Volume 2, Issue 10
October 2005

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) named Barb Powers Veterinarian of the Year for 2005. Barb has been the Director of the Colorado State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories since 1996 and provides diagnoses daily to vets from across Colorado and around the nation. Her accomplishments as Director include the Dlab becoming recognized as a world leader in development of diagnostic tests for BSE and CWD and being named as one of five core laboratories for the National Animal Health Laboratory Network. Congratulations Barb for this well-deserved honor.

The National Institutes of Health recently awarded CVMBS a $4 million grant to help fund construction of the planned expansion to the Bioenvironmental Research Building at the Foothills Research Campus. The expansion will help alleviate a critical shortage of BSL3 research space for MIP investigators. Congratulations to Ralph Smith, Ken Olson and all of the others who contributed to this successful application. Please reserve January 15, 2008 (plus or minus a few months) for the grand opening celebration!

Select Agents reported to be afraid, very afraid...

The first annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Regional Center of Excellence took place from October 2-4 at the Hilton-Fort Collins. Participants from across the 600,000 square mile region, along with NIH representatives, gathered for two days of intense and truly exciting discussions outlining the missions, projects, cores and goals of this exciting new Center.
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RCE Manager Named

Dr. Juliet Bryant has accepted the position and will begin October 24.


The annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Virology Club / first joint meeting with the Rocky Mountain Branch of the ASM took place at Pingree Park October 7-9. Over 60 enthusiastic and interactive microbiologists attended the meeting - some coming from as far as New Mexico.
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Photo Gallery

The MIP Department acknowledges our current and former trainees who recently sat the American College of Veterinary Pathology board certification examinations;

Certified in Anatomic Pathology: (and on the first attempt!!!)
• Jonathan Arzt
• Michelle Dennis

Certified in Clinical Pathology: (also on attempt 1!)
• Jennifer Steinberg, a former trainee who completed her training at Tufts University.

Diplomates in waiting...
Keith Nelson and Marie Legare have positioned themselves in a positive direction toward board certification by passing 2 parts of the examination.

Gail Berardino-Lang presented her final seminar on Tuesday, Sept 27 entitled, "Nitrogen Oxide Reducers in Permeable Barrier Microcosms".
...and you thought that the CSU goal line stand versus UTAH was impressive!

CSU was awarded funding for one anatomic pathology residency position from the ACVP/STP Coalition of Veterinary Pathology Fellows. Applications were submitted from 17 different North American training institutions for five anatomic pathology residency positions.
Congrats to Gary Mason and all of the other folks who made this happen!

Congratulations to the following
MIP finishers!

• Carol Blair (1st Place in Division)
• Patrick Brennan (1st Place in Division)
• Nicole Ehrhart
• Christine Olver
• Karamjeet Pandher
• Sue VandeWoude
• Marjorie Williams
• Matthew Williams
• Jeffrey Wilusz


MIP Publications Late September Early October 2005

  • Date: Nov 18
  • Place: Micro B120
  • Time:11:30am to 2:00pm

(Please wipe the anticipatory saliva off your keyboard before you scroll down to the next story.)

Date: Oct 28, 2005
Time: 4:00pm
Place: Glover Gallery, Pathology

Please join the Department in recognizing the following individuals for their dedicated service to CSU:

*** 10 Years ***
• Jeanette V. Bishop
• Robert C. Burnett
• Claudia R. Gentry-Weeks
• Roxann R. Karkhoff-Schweizer
• Susan J. Rogers
• Herbert P. Schweizer
• John S. Spencer
• Erica L. Suchman
• JoLynn M. Troudt

*** 15 Years ***
• Susan VandeWoude

*** 20 Years ***
• Ramesh K. Akkina
• Michael R. McNeil

*** 25 Years ***
• Patrick J. Brennan
• Daniel H. Gould

*** 30 Years ***
• Carol D. Blair
• Leonard D. Pearson
• Mary A. Thrall

*** 35 Years ***
• Donald A. Klein

*** 45 Years ***
• John M. Cheney

Click on the photo above and check out the Fall 2005 issue of Insight, the quarterly publication that highlights CVMBS acheivements....lots of MIPeople in this one!

The 2005 MIP Faculty Retreat
On September 27, the annual MIP faculty retreat took place at the Hilton-Fort Collins. Faculty notes left behind illustrate the depth and focus reached during the meeting.
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Development of a five year MIP strategic plan was the primary focus of the meeting. Click here to view a copy of the draft plan. The Departmental FY '06 budget plan is balanced, healthy and contains a significant amount of investment in developmental areas.
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Forward your comments by October 24!

Is it a Bird?
...A Plane?
...A Submarine?...

No! Its the new BEER (Biomass Energy Extraction & Recovery) System currently being installed at the Diagnostic Lab for Prion-related animal disposal!

As per CVMBS Alcohol Policy, no college funds were used to purchase this item.
9/30/05 The Discover Suite and SARA Construction projects...

SARA is on target for its completion date. The Discovery Suite's completion date may be moved back due to resources being allocated towards the Gulf Coast cleanup efforts.
Thanks to Jerry Tews for the photos!

Mark your calendars and dust off your dancin' shoes!

The 2005 MIP Holiday Party has been scheduled for Friday, December 2nd at the Hilton-Fort Collins.

The DLab is doing animal diagnostic work for the CVMA at a reduced cost.

Thanks to this and all MIP personnel who have contributed to hurricane relief.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) has confirmed that a bull moose killed by an archer has tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD). The moose was submitted for testing on Sept. 12. CWD was diagnosed in testing completed by the Colorado State University (CSU) Veterinary Diagnostic lab. Because this is the first time CWD has been found in a wild moose, testing will be repeated on this sample. Until now CWD had only been found in the wild in deer and elk. Full Story

Colorado Combined Campaign donation packets were recently distributed to everyone in MIP. Please take a moment to review this important program and consider contributing.

Amy Moore, Accounting Tech
Micro Facility
Tian Wang, Asst Professor

Upcoming Birthdays

  • Elizabeth Atencio, Oct 15
  • Nicole Marlenee, Oct 16
  • Lesley Jones, Oct 17
  • Shannon Swist, Oct 18
  • Katy Poole, Oct 19
  • Wendy Sprague, Oct 19
  • Sebabrata Mahapatra, Oct 20
  • Hana VanCampen, Oct 20
  • Brittney Fay, Oct 23
  • Duane Lassen, Oct 23
  • Ajay Jha, Oct 24
  • Christine Ritter, Oct 24
  • Stuart VandeVenter, Oct 24
  • Victoria Jones, Oct 26
  • Defne Beyce, Oct 27
  • Sandra Quackenbush, Oct 27
  • Julia Inamine, Oct 28
  • Sang Park, Oct 29
  • Jeffrey Wilusz, Oct 29
  • Dennis Pierro, Oct 31
  • Devinder Kaur, Nov 1
  • Jian Zhang, Nov 4
  • Davis Seelig, Nov 9
  • Michio Kurosu, Nov 10
  • Andrew Salimbeni, Nov 11
  • Vara Vissa, Nov 13
  • Carol Wilusz, Nov 13
  • Becky Rivoire, Nov 14

"Our elections are free--it's in the results where we eventually pay "

~ Bill Stern
Radio Hall of Fame

Starting this month the answers to the crossword puzzles will be published at the same time as the puzzle!
Click here for the new MIPuzzle #3
and the Answers

MIPuzzle #2 Answers

New Grant Awards

Anne Lenaerts, Angelo Izzo; "The Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Dormancy Program", NIH subcontract through UCHSC.
Terry Spraker; "Environmental Transmission of CWD to deer", USDA-APHIS-Animal Plant Health Insp Srvc.

Kasey and Arlin Rogers celebrated the birth of Cameron Joseph Rogers on 9/10/05!

(And to think it all started with the Pathology softball team in 97!) They are all well, Kasey is a postdoc at the Tufts-New England Medical Center and Arlin is the Chief of Comparative Pathology in the MIT Division of Comparative Medicine.
Arlin will be guiding a Boston pub crawl on Monday night during the ACVP meeting in December. Anyone interested should email him at

Former Pathology Department Head, Archibald Ferguson Alexander died on Sept 16, 2005, of lung cancer. Dr. Alexander began his career at CSU in 1956 when he accepted a position as an instructor in the Veterinary School at Colorado A & M. He was chairman of the Department of Pathology from 1966 to 1980. Until recently, he would visit the Pathology facility office every few months to get his mail and check on how everyone was doing. His genuine personality and sense of humor will be greatly missed.

  • Four people from the DLab dressed up as Powers Rangers.
  • Jeffrey Wilusz in an Indiana Jones outfit.
  • Anne Avery and Christine Olver as siamese twins.
  • Charlie Calisher in a Red Sox uniform.
  • Sue VandeWoude in a catsuit.
  • Ralph Smith as the Mad Hatter.
  • Terry Spraker and Ed Hoover in an elk costume (who gets the front?).
  • Randy Basaraba as a hard working scientist.
  • Gary Mason as Groucho Marx.

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