Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2005

  1. MIP researchers published a whopping 127 papers in 2005. Like a vector-borne disease in the northern hemisphere, the peak incidence of MIP publications occurred in the spring/summer months. Coincidence?
  2. Cha-ching! During fiscal year '05, MIP received an amazing $38,667,284 in extramural 5-3 awards for research - an increase of over $18 million from FY '04! In addition to these dollars, MIP played a large role in securing over $8 million in building funds for the RBL and BRB addition projects, significant education/training awards from the Beckman Scholars and USDA, and intramural awards such as the $1 million AEP Bioinformatics Initiative and 14 CRC awards. Oh, and these numbers don't take into account the two large Gates Awards received by our arbovirologists/vector biologists.
  3. The year started off really hot in MIP - with a fire in a drying oven in the Pathology Facility and ended really cold (and wet) - with a burst pipe in the Micro facility due to the -12 degree temperatures. Consistent, temperate conditions are hopefully on the horizon for '06.
  4. While retailers at Foothills Mall got nervous about the opening of the Centerra Shops in Loveland, scientists at the Foothills Campus were rejoicing about the construction of several 'shops' of their own. The CETT, Discovery, Prep-lab, Insectary remodel and SARA facilities projects all got underway. Can a Starbucks on Rampart Road be far behind?
  5. We bid a fond farewell and best wishes to Drs. Benjamin, Cheney and DeMartini as they rode off into the sunset to begin their retirement. (Actually, John rode off into the sunrise (east to Arkansas).
  6. Three letters - R-C-E - were all the buzz around here as Barry Beaty led a successful team of researchers to land the $40 million Regional Center of Excellence award for CSU and the Rocky Mountain Region.
  7. Fanastic Four wasn't only a popular movie in 2005, it also could be used to describe the four MIP faculty - Olver, Chatterjee, VandeWoude and Hyatt who were tenured and/or promoted. In addition, Bob Jones was elected as President of Faculty Council in 2005.
  8. Susan Rogers and Erin Napier respectively won 'AP Star' and Outstanding CVMBS employee awards in 2005. These are just two of our many outstanding staff that make MIP the success it is.
  9. Policy-wise, we developed and passed a new edition of the Departmental Code, a Departmental Five Year Plan, and tightened the alcohol policy in the college. Two outa three ain't bad.
  10. Last but not least, MIP students again took home the lion's share of awards (again) at the CSU Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium.

In addition, together we cleaned out the Source Building at the Foothills campus, opened a cell-sorting facility, hosted the 16th Annual International Biology of Disease Vectors course, completed remodels on several more laboratories in Micro and threw 8 departmental parties. Congrats to all on another truly outstanding year.

Also, a big thanks to all the 'good sports' who throughout the year were sometimes the brunt of some really bad MIP Newsletter jokes.

Happy 2006 to you and yours!
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