostic Tool in Shar-Pei Fever", Canine Health Foundation, Inc.
Sandra Quackenbush, "Regulation of Walleye Dermal Sarcoma Viral Gene Expression", American Cancer Society, Inc.
Richard Titus, "A Novel Recombinant Yeast Vaccine against Leishmania", MycoLogics
Richard Titus, "Anthropod Vector-based Vaccines for Leishmaniasis", HHS-NIH-NIAID-Allergy & Infect Diseases.
Jeffrey Wilusz, "Virus-Mosquito mRNA Stability", HHS-NIH-NIAID-Allergy & Infect Diseases.

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