Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology

Volume 6, Issue 5
May 2009

MIP Student Presentations at the CURC April 21, 2009

Gary Hamid - "Identification of novel small molecule inhibitors (SMIs) to inhibit flavivirus replication: targeting the NS5 capping enzyme." Advisor: Brian Geiss

Christopher Johnson - "The role of the CUGBP1 RNA-binding protein in the stress response in muscle and myotonic dystrophy" Advisor: Carol Wilusz

John Hoxmeier - "Development of an animal model for Buruli Ulcer Disease" Advisor: Karen Dobos

Jamie Everman "Characterization of two genes involved in the biosynthesis of a M. Paratuberculosis-specific lipopeptide" Advisor: Julia Inamine

Jamie Everman - "Determination of the effects of an inserted blocking sequence on gene expression and inflammation using an adenovirus vector in a mouse model" Advisor: Schaak (UCHSC)

Jessica Cannon - "Functionality of tagged CUGBP1 in muscle cells" Advisor: Carol Wilusz

Petra Gest - "Mycobacterium tuberculosis class II aldolase as a novel drug target and biomarker" Advisor: Mary Jackson

Phillip Knabenbauer "Soluble expression and purification of the TB10.4 protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, using the gateway vector pDEST17" Advisor: Karen Dobos

Natalia Reim - "The role of the nuclear exosome as a monitor of mRNA processing in mammalian cells" Advisor: Jeff Wilusz

Melanie Phooi Nee Yong - "Inhibition of encephalitis in equine viral disease by cell adhesion molecule blockade." Advisor: Alan Schenkel

Scott Vigil - "Purification of phenolic glycolipid from Mycobacterium tuberculosis." Advisor: Karen Dobos

John Gilchrist - "The role of regulatory T cells in a murine model of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis" Advisor: Alan Schenkel