Steven Dow

Steven W. Dow

Phone: 491-6146
Fax: 491-0603
Office: 327 Pathology Building
Lab: 304 Pathology / Infectious Disease Annex, Foothills Campus


BA, University of Virginia
DVM, University of Georgia
PhD, Colorado State University, Dept of Pathology

Current Laboratory Staff

Research Scientists: Amanda Guth, Tracy Lehman
Post-doctoral fellows: Leah Mitchell, Ediane Silva
Graduate students: Andrew Goodyear, Angie Duffy, Kara Mosovsky
Post-DVM Fellows: Jessica Quimby, Kelly Walton, Valerie Johnson, Shannon McLeland
PVM Students: Lauren Habenicht, Mike Deogracias
Undergraduate Students: Laura Steele

Research Interests and Current Projects

Lab website:

Our laboratory studies the role of innate immunity in the development and progression of cancer and in the pathogenesis of bacterial infections, including the agents Burkholderia, Yersinia and Francisella. In addition, the laboratory is investigating the use of novel immunotherapeutics to treat or prevent bacterial and viral infections and cancer and in the development of new vaccine adjuvants.

Current projects in the laboratory include:

Role of innate immunity in the pathogenesis of pneumonic Burkholderia infection

Development of an orally-administered vaccine for pneumonic plague

Use of TLR-based immunotherapeutics for prevention of Francisella and Burkholderia infections.

Use of TLR-based immunotherapeutics for treatment of local and metastatic cancer

Role of interferons and macrophages in regulation of tumor growth

Role of bone infection in prevention of tumor metastasis

Selected Early and Recent Publications

Pub Med for Dow S.

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