Volume 2, September 2004

Erica Suchman was appointed to a 3year term on the
American Society for Microbiology's (ASM) Education Board in July of 2003.

The Education Board oversees all of ASM's education endeavors for k-12, undergraduate, and graduate students, as well as post doctoral fellows, and the general public. She has been a member of the Distance Education committee since 2002, and started a 3 year term as the chair of this committee in 2003. The Distance Education committee changed its name this year, to better reflect its true mission, to the Committee on Technology Enhanced Education (C-TEE). This committee's main focus is enhancing the teaching of Microbiology at all levels by facilitating the dissemination of reliable microbiology materials. Primarily by managing ASM's web based education resource the MicrobeLibrary, a collection of peer reviewed materials available for use in teaching. These contain visual resources, such as electron, and light microscopy images, and animations; and curriculum resources, field tested active learning stratagies for use in the classroom. Before joining the C-TEE she served on the Editorial Review Committee for Curriculum Resources for the MicrobeLibrary from 2000-2003. She has also co-authored with Dr's Ralph Smith, and Carol Blair 14 MicrobeLibrary Resources. Furthermore, the C-TEE organizes sessions advocating the use of technology in teaching at national meetings such the ASM general meeting and the ASM conference for Undergraduate Educators. Erica convened a session at the Educator's Conference on resources available to educators through the MicrobeLibrary and how to submit resources to the Library, and a session at the general meeting entitled Innovations in Education: Using the Web to Improve Your Teaching. She was also an invited speaker at the British Society for General Microbiology's meeting in Bath in March of 2004 where she described ASM's resources available to educators, and gave examples of innovative ways they had been used.

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