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Leprosy Research Support; NIH NIAID # NO1-AI-25469

Mission Statement:
To identify a new diagnostic tool every year for the detection of early signs of leprosy infection, diagnosis of sub-clinical disease and to monitor transmission of leprosy.
Statements of Work:
1. Receive and process 5-6kg M. leprae infected animal tissues in order to supply qualified users with a total of 10g per year of pure M. leprae bacterium.
2. Optimize M. leprae purification procedures.
3. Provide both irradiated and non-irradiated pure M.leprae bacterium to qualified users.
4. Isolate, prepare and distribute M. leprae products (DNA, RNA, native and recombinant proteins, protein subcellular fractions, carbohydrate antigens, lipid fractions and lipoglycans).
5. Provide polyclonal antisera and monoclonal antibodies.
6. Develop, prepare and/or distribute novel reagents to advance leprosy research and control:
  - Functional proteomics and genomics
- Database
- Recombinant DNA constructs
- M. leprae mutant strains and clones
- Epidemiological tracking of strains
- Prediction, detection and prevention of nerve damage
- New drug, diagnostic and vaccine targets
- Improved diagnostic, treatment and prevention strategies
7. Development of pre-clinical studies and clinical studies
8. Develop methods for in-vitro culture of M. leprae (with collaborators)
9. Plan, support, and conduct workshops to advance leprosy research


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