Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2005

Pathology Fire (cont.)
Two Poudre Valley Fire Dept trucks arrived at the scene and reported heavy smoke on all floors of the building. After taking their time to fully evaluate the situation and ensure that there were no unanticipated biohazardous materials in the unit, the fire was extinguished, the room secured and the building left to air out. PVFD was at the scene 3+ hours. Damage estimates will definitely include the drying oven (see attached pictures). Technicians have been called to evaluate the remaining equipment in Room 303.

We got lucky this time in that this incident was relatively minor. MIP will address the underlying problem that led to this incident as well as institute additional actions to promote fire safety in the facility. Having been in the bldg with the firefighters while they were evaluating and dealing the small fire, Jeff noted numerous things that we could improve upon to assist the PVFD in more efficiently handling our emergencies in the future. These things will include a comprehensive review and update of haz mat signage outside laboratories, the posting of emergency contact phone numbers on each laboratory door, a review and removal of unnecessary hallway clutter, and the education of facility personnel on the proper usage of equipment. Please let's take this accident as a wake-up call and fully cooperate in efforts to keep MIP facilities as safe and productive as possible.

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