Volume 2, Issue 3, March 2005

CVMBS Alcohol Reimbursement Policy (cont)

Colorado State University policy prohibits the use of any allocated funds in the University's budget from being used to purchase liquor. This includes tax money as well as funds from tuition, fees, and grants.

The Executive Council of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has concluded that use of Development funds for purchase of alcohol may discourage future charitable donations to our College.

Therefore, effective March 15, 2005, no College funds from any source may be used to purchase alcoholic beverages or reimburse the cost of alcohol consumed in the conduct of University business. This policy does not prohibit the consumption of alcohol. It only prohibits reimbursement from any source of University funds for alcohol expenses.

Therefore, two bills will be needed for meals that include alcoholic beverages; one for all food items (which are eligible for reimbursement), and one for alcohol (which you will pay from your own resources). Please check with your Department Head if you have questions regarding this new policy.

Adopted by CVMBS Executive Council March 3, 2005

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