Volume 1, Issue 4, November 2004


John T. Belisle, PhD
Dr. John Belisle is the Director of the Mycobacterial Research Laboratories at Colorado State University. His research has provided a better understanding of the genomics and proteomics of bacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy for application to the development of improved diagnostics, vaccine, and anti-mycobacterial drugs. Dr. Belisle has published extensively in scientific literature in the areas of molecular physiology and pathogenesis of mycobacterial infection. He has served on national and international expert panels on mycobacterial genomics and proteomics and as an invited speaker for numerous international scientific meetings. Dr. Belisle was selected in 2003 by a committee of distinguished Colorado State faculty for one of only 10 Monfort Professorships to recognize rising stars in the University faculty.

Daniel H. Gould, DVM, PhD
Dr. Daniel Gould is a renowned expert in neuropathology and natural product toxicology, and is Associate Head of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology. His research focuses on neuropathology and disturbed ruminal function. Dr. Gould's clinical work includes investigating and teaching about naturally occurring animal diseases as they are observed in the Necropsy Laboratory at the Colorado State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Dr. Gould has lectured in the professional veterinary medical and pathology programs on neuropathology and toxicology and has served as faculty advisor to many graduate students. He has published extensively in scientific literature on quantitative pathology of toxicants and sulfur-associated toxicology in ruminants.

Erica Lynn Suchman, PhD
Dr. Erica Suchman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology at Colorado State University. Her research has been instrumental in improving methods of instruction by using active instruction to improve undergraduate learning in large lecture microbiology courses. Dr. Suchman has mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students, and is the recipient of several awards for her outstanding teaching and innovation instruction techniques. Awards include the 2002 Colorado State University Best Teacher Award, the 2001 N. Preston Davis Instruction Innovation Award, the 2003 Panhellenic and Intrafraternity Council Outstanding CVMBS Professor, and the 2003 Mortar Board Rose Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Dr. Suchman has published on innovative instructional methodologies and the molecular biology of densonucleosis viruses, and has served as an invited speaker at many international meetings on these topics.

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