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Available Materials
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I. Whole Cells  
II. Whole Cell Lysate Whole Cell Lysate (non-irradiated)
III. Subcellular Fractions
(inquire for preps devoid of lipoglycans)
IV. Recombinant Proteins Recombinant Proteins (Expressed and purified from E.Coli using a his-tag)
V. Lipids and Glycolipids  
VI. Carbohydrates  
VII. Genomic DNA  Genomic DNA
VIII. Antibodies  
XI. Primers Primers

CSU Leprosy Research team
Front row from left to right: Delphi Chatterjee, Patrick J. Brennan, John Spencer, Becky Rivoire
Back row from left to right: HyungJin Eoh, Vara Vissa, Cory Wolfe, Angela Marques,
Monica Lima, HeeJin Kim, Rama Murthy Sakamuri, Nathan Groathouse, Marilyn Hein

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