Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2005

Carolina Vergel (cont.)

By graduation she had completely submerged herself in the world of molecules, cells and humanity itself, having given birth to her son Nicolas, now a five year old kinder-gardener and the joy of her life. She continued her love for science and microbiology, focusing her master's thesis on the molecular differentiation of two phenotypically similar species of Chagas disease vectors. Wanting to further apply her skills in microbiology she joined a team of researchers working at an international non-profit research center where she worked mostly on the molecular biology of Leishmania along with its implications for transmission. During her time at CIDEIM she had the opportunity to meet Dr. Brennan at a lecture on TB and leprosy he gave in the city of Medellin. This meeting marked the beginning of her interest in the study of molecular biology of TB. After a personal study and review of the TB literature in this area, she began writing a pilot project on the regulation mechanisms of Ag85, in collaboration with Dr Brennan, which she later implemented at Colorado State University under the direct supervision of Dr. Dobos-Elder, Dr. Belisle and Dr. Slayden. Now, as a PhD student at CSU, she would like to delve deeper into the study of molecular determinants of pathogenesis and virulence of TB. She would like to believe at the end of her studies that she made an effective and useful contribution to science and knowledge of Tuberculosis, hopefully having helped improve health and quality life of TB patients all over the world.

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