Sept 2013
Vol. 10 | No. 6

Erica Suchman Carski Distinguished Teaching Award

Congratulations to Erica Suchman for receiving the 2014 ASM Carski Foundation Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award. This award honors educators for outstanding teaching of microbiology to undergraduate students and for encouraging them to subsequent achievement. Erica will be presented the award at the ASM General Meeting Awards Banquet and Dinner on Sunday, May 18, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Lars and Jenny are no longer special

Effective August 16th, the 'special appointment' faculty positions of Drs. Lars Eisen and Jenny Taylor have been converted to 'regular appointment' tenure track positions. Congratulations to Lars and Jenny for this well-deserved change in status. Oh, and by the way...MIP still thinks you are both 'special', even though CSU doesn't anymore!

Dr. Callahan's New Book!

Lousy Sex

Dr. Callahan will be reading and signing his new book, "Lousy Sex: Creating Self in an Infectious World" at the Old Town Public Library in Downtown Fort Collins on September 19, 6:00pm. The event is being coordinated by Old Firehouse Books.

Oh and by the way – be sure to check out the on line Shelf Awareness summary where it states that Dr. Callahan is a professor at the University of Colorado....

Dan Regan AKC Clinician-Scientist Fellowship

Congratulations to Dan Regan for being selected as CSU's recipient of the AKC Clinician-Scientist Fellowship. The fellowship includes an award of $10,000 for research and $2000 for travel at a scientific meeting, and will feature Dan's work on the AKC website. Dan was selected to represent CSU on the basis of his outstanding credentials and exciting research involving novel myeloid cell targeted therapeutics for prevention of tumor metastasis and for amplification of tumor vaccine immunity in Dr. Steve Dow's lab. CSU's eligibility for this award is based upon contributions of Drs. Anne Avery, Steve Dow, and Doug Thamm to scientific studies advancing canine health.

Jordan Steel

Congratulations to Jordan Steel, Graduate Student in Brian Geiss' Lab, for being among the first 55 individuals to complete the ASM-BWF Science Teaching Fellows Program, a new professional development initiative to prepare doctoral-trained graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early-career scientists for science teaching positions at non-doctoral institutions.

Learn more about the inaugural class and their training experience on the ASM Faculty Programs website.

25 million reasons

According to the CSU Research Data Center, the MIP Department brought in 129 grants last fiscal year (July 2012-June 2013) which totaled $24,849,083. Overall, the Department has 298 active grant awards totaling $170,697,592.18 (yes, OSP has our grant dollars accounted for down to the last penny…..). Congratulations to all for generating these impressive numbers and the continued success of our research enterprise.

MIP research however, does not appear to be immune to federal budget cuts and the overall grim picture of US research funding. The ~$25 million generated in research dollars in FY’13 represents a ~30% drop from the amount generated the previous year. Thus more than ever, we’ll be relying on the renowned synergy and resourcefulness of the MIP research enterprise to maintain and expand key scholarly activity in the Department.

MIP Graduate Students who received their MS or PhD Degrees Summer 2013

Mike Barnhart, MS (CMB)
Rebecca Crew, MS
Justin Lee, PhD
Linnell Randall, MS
Kelly Walton, MS

Congratulations to our first three candidates in the Infectious Diseases: Translational Research Training Program!

  • Danielle Adney (Dick Bowen, mentor)
  • Heather Bender (Mark Zabel, mentor)
  • Phillida Charley (Jeff Wilusz, mentor)

In the News...

Mary Jackson Lab and Anne Lenaerts Lab were highlighted in the Nature Medicine blog Spoonful of Medicine article, Compound kills drug-resistant tuberculosis through novel mechanism

Hana Van Campen and Chet Moore were quoted in the article "CSU Diagnoses First Equine West Nile Virus Case this Year, Tracks Outbreak in Northern Colorado " which was published in Bridle & Bit

Chet Moore was referenced in the Denver Post article "Mosquitoes are worse this summer in parts of US", the Durango Herald article "Mosquitoes far worse this summer in parts of US" and the NBC Washingont article, "Mosquitoes May Be Worse Than Usual, Some Experts Say".

Gerald Callahan was interviewed on Colorado Public Radio in the piece "The Search for Self Leads to Bacteria". The book will be featured on Utah Public Radio from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. on September 4.

Letters to the Editor...

Two of the three letters to the editor in the August 8th Fort Collins Coloradoan are from DMIP faculty...

‘Prora on Spring Creek’ might take dubious honor from German site.~Donald A. Klein

Fewer injuries in other sports with no pads: Don't lead with your head~Ian Orme

Is this just a weird coincidence, or are microbiologists a particularly opinionated crew? We’ll let you make the call……

pub highlight

Antigen 85 variation across lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis – Implications for vaccine and biomarker success

Nicole Kruh-Garcia, Madeline Murray, John Prucha and Karen Dobos

Journal of Proteomics (2013)

It’s easy to read textbooks and believe that science is straightforward.  Understand the fundamental components of a process, figure out how it works, and you now should have the power to manipulate the process at will to make products/cure diseases, etc.   However, the humbling gods of Biology - like a Suchman multiple choice question - oftentimes step in to remind us that we are not as smart as we think we are.  Vaccines are a great example.  Over a hundred years ago - at a time when we barely knew what microbes were  - we generated great vaccines against some of humankind’s worst scourges.  So why the heck with all of the knowledge/insight we have today can’t we generate 100% effective preventive vaccines against the key infectious diseases of the 21st century?  Karen Dobos and her crew might have one of the answers for vaccine failures for M. tuberculosis.

Proteins found in the culture filtrate of M. tb cultures make very attractive vaccine and diagnostic candidates.  A major component of that filtrate is a complex of three very related (~67-89% identical) proteins called ‘Antigen 85’.  These three proteins are involved in lipid synthesis and binding to cellular fibronectin.  Antigen 85 shows little polymorphism between M. tb isolates and, based on mRNA levels, is expressed to roughly the same overall level.  Thus Antigen 85 has many of the characteristics of a perfect target for vaccine formulations.  In fact, there are currently three different Antigen 85-based vaccines in clinical trials.  But vaccines targeting Antigen 85 haven’t achieved the expected level of success to date.    Nicole et al report here what may be an important clue why not.  Testing 6 different M. tb isolates from four different clades using 1D/2D gels and mass spectrometry, the group determined that there are significant differences in both protein expression and the relative ratios of the three proteins that make up the Antigen 85 complex generated by different M. tb strains.  Thus what looks roughly identical among strains by DNA sequence analysis is not necessarily equal when you analyze actual expression of the gene product.

So why did we choose this manuscript as our coveted MIPub of the Month® for August?  First, the study highlights the importance of taking off the DNA-colored glasses and recognizing that gene expression is in reality influenced at numerous levels in biologically very significant ways.  This fact emphasizes the importance of developing modern tools like mass spectrometry as the Dobos lab is doing to analyze these differences.  Second, the study highlights some of the interesting fundamental science that is coming out of the work in MIP that is funded in large part by NIH Contracts designed to test vaccines and research materials.  Finally, since football season is on us once again, we thought that this paper gives us the perfect opportunity to suggest that this M. tb complex officially get renamed to ‘Antigen Ocho Cinco’.

Go Broncos!

MIP Publications August 2013

Taube S, Kolawole AO, Höhne M, Wilkinson JE, Handley SA, Perry JW, Thackray LB, Akkina R, Wobus CE.  A mouse model for human norovirus.  MBio. 2013 Jul 16;4(4). doi:pii: e00450-13. 10.1128/mBio.00450-13.

Rayner EL, Pearson GR, Hall GA, Basaraba RJ, Gleeson F, McIntyre A, Clark S, Williams A, Dennis MJ, Sharpe SA.  Early Lesions Following Aerosol Infection of Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) with Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain H37RV.  J Comp Pathol. 2013 Jul 20. doi:pii: S0021-9975(13)00097-2. 10.1016/j.jcpa.2013.05.005

Kruh-Garcia NA, Murray M, Prucha JG, Dobos KM.  Antigen 85 variation across lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Implications for vaccine and biomarker success.  J Proteomics. 2013 Jul 24. doi:pii: S1874-3919(13)00388-6. 10.1016/j.jprot.2013.07.005.

Roe WD, Spraker TR, Duncan CG, Owen M, Charles JB.  Postmortem stability of S100B in the aqueous humor of northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus).  J Vet Diagn Invest. 2013 Aug 19. [Epub ahead of print]

Collier JR, Byers SR, Schaffer PA, Worley DR, Ehrhart EJ, Duncan CG, Grossman AN, Holt T, Callan RJ.  Infiltrative cutaneous hemangiolipoma in a goat.  Vet Med Int. 2013;2013:942351. doi: 10.1155/2013/942351.

Lozano-Fuentes S, Wedyan F, Hernandez-Garcia E, Sadhu D, Ghosh S, Bieman JM, Tep-Chel D, García-Rejón JE, Eisen L.  Cell phone-based system (Chaak) for surveillance of immatures of dengue virus mosquito vectors.  J Med Entomol. 2013 Jul;50(4):879-89.

Saeedi BJ, Geiss BJ.  Regulation of flavivirus RNA synthesis and capping.  Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA. 2013 Aug 8. doi: 10.1002/wrna.1191.

Davidson RM, Reynolds PR, Farias-Hesson E, Duarte RS, Jackson M, Strong M.  Genome Sequence of an Epidemic Isolate of Mycobacterium abscessus subsp. bolletii from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Genome Announc. 2013 Aug 15;1(4). doi:pii: e00617-13. 10.1128/genomeA.00617-13.

Pethe K, Bifani P, Jang J, Kang S, Park S, Ahn S, Jiricek J, Jung J, Jeon HK, Cechetto J, Christophe T, Lee H, Kempf M, Jackson M, Lenaerts AJ, Pham H, Jones V, Seo MJ, Kim YM, Seo M, Seo JJ, Park D, Ko Y, Choi I, Kim R, Kim SY, Lim S, Yim SA, Nam J, Kang H, Kwon H, Oh CT, Cho Y, Jang Y, Kim J, Chua A, Tan BH, Nanjundappa MB, Rao SP, Barnes WS, Wintjens R, Walker JR, Alonso S, Lee S, Kim J, Oh S, Oh T, Nehrbass U, Han SJ, No Z, Lee J, Brodin P, Cho SN, Nam K, Kim J.  Discovery of Q203, a potent clinical candidate for the treatment of tuberculosis.  Nat Med. 2013 Aug 4. doi: 10.1038/nm.3262. [Epub ahead of print]

Woolums AR, Berghaus RD, Smith DR, White BJ, Engelken TJ, Irsik MB, Matlick DK, Jones AL, Ellis RW, Smith IJ, Mason GL, Waggoner ER.  Producer survey of herd-level risk factors for nursing beef calf respiratory disease.  J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2013 Aug 15;243(4):538-47.

Khoo CC, Doty JB, Held NL, Olson KE, Franz AW.  Isolation of midgut escape mutants of two American genotype dengue 2 viruses from Aedes aegypti.  Virol J. 2013 Aug 12;10(1):257. [Epub ahead of print]

Sun J, Singh V, Lau A, Stokes RW, Obregón-Henao A, Orme IM, Wong D, Av-Gay Y, Hmama Z.  Mycobacterium tuberculosis Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase Inactivates Small GTPases Leading to Evasion of Innate Immunity.  PLoS Pathog. 2013 Jul;9(7):e1003499. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1003499. Epub 2013 Jul 18.

Orme IM.  Vaccine development for tuberculosis: current progress.  Drugs. 2013 Jul;73(10):1015-24.

Wood BA, Carver S, Troyer RM, Elder JH, Vandewoude S.  Domestic cat microsphere immunoassays: Detection of antibodies during feline immunodeficiency virus infection.  J Immunol Methods. 2013 Aug 14. doi:pii: S0022-1759(13)00224-X. 10.1016/j.jim.2013.08.001. [Epub ahead of print]


Expanding Prion Horizons 2013

Mark Your Calendars!

The Prion Research Center will be hosting a conference this year: "Expanding Prion Horizons", October 16-18 at the University Center for the Arts. For more information, visit the Expanding Prion Horizons 2013 Registration Webpage.

Don't miss this year's meeting!

RMVC Annual Meeting 2013


Barry T. Rouse, BVSc, PhD, DSc
Lindsay Young Distinguished Professor of Microbiology
College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennesee
"Immunity or Tissue Damage upon Virus Infection-What decides the outcome and how can we exploit such knowledge?"

Additional Speakers:

Susan Carpenter, PhD
Department of Animal Sciences
Iowa State University
"Strategies of Lentivirus Persistence: Immune Evasion vs. Viral Fitness"

Mario L. Santiago, PhD
Colorado University School of Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases
"Immunobiology of Retrovirus Restriction Factors"

Candace K. Mathiason, PhD
Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology
Colorado State University
"Maternal Transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease"

Photo of 2012 RMVC participants

For more information see the Rocky Mountain Virology Meeting Flyer or go to the Rocky Mountain Virology Club website.


Oct 25 & 26
UC Denver Anschutz Medical Campus
Hensel-Phelps West Auditorium

Anschutz Medical Campus Visitor Information

Countdown to ASV2014


Next June, we’ll be hosting the large (1,200+ participant) 33rd Annual meeting of the American Society for Virology right here on the CSU campus! Please mark your calendars for this special, can’t-be-missed event. Also – we’ll be looking for numerous (50+) volunteers to help with numerous AV/customer service aspects of this event – so please consider helping us out when asked.

This is a golden opportunity to showcase MIP’s infectious disease expertise and high-quality environment to a large international group of experts in the field. We’ll definitely need the collective help of the MIP community to make this a truly special meeting. For further information on the event, please contact Jeff Wilusz (local lead organizer) at

NIH to Require eRA Commons IDs for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

NIH is phasing in a new policy that requires graduate and undergraduate students working on NIH-funded projects to set up eRA Commons IDs. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to start establishing eRA Commons accounts right now. As of next month (Oct 18th), the PHS 2590 and Progress Report forms will start prompting for this information. Warnings will also appear in eRA Commons screens to alert students that they need to complete their IDs. As of October 2014, Progress Reports must have eRA Commons IDs for graduate and undergraduate students or the reports won't be accepted by NIH.

Welcome New Graduate Students
Elliott ChiuElliott Chiu
Elliot is originally from Wheeling, West Virginia, and earned his BS in Biology, and MS in Environmental Science from Drexel University. He is interested in learning more about infectious wildlife disease and wildlife conservation medicine. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, learning languages, and traveling.
Joseph FauverJoseph Fauver
Originally from Springfield, Nebraska, Joseph earned is BS in Biochemical Sciences from Peru State University. He is interested in studying arthropod-borne infectious diseases. When not studying, he enjoys reading, watching sports, fishing and working out.
Darcy FletcherDarcy Fletcher
Darcy is originally from Broomfield, Colorado and earned her BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University. She is interested in learning more about immunology and infectious diseases. When not at school Darcy participates in Irish step dancing and enjoys time spent with goats.
Becky GullbergBecky Gullberg
Originally from Seattle, Washington, Becky earned her BS in Mathmatics from Willamette University and her MS in Public Health/Microbiology and Emerging Infectious Diseases from The George Washington University. While at CSU she is interested in studying arbovirology and enjoying rock climbing in her free time.
Albert Byungyun JeonAlbert Byungyun Jeon
Albert is from Seoul, Republic of Korea, and earned his DVM degree from Konkuk University. Following his DVM he spent the past 3 years at a Veterinary Diagnostic Lab that specializes in bacterial diseases. He is interested in studying host-pathogen interaction of both bacterial and viral agents. When not at school Albert enjoys outdoor activities like scuba diving and playing basketball.
Joseph KnabenbauerPhillip Knabenbauer
Phillip is originally from Longmont, Colorado and earned his BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University. He is interested in studying mycobacterium large scale propagation and diagnostics.
Amanda McGuireAmanda McGuire
Originally from Pleasant Hill, Oregon, Amanda earned her BS in General Science and her BA in International Studies from Oregon State University, and earned her DVM from Ross University. She is interested in studying immunology and virology. When not studying, Amanda enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with her husband and baby.
Chilinh NguyenChilinh Nguyen
Chiling is originally from San Diego, California, and earned her BS in Biological Sciences from the University of Notre Dame. She is interested in studying vector biology/arthropod-borne viruses. In her free time she enjoys baking, traveling, and following Notre Dame football.
Chloe Stenkamp-StrahmChloe Stenkamp-Strahm
Chloe is originally from Moscow, Idaho and earned her BS in Biology from Gonzaga University and her MS in Biology from the University of Idaho. She is interested in studying infectious desase spread in and between animal populations. When not at school she enjoys backpacking, trail running, fly fishing and skiing.
Kelly WilliamsKelly Williams
Originally from Grand Island, New York, Kelly earned her BS in Biology and her BS in Environmental Studies (with a minor in Chemistry) from Niagara University. Whe is interested in studying wildlife disease and water quality. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, rock climbing and traveling.

Graduate Student Updates

Danielle Adney joined the Bowen Lab

Phillida Charley joined the Wilusz Lab

Ashlynne Goodloe joined the Borlee Lab

Nathan Grubaugh joined the Ebel Lab

Aimee Ortega joined the Zabel lab

Kassi Willingham joined the Mathiason Lab

Kristen Davenport (DVM/PhD student who is starting vet school this fall) joined the Hoover Lab.

A couple of CMB students have also joined MIP Labs:
Ashton Herrington –C. Wilusz lab
Sarah Kane- Zabel lab

Ram Welcome

All new first-year undergraduates attend something called Ram Welcome, an orientation experience that helps students adjust to college life and explore academic programs. 

See a few 2013 Ram Welcome Photos.

Welcome 2013 CVMBS Freshman Class Welcome CVMBS Freshman Class of 2013

CVMBS 2013 Freshman Class
Click the photo to see a larger image.

Summer Adventures

Dana Hill, Master's student in Dr. Zabel's Lab, spent her summer as an Extern at Plum Island Animal Disease Center. She worked in a lab studying Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus and assisting with projects pertaining to vaccine development and novel diagnostic techniques. The summer fellowship was through the Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education (ORISE) Research Participation Program. Dana says it is a great opportunity for any students seeking research fellowship opportunities to expand their scientific background!

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, Dana can't share photo's of her lab group and I because they were inside biocontainment. However, here’s a picture of Dana with some of the other students deep sea fishing.

Dana Hill Deep Sea Fishing

Pictured L to R: Brenton Sanford, Brett Fisher, Jolene Carlson, Dana Hill, Ryan Waters

Welcome new employees Susan Reuth

Hello, my name is Susan Reuth and I am the new Microbiology Administrative Assistant. I am coming to CSU after 18 years working as a project manager doing financial software implementations across the U.S. I graduated from CSU long ago with a B.A. in Piano Performance. I sing with a local choir called Laudamus and the group typically gives 2-3 performances a year. There are other CSU faculty/staff that sing in that group with me as well. I also enjoy playing both indoor and outdoor soccer. I have an 11 year old daughter named Alexa that attends Kinard Middle School and plays soccer for Colorado Storm. My husband Shawn works as an air traffic controller at Centennial Airport after serving 21 years in the military in the Air National Guard. I have two dogs – a Bernese Mountain Dog named Leo and an Alaskan Malamute named Jack. I love being back on the CSU campus!!

MIP Bits

Quote of the Month

"People pay more to be entertained than educated."  
~ Johnny Carson

No Captions Necessary

Guess who won and who lost in the prize drawings at the D-Lab Summer Picnic?

Pie Certificate EJ Ehrhart and Elijah Edmondson

EJ and Elijah enjoy the D-Lab Summer Employee Appeciation Picnic on August 29th

Questions for MIPuzzle #87
MIPuzzle #87 Answers
MIPuzzle #87

NIH Happenings

  • Want certain folks to review your grant?  Don’t list em…

    While journals encourage you to list preferred reviewers with manuscripts that you submit, don’t list suggested reviewers on the cover letter of your NIH grant application.  These reviewers will likely get disqualified due to a possible conflict of interest.

  • Goin’ electronic

    As of Sept. 25th, all PO1, U19 and P50 applications must be submitted electronically.  P30 applications go electronic on Jan 25th and all other multiproject applications go ‘e’ on May 25, 2014.

New Grant Awards

bulletAngelo Izzo, "Aeras Mouse Challenge Studies ", Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation

bulletAnne Lenaerts, "Novel Protein Synthesis Inhibitors for the Treatment of MDR Tuberculosis", St. Jude Medical, Inc

bulletDoug Brackney, "The role of autophagy in Aedes aegypti vector competence for dengue virus type 2", NIH

bulletBrad Borlee, "Targeting Bacterial Signaling Systems to Prevent and Treat Biofilm-Assoicated Infections", Boettcher Foundation

bulletEdward Hoover, "Early CWD Prion Trafficking Deer ", University of Texas Health Science Cente

bulletKaren Dobos, "Mycobacterium spp. Research Reagent Replenishment ", ATCC-American Type Culture Collection

bulletLars Eisen, "Disease Vector Mapping via Environmental/Climatological/Sociological Factors", STAR Institute

bulletRyan Troyer, "A Novel Feline Gammaherpesvirus: Potential Cancer-Causing Pathogen in Cats", Morris Animal Foundation

bulletSue VandeWoude, "Application of Genomic Technologies for Feline Pathogen Detection and Discovery.", Morris Animal Foundation


Pathology Bat

On August 8th Erin Napier was visited by a bat outside her office window

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