Dedicatee Nomination Form Submission Deadline March 31

“The Dedicatee Tradition”            (current Dedicatee Biography)

Each year, we honor a Life member as the Dedicatee for the CRWAD Annual Meeting. The Dedicatee is a Life Member who has made outstanding contributions to the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases and to animal disease research. This tradition was initiated in 1974.  Each year the Dedicatee is invited to attend the Annual Meeting as our guest. The meeting is formally dedicated to the Dedicatee and the Dedicatee is given a plaque and an honorarium at the Business Meeting.

Please use this form to nominate an individual for the Dedicatee award. Only Life Members can be nominated. Please consult the current list of life members available from the CRWAD Directory, Life Membership Directory

The member must be living and fully retired at the time of the nomination.

The nomination packet should include this nomination form, a letter of nomination stating the reason for nominating this individual, the stipulation that the nomination remain confidential, and two letters of support.

Send nominations to

1. Nominee name:__________________________________________________

2. Year nominee retired from last professional position:_____________________

3. Contributions and Service to CRWAD

    1. Approximate number of years attended CRWAD: ______
    2. Years as CRWAD Section Leader: ______
    3. Years of service on CRWAD Council: ______ Year served as President CRWAD: ______
    4. Service on committees associated with CRWAD (list committees and years of service):



    1. Approximate number of presentations (including student presentations of the candidate) at CRWAD: ______
    2. Service as student award judge (list sections and number of years of service):



    1. Did individual organize or preside over any satellite meetings associated with CRWAD?  If so please list meetings and approximate years of service.



4. Please provide brief explanation of the most significant contributions this individual contributed to the discipline of animal diseases.

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