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Colorado mountainsDow Laboratory

Current Members of the Lab and
their Research Areas of Interest

Steve Dow

Steve Dow, DVM, PhD
(Former graduate student, now occasionally allowed to do research)

Steve is investigating the effects of substrate and culture conditions on growth and differentiation of endothelial and mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissues.


Lab Activities

Lab rafting trip down the Poudre River

American Lakes in the Never Summer Range

Summer hike to American Lakes and the Crags

Hiking trip to Grey Rock in the Poudre River Canyon.

Taking a break on the way to the top of Grey Rock

Winter snowshoeing trip at Cameron Pass

Research Scientists
Amanda Guth

Amanda Guth, PhD, DVM
(Research Scientist)

Amanda studies the effects of myeloid derived suppressor cells on T cell immunity to cancer, using depleting agents and mouse tumor models. She is also investigating the effectiveness of macrophage depletion as a novel treatment for cancer in dogs with soft tissue sarcoma. Her most recent studies are investigating the effectiveness of vaccines against cancer stem cells as a new approach to cancer immunotherapy.

Tracy Lehman

Tracy Lehman, DVM, PhD
(Research Scientist)

Tracy is investigating the immune modulatory effects of mesenchymal stem cells in asthma and chronic kidney disease and the immune mechanisms that account for the ability of the MSC to suppress T cell and DC responses.

Post-doctoral fellows
Ediane Silva

Ediane Silva, DVM, PhD
(Post-Doctoral Fellow)

Dr. Silva is investigating the immunological mechanisms by which IFN-ϒ enhances killing of Burkholderia by antibiotics, using in vitro and in vivo assays. She also is investigating a new mucosal vaccine against Burkholderia, using an attenuated, live vaccine strain of the organism.

Graduate Students
Kara Mosovsky

Kara Mosovsky
(Microbiology Graduate Student)

Kara is investigating antimicrobial peptides such as CXCL10 and cathelicidin and their role in immunity to Burkholderia infection and in immune enhancement of antimicrobial therapy.

no image available

Genevieve Go

Genevieve is investigating the targeting of immune suppressive monocytes together with chemotherapy for treatment of sarcomas and brain tumors.

Post-DVM Fellows
Valerie Johnson

Valerie Johnson, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)

Valerie is assessing the effectiveness of immune modulation for treatment of chronic staphylococcal infection, using in vitro assays. She is also investigating the use of mesenchymal stem cells to suppress wound infections.

Dan Regan

Dan Regan, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)

Dan is an Anatomic Pathology resident investigating the immune suppressive properties of inflammatory monocytes and their regulation of vaccine immunity and promotion of tumor metastases. He is also studying new immune interventions to target these cells by blocking the CCR2 receptor.

Allison Bradley

Allison Bradley, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)

Allison is a Post-doctoral Fellow investigating the role of mesenchymal stem cells in suppressing inflammation in canine chronic liver disease.

Erica Faulhaber

Erica Faulhaber, DVM
(Post-DVM Fellow)

Erica is an Oncology resident investigating the regulation of immune checkpoint molecules in canine cancer patients, and targeting of these molecules with immunotherapy.

Research Associates
Renata Impastato 

Renata Impastato

Renata is investigating new approaches to combined targeting of immune suppressive myeloid cells in cancer, using small molecule CCR2 antagonists combined with checkpoint molecule inhibitors.

Alita Caldwell

Alita Caldwell

Alita is investigating new immune checkpoint inhibitor antibodies for use in cancer immunotherapy in canine cancer.

Student Laboratory Researchers
Lydah Chow

Lyndah Chow

Lyndah is investigating the immune suppressive properties of canine mesenchymal stem cells and the mechanisms used by these cells to suppress T cell responses.

Jessica Felgenhauer

Jessica Felgenhauer

Jessica is also investigating the immune suppressive properties of mesenchymal stem cells and their interactions with T cells in immune modulation.

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Joe Stathos

Joe is studying the expression of immune checkpoint regulatory molecules by canine cancers and myeloid cells.

no image available

Nathan Perkovsky

Nathan is investigating the role of CD18+ myeloid cells in regulating the growth of tumor metastases in canine malignant tumors.

no image available

Andrea Escaffi

Andrea is investigation the regulation of migration of mesenchymal stem cells and the role of CXCR4 in this process.

Past laboratory members and current positions

  1. Karen Zaks (MS): currently a Pathologist with Antech Laboratories, Loveland, CO
  2. Debra Kamstock (PhD): currently an Assistant Professor of Pathology, Dept of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology, Colorado State University
  3. Barbara Biller (PhD): currently an Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology, Animal Cancer Center, Colorado State University
  4. Lance U'Ren (PhD): currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Integrated Department of Immunology, National Jewish Medical Center, Denver, CO
  5. Scott McCorvey (MS): currently enrolled in medical school, Medical College of Georgia, Atlanta, GA