2014 Keynote Speakers – CRWAD

Bacterial Pathogenesis Section – Dr. Richard E. Isaacson
Department of Veterinary & Biomedical Science, University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN
Monday, December 8, 10:45 AM – Avenue Ballroom, 4th Floor
No. 009 – Title – Towards an understanding of Salmonella persistence in pigs.

Biosafety and Biosecurity Section – Dr. Helen Aceto
Department of Clinical Studies - New Bolton Center, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Kennett Square, PA.
Monday, December 8, 3:00 PM – Denver/Houston Room, 5th Floor
No. 026 – Title – Biosecurity, a biography: ten years of hard lessons.

Companion Animal Epidemiology, Ecology & Management of Foodborne Agents, and Epidemiology & Animal Health Economics Sections – Dr. Brian McCluskey
Chief Epidemiologist at USDA-APHIS-Veterinary Service, Fort Collins, CO
Tuesday, December 9, 8:00 AM – Salon A/B/C/D, 5th Floor
No. 084 – Title – The Symbiology of Epidemiologic Pursuits of Academia and Government.

Immunology Section – Distinguished Veterinary Immunologist – Dr. Hyun Lillehoj
University USDA-ARS Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory in Beltsville, MD
Monday, December 8, 1:30 PM – Salons F/G/H, 5th Floor
No. 107 – Title – Challenges with Poultry Immunology and Disease Research: Immune reagent development and maintaining genetic breeds of poultry.

Pathobiology of Enteric and Foodborne Pathogens Section – Dr. Timothy J. Johnson
Department of Veterinary & Biomedical Science, University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN
Monday, December 8, 8:45 AM – Los Angeles/Miami/Scottsdale Room, 5th Floor
No. 128 – Title – Plasmids of enteric bacterial pathogens: past, present, and future challenges.

Respiratory Diseases Section – Dr. David W. Horohov
Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Monday, December 8, 3:45 PM – Indiana/Iowa Room, 6th Floor
No. 152 – Title – Regulation of interferon-gamma gene expression in foals and its relationship to susceptibility to Rhodococcus equi.

Vector–Borne and Parasitic Diseases Section – Dr. Edward Breitschwerdt
University Medical Center, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Monday, December 8, 10:00 AM – Denver/Houston Room, 5th Floor
No. 159 – Title – Bartonellosis: A One Health Approach to an Emerging Infectious Disease.

Viral Pathogenesis Section – Dr. Siba K. Samal – Distinguished Veterinary Microbiologist
Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Tuesday, December 9, 10:00 AM – Los Angeles/Miami/Scottsdale Room, 5th Floor
No. 178 – Title – Viral Pathogenesis: Lessons Learned from Newcastle Disease Virus.