Volume 2, September 2004

Office Staff Maternity Leave Coverage Plans

Katie Meyer, will be out from September 3 thru November 26.
During her absence, you will see a variety of friendly faces providing reception at the front desk in the Pathology Building.
Here's our plan:
Monday: Andy (am), Lynnette (pm)
Tuesday: Sandy (am), Lynnette (pm)
Wednesday: Esta (am), Lynnette (pm)
Thursday: Erin (am), Lynnette (pm)
Friday: Janice (am), Lynnette (pm)

For assistance with specific items, please contact:
Travel authorizations/reimbursements: Lynnette/Andy
Class note/exam preparation: Erin
Web CT grade entry: Erin
Photocopy account setup: Andy
Key requests: Esta
Supply requests (office, teaching, audiovisual): Esta
Audiovisual assistance: Erin
On behalf of the staff, we appreciate your patience as we do our best to fill in the gaps while Katie is out.

Atisaya Vimuktanon, started her maternity leave on Tuesday, September 7 and will return on November 22.

Sherry McElwain will process ACard reallocations and will assist you with travel authorizations and reimbursements. Sherry has also recently assumed the accounting duties previously handled by Christine Cortney...and, last but not least, is responsible for the front desk tasks until our new Admin Asst comes on board near the end of the month. So, needless to say, please be kind to her until Mark's return on September 20! We certainly appreciate your patience and good humor as we do our best keep the wheels turning.

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