Volume 2, Issue 11
November 2005

We're pleased to report that out of all the Departments at CSU, MIP is ranked #1 both in terms of number of mentors and number of our majors participating in the Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholars program. This is quite a remarkable accomplishment considering the relative small size of our program compared to others on campus. Congrats to all!
Faculty/Student Participant List

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded $50.7 million to the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC), led by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine for vector-borne disease research. MIP investigators Barry Beaty, Bill Black, Nancy Duteau and Brad Blitvich are partnering with Liverpool and other universities /companies in an exciting effort to develop a new generation of pesticides and mosquito control measures for control of vectors of dengue fever and malaria. More > >
Read the story on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundtion website.

Don Klein will be the Covener at the 106th General Meeting in Orlando, FL in a Symposium entitled, "Single-Cell/Organelle Genomics and Microbial Ecology". The goal of the session is to present recent progress and visions in understanding the roles of cohabiting individual organisms and phenotypic heterogeneity in microbial ecology.

Micro Building Addition being considered...

Last year, CSU students voted for an increase in fees to provide a pool of dollars for construction projects. High on the student's list of priorities is a study area located on the southern part of main campus. A likely place for this study area is an appendage on the northwest side of the Micro facility. This project still requires approval and the earliest construction could begin would be spring/summer '06. The design concept for the project is pictured above (and in the attached pdf). More details on the project are sure to follow - including what the heck the designer was thinking when he/she painted two well-dressed guys in suits in the Micro Facility!

Roll Over Picasso

While most MIPeople have trouble carving the Thanksgiving turkey, check out the beautiful Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus) that Randy Basaraba whittled for the CSU AVMA/IVSA Art Benefit that took place on November 4th to raise money for International Veterinary Education. Other MIP artists who donated works to the show include James Perry (photography), Paul Avery (handcrafted wood table), and Santiago Mejia (prebiotic painting). As of press time, MIPNews reporters have not been able to confirm the rumor that Randy Basaraba's next project will be a life size carving of Ian Orme to welcome visitors to the Micro Facility.

On November 12, the MIP newsletter registered it's milestone 10,000th hit! Please let us know whether or not you're lovin' it.

Joseph Anderson. completed his PhD Defense entitled, "Gene Therapy for HIV/AIDS: Harnessing RNA Interference and the Restriction Factor TRIM5alpha To Inhibit HV-1 Infection" Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Akkina. Joe plans to continue working with Dr. Akkina as a post doc.

Gail Berardino-Lang completed her PhD Defense entitled, "Pine Wood Shavings Contribute Non-Dentrifying Nitrate Reducers and Microeukaryotes to Permeable Barrier Microsms" Advisor: Dr. Nancy DuTeau.

Isabel Salazar-Sanchez will be giving her PhD Defense prior to the end of the semester. Advisor: Dr. Barry Beaty.

Janae Raetz will be giving her MS Defense on Dec 20. Advisor: Kenneth Olson.


Dennis Pierro Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Olson
HyungJin Eoh Advisor: Dr. Patrick Brennan
Ian Sutherland Advisor: Dr. Bill Black

In The News...

Amol Amin, President of the Indian Association of Northern Colorado, was recently quoted in The Rocky Mountain Collegian, in regards to India Night, an event showcasing Indian culture, dance and music. Read the Story

Jack Muth, a member of the first year DVM/PhD class, was recently highlighted in an article from some other Vet School that starts with a 'C'. (Check out the full story!

MIP Publications Late October Early November 2005

  • Date: Friday, Nov 18
  • Place: Micro B120
  • Time:11:30am to 2:00pm

When: Friday, Dec 2
Where: Hilton Fort Collins
Please RSVP by November 23!

Join the Department on December 15th in the Pathology Glover Gallery to congratulate Jim Demartini on his retirement.

Numerous MIP'ers attended the departmental reception on Oct 28 to congratulate their colleagues for years of dedicated service and enjoy good food and drink. Check out the Photo Gallery!

MoFlo Risin'

MIP has acquired a new MoFlo high speed cell sorter. The unit is housed in Room 101B of the Pathology Facility and boasts sort speeds of up to 70,000 cells per second. The MoFlo can sort cells of all types (bacterial, insect, mammalian, plant) using 6+ colors. Applications of the instrument include sorting complex mixtures of cells by surface phenotype for functional studies, sorting cells onto slides for comparing immunophenotype to cytologic phenotype, single cell cloning into 96-well plates, sorting cells to a very high purity for PCR and countless others. We're also pleased to have the services of an experienced operator, Leslie Armstrong, to run the MoFlo. For the next month we are inviting members of the department to sort free of charge. This will allow Leslie to become comfortable with this new machine, and gain some experience with applications specific for this department. After that, the sorter will be open to the University community and outside users. The sorter operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1 - 5 p.m. If you would like to arrange a sort, contact Leslie Armstrong (Leslie.Armstrong-Lea@ColoState.EDU) at least two days prior to your desired date. Anne Avery (, x6138) is serving as the faculty contact person for the sorter facility.

On October 27th fifteen student, staff and faculty volunteers from MIP got together and cleaned out the west half of the Source Bldg on the Foothills Campus to provide badly needed swing-space to support a variety of ongoing construction projects. In a mere 2 hours and 15 minutes, the hard working group cleaned out a ~1500 sq ft room that was packed from top to bottom - and in the process filled up every construction dumpster on the site! (.and I bet you thought the photo above was of Amol posing with his lab data.) Enjoy the Photos

Submit abstracts by December 5!
For more information visit:

Here are some Halloween Day photos of the Discovery Suite 'Skeleton' and Prep Lab. Due to some problems in the delivery of supply fans, the projected completion date of the Suite has been pushed back to March/April '06. Other current Foothills construction projects (SARA, CETT, etc) are on or close to schedule.

Purchase a hot cup of Coffee, Tea, Cocoa or Apple Cider for $1.00 and support the MSA/Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences College Council! Sales are happening every Friday from 8:00-11:00am in the West annex of the Anatomy/Zoology Building!
Student Flyer

CSU Mac Users Group

In the absence of active Macintosh support, Alan Schenkel has started a listserv to disseminate knowledge and use of Macintosh equipment. Any and all members of Mac-using labs at CSU are invited to participate. Anytime anyone has a Mac-related idea/question/politely worded complaint, this listserv can serve as a trouble shooting resource! So if you've resisted the considerable pressure to become 'PC', please consider joining the listserv. The bigger the gun, the more trouble we can shoot....

To subscribe, click on the following link:
Password is: Windoze (case sensitive).

A final version of the MIP 2005-2010 Strategic Plan was approved at the Oct 26 faculty meeting. You can check it out by clicking on the above logo. Thanks for all of your input - this plan surely was a team-effort.

Andrea Bohn, Assoc Professor, Clinical Pathology
Lindsey Doyle, RA in Karkoff-Schweizer Lab
Donald Hoff, RA in Lenaerts Lab
Deanna Scott, RA in Brennan/Rivoire RCE core D
Megan Wise de Valdez, RA in Black Lab

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Phyllis Aycock, Nov 16
  • Ed Hoover, Nov 18
  • Peter Justice, Nov 18
  • Kalyani Prithiviraj, Nov 18
  • Christopher Bosio, Nov 20
  • Anna Grzegorzewicz, Nov 20
  • Jeanette Bishop, Nov 22
  • Nicole Garneau, Nov 24
  • John Belisle, Nov 27
  • Xu Dong, Nov 27
  • Kelli Glorso, Nov 27
  • Irma Sanchez-Vargas, Nov 30
  • Mark Sartain, Dec 2
  • Tracy Lehman-Hackett, Dec 3
  • Joel Rovnak, Dec 3
  • Brian Kleker, Dec 4
  • Janine Crick, Dec 5
  • Scott Irwin, Dec 5
  • Ric Slayden, Dec 5
  • Jennifer Benson, Dec 6
  • Andrea Torres, Dec 6
  • Meaghan Beaty, Dec 8
  • Ma Isabel Salazar-Sanchez, Dec 9
  • William Wheat, Dec 13
  • Kristin Homburg, Dec 14

"An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day."

~ Irv Kupcinet

Click here for the questions to MIPuzzle #4.
Click here for Answers to MIPuzzle #4

MIPuzzle #4

The Denkers Family celebrated the newest edition to their family on October 21st; Allie Blair Denkers. Allie already has her very own web page!

New Grant Awards

William Black, IV; "Genetic Strategies for Control of Dengue Virus Transmission", Subcontract thru Univ CA at Irvine.
Jonathan Carlson; "GC7: Genetic Strategies for Control of Dengue Virus Transmission, Project Objective 2, Specific Aim 1", Subcontract thru Univ CA at Irvine.
Kenneth Olson; "Genetic Strategies for Control of Dengue Virus Transmission (Gates Grand Challenge #7) Project Objective 1", Subcontract thru Univ CA at Irvine.
Kenneth Olson; "Transmission Blocking-dengue Infection Cycle", Subcontract thru Univ CA at Irvine.
Tian Wang; "The Role of Gamma Delta_T cell in Age-related Host Susceptibility to West Nile Encephalitis", AFAR.

"Bad Pun of the Month"

Anyone notice the 'enDOWed chair' that was in the Pathology Facility elevator?

MIP'ers donated a total of 316 pounds food during the Cans around the Oval food drive!

MIP won 1.5 hours of chair massages (donated by Campus Recreation) for the department with the most pledges to the Colorado Combined Campaign!


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