Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2006

Dear Dr. Wilusz:
Thank you for your recent letter and copy of the Department Newsletter. What excellent accomplishments! I know you are pleased with the many new challenges you and the faculty have accpeted and well you should be.
Barry Beaty has certainly developed a starring position nationwide as have others. I know the association with all of them is rewarding to you and that you enjoy your daily work with them as I did.
Best regards,
John R. Bagby
Microbiology Department Head, Retired

Dr. Wilusz,
I graduated from CSU with a M. S. in microbiology in 1978. In 1981, I moved to Alaska and shortly thereafter I began working as a microbiologist at the Alaska State Virology Laboratory. I now manage the laboratory. We have 14 employees, and provide human diagnostic virology services for the State of Alaska. The annual test volume is ~ 45,000 tests, mostly antibody tests, but we have a growing molecular detection section, and also offer a complete menu of viral isolation and identification services. I read the news about your new facilities with interest, as we are in the schematic design phase of building a new 24M dollar virology laboratory with a BSL 3+ suite, molecular detection suite, and standard BSL 2 laboratory space.
On a personal note, I am married with 2 children; one in college at Whitman, and one going somewhere next year. She is looking at CSU as one of the possibilities. If we visit the campus, I will plan to stop by for a visit.
Terry Schmidt
Public Health Microbiologist III
Alaska State Virology Laboratory Manager

Dr. Wilusz,
Thank you for the opportunity for alumni to provide an update to MIP. I look forward to reading future MIP newsletters. Here is my update:
After graduating in 1998 with a Master’s in Industrial Hygiene, I worked for NIOSH in Cincinnati. At NIOSH I conduct research studies with asbestos, ceramic, and fiberglass fibers and assisted with a number of health hazard evaluations throughout the country. I spent three years at NIOSH and then accepted a position at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico. I am currently the Division Safety Officer for the Prototype Fabrication Division at LANL. I obtained my CIH in November of 2004 and my CSP in July of 2006 and am currently half way through the Executive MBA program at the University of New Mexico.
Tony Martinez, CIH, CSP
Industrial Safety and Health Institutional Programs
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Hi Dr. Wilusz,
Good to hear from you and MIP. I and Ana Paula try to keep up with the Department news through MIP's Newsletter which is excellent, congratulations.
After I finished my pHD at CSU we returned to Brazil and we are since at our University in Goiania Goias, Brazil. We hope to visit CSU soon Our best wishes to everyone at MIP.
Andre and Ana Paula Kipnis

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