Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2005

Rocky Mountain Virology Club Meeting (cont)...

The annual meeting of the Rocky Mountain Virology Club / first joint meeting with the Rocky Mountain Branch of the ASM took place at Pingree Park October 7-9. Over 60 enthusiastic and interactive microbiologists attended the meeting - some coming from as far as New Mexico. Twenty four talks, including keynote addresses by David Barton (UCHSC) and Katy Bosio, along with a full evening poster session that covered topics from A to Z (alphaviruses to zoonoses) were enjoyed by all. A few of the 'highlights' of the meeting included:

  • Jim DeMartini orchestrating the 'Trial of the Century' on the benefits of JSRV research
  • Herbert Schweizer rewriting the Merriam Webster Definition of B. pseudomallei
  • John Willford (Wyoming) making us all leery to eat raw almonds
  • Matthew Perrott explaining his interest in prion research by stating that 'rather than being a rocket scientist, he figured that he was better suited for brain surgery'.
  • A discussion of the term ROI being morphed from an NIH grant designation to 'Return On Investment' in today's translational research environment
  • Not running out of beverages
  • Enough mRNA stability stuff to make the Department Head happy

Winners of the ASM Student Awards

Best Oral Presentations:
First Place: Sonia Tussell (UCHSC)
Second Place: Kevin Sokoloski (Wilusz Lab)
Third Place: Tim Geiger (UC-Boulder)

Best Posters:
First Place: Emily O'Hearn (USDA/ARS/ABADRL - Laramie)
Second Place: Rodman Tompkins (Foy Lab)
Third Place: Eric Beck (Blair Lab)

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