Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2005

Becky Rivoire (cont.)

Since that time she worked 5 years at Elars and Syngene performing toxicology studies and developing viral diagnostics for veterinary application. Syngene was soon to be dissolved, so she started a new position at CSU working with Dr. Patrick Brennan on M. leprae, M. tuberculosis, and atypical mycobacteria, while her husband pursued his education. She worked at CSU for 10 years and considers this the most influential time of her career. She then moved to Paravax (now Heska), where she cloned flea spit proteins and started the monoclonal antibody core facility. After 5 years, she left to spend time at home with her two boys, but soon discovered that she needed a part-time job to fill her day while they were in school. She started working at Mycos Research as the laboratory manager, but within two years was back at CSU working for Dr. Brennan with an interest in moving basic research to applied research. Since 2001, she has been coordinating the Phase II Leprosy Skin Test Antigen Trial in Nepal and working on the Regional Centers for Excellence in the capacity of product translation. Becky's sons have since left home, Michael is in the Army and Christopher works at C B & Potts, here in town. Consequently, the opportunity and the timing to pursue a higher education at this time of her life is astonishingly convenient and necessary to move forward with her interests. Her personal interests include anything outdoors and spending time with friends.

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