Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2005

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $50.7 Million Award (cont)

The situation is dire; vector borne diseases, especially malaria and dengue, are resurgent throughout the world. The misery, morbidity, and mortality associated with these diseases is overwhelming with hundreds of millions of people infected each year and millions of deaths. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are rapidly developing resistance to pyrethroids, which is essentially the last remaining pesticide that can be used in bednets. In addition, there are no vaccines for dengue and malaria, the malaria parasite is becoming largely drug-resistant, and new drugs frequently are simply too expensive for people most at risk. It is critical to develop a new generation of environmentally sensitive pesticides and approaches to control the mosquito vectors of these diseases. MIP researchers will be working with colleagues in the UK, Africa, Mexico, and Peru to do just that.

Despite the fact that this represents the second large award MIP has received from the Gates Foundation this year, please remember that the 'Micro' name of the Micro Facility refers to Microbiology, not Microsoft.

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